Malkovich, McDormand, and Jeong Sign On for Transformers 3


The third Transformers movie has begun its casting and three names have been announced: John Malkovich, Frances McDormand… and Ken Jeong. Two of these people are critically acclaimed actors, and one of them is…well, Ken Jeong. Michael Bay begins pre-shoots on the movie next month and it will be shot all around the world in such locales as Russia and China. Transformers 3 will be released July 1, 2011 and will probably gross 500 bajillion (it’s a real number, Google it!) dollars in its opening weekend.

The fact that Bay has cast Malkovich has actually done the impossible: get me excited for a Transformers movie. The first two are better left ignored and forgotten, but if they get Turturro and Malkovich in the same scene to play off each other, I am so in. I am not pumped, however, to see Ken Jeong in this. He is oversaturating himself and in my opinion, he hasn’t been funny since his role as the doctor in Knocked Up.

Regardless, what do you think of these casting choices, and did the previous Transformers movies get you ramped up for a third one?

  • Rusty

    I think I’m more excited about the show you guys put up after it’s release where you tear it to shreds than the actual film. I kid you not. Your podcast of Transformers 2 entertained me more than 200 million dollar film.

  • Nick D

    Have you watched Jeong in Community?

  • I haven’t seen Community since the pilot, and then when I found out Jeong was on it, I had no incentive to give it another shot. I assume he isn’t nearly as grating?

  • The more I think about this news the better. I’m not thrilled about the actors but just the fact that Bay will continue to do Transformers as long as money keeps rolling in. This means that I will no longer be at all worried about possibly being interested in his movies and then end up being disappointed.

  • TheAllKnowingGod


  • Nate

    There is no actor (or combination of actors) dead or living that could get me excited for another installment of this excremental franchise as long as the director remains the same. Transformers 3 will be the worst movie of 2011 no matter who is in it.

  • swarez

    The paycheck these actors get must be something awesome for them to be willing to take part in this. Or simply they’d like to take part because it’s not often that they get the chance because nobody thinks of asking them.

  • Mike

    This is pandering at it’s finest. I still won’t watch it.

  • Henrik

    Easy money, they won’t even have to act well.

  • KeithTalent

    You know I’m all for pro-choice, but I’m not going to willingly go watch an abortion on screen again after seeing Transformers 2. I’m still recovering from that one.

  • Hugo Van Nor

    If people are still watching Lost. People will see this.

  • I wonder if Fran and John will get their paychecks cut directly to “Swedish Holding Company for Future Purchase of Island Property”!

  • I like how the presence of John Malkovich in this is being seen as intriguing, like he hasn’t sleep-walked through similar nonsense (ie Eragon, Beowulf etc) for the past couple of decades. Big deal, in other words.

  • I have a soft spot for Malkovich and anything he’s involved in it will grab my attention. Yes, he has sleep walked through stuff before, but since Transformers is guaranteed to suck, maybe he’ll realize how bad it is and ham it up, thereby making SOMETHING in the third installment watchable.

  • Napalm

    i can totally see the type of character they are going for with Ken Jeong and it will be pathetic. as for Malkovich and McDormand.. all i can is that they are interesting choices. but it doesn’t really gets me excited for the movie one bit. Mr. Bay will make sure that he makes a bad movie.

  • Steve

    After Eragon, this is just the most recent in the long list of crappy movies Malkovich has been in.

  • Brendan

    Ken Jeong is good on Community, but I’m always worried they’ll try to overuse him and force the comedy.
    Oh, and he was great as the king in Role Models, another post Knocked Up appearance.

  • michael bay

    For all u loyal cartoon /comic geeks,wannabee directors/critics. The average hard working ADULT, doesn’t really give a shit about a deep story. They don’t give a shit how much was spent or how it was made. Making money of of movies is fucken simple for the studios nowadays.

    Action movie- must have action, blow shit up, a lot of ass kicking,a hott chick or two and to be “pretty” visually. Its. Eye candy.
    Transformers 2 was the number 1 selling blue ray/dvd of 2009.

    If people gave a shit about story his movies would not make millions worldwide. He is money to studios. No director commands the respect of our military or gets to play with their newest “toys” like he does. And u cannot deny the truth. So go ahead and get dressed for work at your 9-5 job and leave the million dollar playtime to the big boy. Michael Bay.