Kevin Smith’s Red State Gets Greenlit, Possibly By The Weinstein Company?


Kevin Smith’s Cop Out came and went from theatres pretty quickly and quietly, but apparently it made enough money to prevent its director from sinking into another long bout of depression. On the contrary, Smith actually seems to be somewhat energized at the moment, and things appear to be falling into place for his next movie — which, surprisingly, won’t be Hit Somebody, the hockey movie that he has been talking about lately. Instead, his long-rumoured horror flick Red State seems to have finally found some financial backing, and it might be through his old friends The Weinsteins.

Smith offered some mysterious but optimistic updates via Twitter this week:

“I talk about lots of stuff I wanna do that either happens years later or never happens at all. Happy to report RED STATE is not the latter.”

“First draft was dated 9/5/07. Looks like we start shooting this July. Took nearly three years, but we’re finally gonna roll on RED.”

“Studio deal for RED STATE or going the full indie route? (*Marches across big lawn, up front porch*) I’m home, Momma.”

That last quote certainly seems to indicate that he is once again working with The Weinstein Company, who passed on the script initially back in 2007. After all the bad things he had to say about their marketing for Zack and Miri Make a Porno, it’s a bit hard to believe he’d work with them again, but I guess sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. At least he won’t be relying on his fans to finance the film after all. So what do you think… a supposed ’70s-style horror movie about a religious extremist, directed by Kevin Smith? Are you in or are you out?

  • KeithTalent

    Wow, amazing he would even consider going back to the Weinsteins. I saw him on his speaking tour and the amount of vitriol he spewed at the Weinstein Company and the insane amount of bitterness he had, made it seem he would actually physically assault Harvey if he ran into him on the street and never want to even bei n the same room as the guy.

    As for the film, it’s hard for me to get excited for anything Kevin Smith related anymore. Never saw Cop out and probably never will, Zack & Miri was ok, but not great, so yeah, hard to get excited.

  • Couldn’t that last quote also mean Smith is returning to his full indie roots, ala Clerks.

  • I’ll care when it starts filming

  • fatbologna

    Not interested. House of the Devil was an already pitch perfect Satanist throwback film and P.T. Anderson is doing a film about religious extremists (cults) right now and both will be more than enough cult-y goodness to keep me happy. Besides, Kevin Smith making any attempt to do subtle horror is doomed to failure. Guy couldn’t do subtle if it flew in his window and fucked his wife for him…

  • Kurt

    “Guy couldn’t do subtle if it flew in his window and fucked his wife for him…” -> I marvel at the paradox and irony of that sentence. Good Job fatbologna!

    I’m all for giving Smith as many filmmaking chances as possible, but the dude has to seriously stop reading and interacting with his critics, he’s going to explode or something, his latest rants on critic-previews on twitter is pretty debasing.

    But yea, I’d like to see how he handles a change in genre.

  • PEter

    Cop-Out sucked, Zack and Miri was ok, Clerks 2 was the last thing he made with any heart and with something (however little) to say. Red State always sounded like a bit of a passion project (again he rarely strikes me as a passionate filmmaker). Not sure if he has the chops to full it off though, but his ability to handle drama and character is the least of his problems. Guy seriously has to practice his visual storytelling, do some commercials on the side and experiment if he has any desire to grow beyond his current abilities. It’s good that he’s taking some chances, but he’s setting up for a major fall if he doesn’t start taking his craft (study and practice of it) more seriously.

  • theKiwi

    I’m in, all the way. Can’t wait to see this. I wonder if it is Weinsteins? I’m sure there wasn’t any real hatred from Kevin, he tells a big story based on a grain of truth but embellished to the max. Otherwise, “I’m home, Momma” could mean self financing, or maybe Kevin, Scott Mosier and one or two others are pooling excess funds to self-bankroll it.

  • Nick Robertson

    Don’t you think that by the ‘I’m home Mamma’ quote that he’s back to independent filmmaking? I promise that’s what he means.

  • cuebert

    Smith has only done Clerks as an Indie flick, all others have been studio. To assume he’d go back and finance Red State on his own is preposterous. Cop Out was an earner for WB, so it’s not like he lost them any money.
    Red State will be a studio flick, just like the rest of his movies (besides Clerks).
    As far as fan financing, it’s something that came up regarding Hit Somebody (although I believe it was first idealized with Red State, but never came to fruition). But even then, i doubt Hit Somebody will need the fan financing either, I’m sure he’ll get a studio behind that project as well.

  • I’m excited because Red State is supposedly a dramatic version of Malcolm Ingram’s Small Town Gay Bar (or at least used that idea as a launching pad). I would prefer a fan-funded film to the Weinsteins, but whatever it takes to get the film made. It is already two years less relevant than before. I’d totally have participated in the fan-funded film, though.