Green Day’s American Idiot Musical Coming to the Big Screen?


Like a lot of people, I was a fan of Green Day throughout the mid to late ’90s and owned most of their early albums, but over time my interest waned. I guess somewhere along the way I sort of grew up, but just when I thought they were going to fade away, they managed to re-emerge with the smash hit album American Idiot in 2004. Although the music hadn’t changed much, people really bought into their new artistic vision of a “punk rock opera” and the political edge that came with it. At the time, there was talk of a movie based on the album, and although that never materialized, the album did eventually inspire an off-Broadway musical in 2009. Now that musical is also set to hit Broadway this April, and Hollywood has once again come knocking.

According to Deadline New York, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman are currently in talks to turn the musical into a feature film through their Playtone production company (the same folks who brought Mamma Mia! to the big screen). On the surface it may sound a bit silly, but the idea of doing a musical that appeals to a totally different demographic is intriguing and actually pretty smart. I have always been a bit surprised that Green Day have managed to last this long, but with their own Rock Band game also hitting stores later this year, it’s pretty obvious that they are now a cultural force to be reckoned with. The question is, would an American Idiot movie actually be any good? The plot supposedly centers on three teenage friends from “Jingletown, USA”, one of whom joins the army, one gets hooked on heroin, and the other gets his girlfriend pregnant. Sounds pretty deep. Are you a Green Day fan, and would you pay to see the American Idiot musical? (Thanks to Jackson for the heads up on this story.)

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  • Wow, they’ve come a long way from “Dookie” eh? I didn’t know the whole story of American Idiot, but if all three of those plots are explored, I am in. I’d like to hear someone singing about tying off…other than Lou Reed.

  • I love Green Day’s music, but I don’t think I would see an American Idiot musical.

  • A

    I saw the preview last night and it was amazing! The band was in the audience, and they should be very proud of the production. I would highly recommend seeing American Idiot, whether or not you are a fan.

  • T.Durden


  • Vii

    It would suck if they don’t do a DVD or anything else with this musical. I would die to see this but I am not in the USA so paying more than 1000$ to go see the Broadway show is a bit too much for my pocket right now. If they do a DVD with this, I will be one of the first to buy copies of it, lot of copies for a lot of people who loves Green Day. =) Sorry for my mistakes, I am not used to write in english.

  • Phoenix

    I saw the cast sing American Idiot on the Tony Awards.
    The choreography was pretty good. It seems like it’d be a good play and I’d like to see it become a movie.
    Honestly though,I think that 21st Century Breakdown would have made a better musical. Look at how they set the CD up. It would’ve been real cool.
    But that’s just my opinion IDK bout anyone else.

  • Madhollow

    If they are going to make a film I will only watch it (in cinemas that is)if it has John Gallagher Jr, Michael Esper and Starks Sands in the leads roles, I don’t care if it’s greenday or not (truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of them anyway)but the cast of the broadway shows made their music phenomenal!

  • Stephe

    OF COURSE!!! i’d pay anything to see that musical, but for now, it’s impossible for me to go in new york. if there is a film, i think that they should keep the same actors.

  • Anse

    I went to the musical with Billie Joe and it really was awesome! He signed my backpack and he was so sweet! And it’s shure that there will be a movie!