Jamie Foxx to Star with Bruce Willis in Kane & Lynch


Although you might think that Jamie Foxx would only be taking on respectable projects ever since he won the Oscar for Ray back in 2005, he’s already proven that he’s not afraid of slummin’ it on occasion. Last year he starred in the revenge thriller Law Abiding Citizen, and he recently announced his intention to write and star in Sheneneh and Wanda with Martin Lawrence. Now it looks like he’s also in talks to star alongside Bruce Willis in Kane & Lynch, an action flick based on the video game from Eidos Interactive.

The story revolves around two death row inmates who are sprung from prison in order to retrieve stolen money for a crime syndicate. Willis would play Kane and Foxx would play Lynch, who apparently is a schizophrenic. He’s also white and has a skullet, but I’m guessing this means there will be a few minor tweaks to his character for the big screen. The movie is being directed by stunt co-ordinator Simon West, who was the second unit director on such movies as Surrogates, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and X-Men: The Last Stand. I’ve never played the game but it sounds like pretty generic stuff. What do you think, will Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx make a good team?

  • Darksiders

    Oh please give Willis long balding hair! That would be awesome! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • Crash

    I think Willis should play the dude with the Skullet…

  • Colin

    I’m calling it now: worse than Hitman.

  • Rob

    A few minor tweaks eh? heh.

  • I would pay top dollar to see Shenaynay and Wanda

  • Matt in Maine

    Get Kevin Gage to play which ever character has the long hair. It mildly resembles Kevin Gage’s character from Heat.

  • Ben

    This game actually has the potential to make a really cool movie. Hell, it had the potential to make a better movie than it did a game. That being said, Foxx being cast in this is retarded. Not only is Lynch white, but he’s white trash. That’s his character, he’s a white trash schizophrenic. If Foxx is in this, regardless of the potential I think it actually has, I’m not going near it.

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    A truly godawful video game. It has one of the worst scripts I’ve ever seen in a video game – and that’s saying something!

  • 81

    Jamie fox is black,how are thay going do this movie with a black guy in a white guy’s role?