Chris Evans Reportedly Offered the Part of Captain America (Updated)


There have been many names bandied about for the role of Captain America since the film was announced, but according to an article on The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog, Chris Evans (Push, Cellular) has been given a legitimate offer from Marvel Studios. This deal would include roles in the upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America (for release in 2011),  the superhero team-up The Avengers as well as future sequels (the offer says it includes “up to three”). Although this has been reported, both Marvel and Evans’ agency the CAA has yet to confirm or deny this rumor, so it could still be up in the air.

Wow. Chris Evans. The guy from Not Another Teen Movie. That would not have been my first choice. Simply put, he’s too pretty and young looking for the role, and doesn’t feel as natural of a fit as it was getting Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man. I am not on board with this, but you never know. I will remain optimistic, and since no one is confirming anything, I will hold out hope they find someone better…as long as it isn’t John Krasinski.

What do you think Film Junk? Is the dude from The Nanny Diaries a good fit?

Update: It’s a done deal! Variety has now confirmed Chris Evans for the role.

  • Rusty

    Tanning Chatum was actually very good in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, but so Shia.

    Evans was good in Sunshine, but it was a supporting role. I think Krasinski’s problem is he is too identifiable as Jim Halpert. Evans doesn’t have that.

  • projectgenesis

    All things considered, this isn’t that bad. Tanning Chatum woud’ve made it unwatchable and Krasinski was a bad choice.

  • Big Hungry

    Bad choice – I think reb brown would beat Mr. Evans out (even today)
    I hate to say it but Sam Worthington would be pick for cap.

  • Darksiders

    S.Worthington would be a badass Cap.

  • Greg

    1) I’m so proud of the Film Junk Universe for picking up and sticking with the name Tanning Chatum.

    2) Sam Worthington would be good.

    3) Jon Hamm did have the chisled face for the part, plus he’s closer to Bob Downey Jr. in age.

    I think Chris Evans is a mistake.

  • Sean

    Channing tatum is prob the worst actor out there right now. Evans is prob the best person for the role from all of the names they have dropped except for one. Ryan McPartlin from Chuck should be cap. Only reason I wouldn’t want him is that he hasnt been the lead role in a huge movie like this before and has a terrible director leading him to possible failure.

  • Sean

    Channing tatum is prob the worst actor out there right now. Evans is prob the best person for the role from all of the names they have dropped except for one. Ryan McPartlin from Chuck should be cap. Only reason I wouldn’t want him is that he hasnt been the lead role in a huge movie like this before and has a terrible director leading him to possible failure. Oh and for Sam Worthington, he’s not american.

  • Skelerax

    Too young looking? Captain america is in his early 20’s at the time this movie is set, did you even research this before you wrote it?
    For the record I think Evans is wrong for this as well, give it to Garret Hedlund, that guy can transform himself into anything and is extremely underrated.
    That is if they would just fire johnston and push it back to give the actor cast as cap proper time to prepare.

  • Ben

    I’m fine with this if it is indeed their choice. As skelerax pointed out, he’s actually the perfect age for the role. Do some research next time.

    Also, I wouldn’t have said it prior to seeing Running Scared, but I would have been fine with Paul Walker also.

  • Captain N

    Im going to agree with Skelerax about firing Johnston.

    As for Evans, I dig the choice. I’m interested. Truth be told, rather it be Tatum, Krasinski, or Evan, I’d go see the film no matter how much I hated or liked the choice. However, Evans casting isn’t the worst part of this project.

  • Brendan

    I’ll say this, he was the best part of the Fantastic Four movies. But that’s obviously not the same type of character you want for Captain America – at least I hope it’s not. You never know what the script is going to be like.

  • Nicholas

    I happen to like the possibility of John Krasinski as The Captain. I think he’s an underrated talent, and pigeon-holed as that Halpert-type role. Given the chance, I think he could do great with more intense roles.

    As for Evans, I’m fine with that choice as well. He was awesome (albeit, a bit silly) in Fantastic Four, and he knows how to bring a fair amount of drama and intensity to a role.

    Whatever the case, however, I think Tatum would ruin the movie entirely for me. He made G.I. Joe barely watchable. I couldn’t handle watching him play such an important role as Steve Rogers, especially in the upcoming Avengers. Please, please, PLEASE don’t let it be him.

  • Maopheus

    This has the potential for already being a screw-up and the problem is that Marvel can’t screw this up because this is the movie that is supposed to be the last movie to set up the Avengers movie. I don’t know why it’s taking so long to pick an actor. I think one problem may be that Cap is more of a symbol really and rather personality-less. He essentially stops being Steve Rogers once he gets picked for the Super Soldier program. It’s way different from Tony Stark/Iron Man, who has a very strong pre-superhero personality and Thor, who really doesn’t fit the mold of the traditional superhero to begin with. I think the movie will have to be sold on the story, the visuals and how well it integrates into this Avengers mega-storyline. I wonder if they made a mistake picking Johnston. Considering how long it took to get the Wolfman to the screen and the apparent tinkering and dickering that occurred and then seeing the final product, I think Marvel have to be a bit nervous. If the script is good and the pre-production stuff has been good (and who knows that), then Johnston can be replaced. He can’t be that important to the project considering that we know the basic story and what it’s supposed to accomplish. There’s not a lot of creativity or imagination required. It’s not quite as simple as getting some schmuck to just call “Action” and “Cut” but if they’re leaving the choice for Cap’s actor so late it’s obvious that a lot of this movie is going to be “plug and play”.

  • 81

    Hope he get’s the role.

  • Maopheus

    You don’t want to pick someone who has already picked action heroes or who is known as a physical guy like Worthington or Tatum. Remember Steve Rogers is a skinny weakling type before he gets picked for the Super Soldier program so he has to be someone who could do a physical transformation and go from skinny to muscular. Unless the filmmakers aren’t going for this, (and I think that would be a mistake) then it would be OK to wait this late to select an actor. But if they are going for the skinny to muscular arc, then they need to select an actor well ahead of time and give him to prepare simply physically. That’s why you don’t want to pick someone who may already be pretty buffed up like Worthington or Tatum. You’re looking for something akin to Tobey McGuire’s transformation in Spiderman, but even more so. Cap goes from a guy who was medically unfit to be inducted into the armed forces (during World War II when they needed every able-bodied man) to being transformed into the perfect human being.

  • Hugo

    Simple answer: Ed Asner.

  • swarez

    I personally think that John Sena would be the perfect casting choice for Captain America. The dude pretty much embodies everything that the hero stands for already and got the chiseled looks as well.
    I am a big fan of Chris Evans however, such an underrated actor which I have enjoyed since seeing Cellular.

  • kurt

    Evans is bloody fantastic in SUNSHINE. Really, revelatory, good. I must say that I have zero personal interest in this Marvel Universe series of films, they all feel like background characters getting their own movies because Super Heros sell at the moment. I’ve given up on Johnson too, he makes a mess of Wolfman, and I’m thinking most of the blame is on him for that one.

  • Napalm

    from face value he doesn’t seem to be the right choice.. but if they try they can make it work. at least he’s better than the other 2 options. i still think they should take a little more time with choosing the perfect actor for the role.

  • do a captain america check list and see if this guy matches it

  • damndirtyape

    >>do a captain america check list and see if this guy matches it

    Almost no acting history with that guy.. if you are gonna go for a non-actor type why not go for the living embodiment of the comic book hero. Square jaw, pure muscle, mature enough to not look like a goober trying to command soldiers etc.

  • TheAllKnowingGod


  • phil

    My interest in this movie just plummeted

    Captain America should is the leader of the Avengers, the voice of reason, the calm and visionary leader, the tactician, the voice of experience…all the qualities of the “greatest generation,” and a tribute to the resolve of WW2 veterans

    You need someone with some grit, some presence…not a wiseguy

    Cheis Evans plays a great smartass. he could have been a guy like Hawkeye, maybe, and he played a good Human Torch, but this is terrible casting

  • Big Hungry

    I will be totally redundant – I hate to say it but Sam Worthington would be my pick for cap.

  • Big Hungry

    Maybe Chris Evans can play Bucky

  • So it’s confirmed he is actually going to play Captain America. Good for him, hopefully he’ll surprise me. Also, thanks to the people who corrected me on my “young looking” comment, it completely slipped my mind when writing it. I’m used to Captain America comics portraying him older than that, and when writing it, I got the comic and the film mixed up. My apologies.

  • Ben

    Phil, have you seen Sunshine or Street Kings? Evans can do straight laced. Just because he’s played a smart ass doesn’t mean that that’s all he can play.

    Also, Swarez, John Cena??? Get the hell out of here. I don’t want that dtv actor anywhere near this.

  • phil

    He has the wrong lips

    there I said it

  • Nicholas

    Hmm.. I think he’ll do a great job. However, I see that Jeremy Renner is rumored to play Buckeye. I wonder if those 2 roles should be reversed. Renner as The Captain; Evans as Buckeye. Would probably be a better fit. Renner has a great presence as a military commander (e.g. Hurt Locker.)

    Oh well. Either way, I’m just glad it’s not Channing Taintum. Er, I mean, Tatum.

  • Steve

    I agree. Only reason I think he can pull it off is because of Sunshine (and to a lesser extent, Street Kings). There’s no way I can look at Krasinki in that outfit and not think of Jim Halpert.

  • Art.K.Type

    Another issue not yet brought up in these comments is that Chris Evans (assuming he’s not bumped from the role at any point) has to be able to go head to head with the other actors in the eventual Avengers flick. I think Evans can stand shoulder to shoulder with Robert Downey Jr., Edward Norton (Hulk!), the Thor guy and whichever other supers they have on the Avengers team. He’s fit, and has plenty of charisma, not to mention he’s got some chops when he applies himself.

    As for the wimpy guy turns into super dude angle in the movie, they were able to do it in Spiderman using a body double. They can easily past Evan’s head onto a skinny dude, no problem.

    Natalie Portman is hot.

  • patrik

    Although I´m satisfied with Evans, I just realised who I would have wanted.. Ben Foster

  • Billy

    This guy is a terrible choice!

    Neal McDonough would be a much better pick.

  • karkdnight fan

    look chris evans was the shit in sunshine….he can act and if he really wants to play captain america he can…so everyone needs to shut the fuck up and just wait for the movie…i mean tobey mcguire as spider man was like what the fuck …spiderman 1 kicked ass and tobey was awesome ….heath ledger why the joker? exactly why he was the joker he was brilliant and name a movie with heath ledger where he really had to act before the joker…so your all dumb and will see what happens until then shut the fuck up