The Hangover 2 Likely to Be Shot in 3-D


You might think that the 3-D movie craze is already out of hand, but I’ve got news for you… it’s about to get a lot worse. The massive success of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has basically sealed the deal, and at the ShoWest conference in Las Vegas this week, all of the major studios re-iterated their commitment to 3-D. Warner Brothers said that it will be standard for every single one of their major blockbusters to be released in 3-D from here on in, including all comic book movies. And apparently that’s not all… from the sounds of it, even their high-profile comedies are going to be 3-D as well.

MarketSaw reports that Todd Phillips is currently in the process of writing the script for The Hangover 2, which is expected to shoot sometime in November. And yes, there’s a good chance it will be shot in 3-D. Phillips talked to James Cameron about the technology and the process of shooting with 3-D cameras, because he feels that The Hangover 2 is “the perfect movie to do in 3D”. He also said that “pretty soon everything will be in 3D”, just like there once was a time where the industry transitioned from black-and-white to colour. Is this a joke? I’m sorry but I cannot fathom a world where every single movie needs to be in 3-D. Even for The Hangover 2, where the characters may be hallucinating and otherwise out of their minds, three-dimensional imagery is simply not a necessity. Would you want to see The Hangover 2 in 3-D, or is this just going too far?

  • thank God, I was worried…

  • AJ

    Anything to bilk a few extra bucks out of the consumer for a movie ticket. I’m sure they aren’t doing this because they feel it adds anything of value to the film, but because it adds to their bottom line.

    I’m going to start stealing movies off the Internet just to counter-act their nafarious plans.

  • KeithTalent

    Ugh, pass. I was mildly interested in this movie before, but now I am not interested at all.

  • Matt in Maine

    Not interested! For one, do we really need a Hangover 2? Second, does it need to be in 3D? I’m sure the only reason they want to film it in 3D is to make a little extra cash.

  • warm gonorrhea

    the extra dimension is sure to substantially augment its comedic potential.

  • Mike

    i loved the hangover but if they are making the second one in 3D count me out

  • as long as there is some 3d male nudity in it i am on board..

  • Marc

    I say bring it on!

  • patrik

    This is a perfect example of a movie that does not need to be 3D.. Do it with the Avatars and such movies but not this

  • Christopher

    How about not shooting Hangover 2, a movie that sucked ass. Or how about shooting a movie about shooting the people making Hangover 2, and shooting it in 3D?

  • Ben

    Fuck… this… shit!

    Seriously, it’s pathetic. Also, fuck WB if they’re dead set on releasing every one of their movies in 3D. I’m hoping the guy’s opinion on that link is correct and all these post converted 3D films make people sick of it all the sooner and we’re back to films actually being films instead of excuses to bilk a couple extra dollars out of people.

  • Niklas

    personally, I am not going to a 3D movie again unless its something like Avatar. Alice was the last straw.. I just felt ripped off paying extra for 3D I barely noticed and I really hate how colors gets lost in the glasses.

  • Napalm

    fuck this! what is even the point of shooting a frigging comedy in 3D?! that is retarded! and on top of that the first movie wasn’t even all that funny. ugh.. again, fuck this!

  • Billy

    Step Up To The Streets 3 is also in 3D.

    I’m going to go on official boycott of any and all movies that are released in 3D unless it’s something completely campy like Piranha.