Todd Solondz’ Life During Wartime Trailer


We were lucky enough to catch Todd Solondz’ latest film Life During Wartime at the Toronto Film Festival last year, and although it didn’t seem to get a ton of attention, I’d say that it sits somewhere in the middle of the pack when compared with the rest of his filmography. His last film Palindromes used multiple actresses to play the lead role, and also revisited some of the characters from Welcome to the Dollhouse. This film takes a similarly radical approach to continuing the story of characters from his 1998 film Happiness by substituting an entirely different cast.

A trailer for the film has finally popped up online courtesy of the French site Allocine. It has French subtitles and critic blurbs, but the dialogue is in English, so you can certainly get a feel for the film’s dark and uncomfortably funny tone. The movie stars Paul Reubens, Allison Janney, Shirley Henderson, Michael Lerner, Ciarán Hinds, Ally Sheedy, and Michael K. Williams, among others. IFC will release Life During Wartime in North America sometime this summer. Check out the trailer after the jump.

  • Colin

    Todd Solondz’ Movie to Make You Always be Wanting to Punch People: The Movie

    I’m sorry, but I honestly have no idea who his movies are for… and he’s pretty much just the creepiest dude I have ever seen (punctuated by his creepy-as-fuck movies). I suppose the same could be said about John Waters, but at least that guy seems like he’s the furthest from taking himself seriously about the whole thing.

    Todd Solondz is the worst.

  • Christopher

    What are you talking about man!? He is an awesome director! I mean, look at Happiness. A movie that is both very serious and funny, combined in the scenes. I honestly can’t remember any scene of that movie where i didn’t laugh my ass off.
    Sure, some people call it creepy in some kind of way, but i think that his taboo humouer is genious!

  • Christopher

    Is this filmed with a digital camera? Btw, do you guys know about any site that gives me that kind of information (what camera that’s used)?

  • I had a hard time figuring out who was playing who? It seems like Paul Reubens is playing John Lovitz’s character, but I thought that character committed suicide.

  • that shit is funny

  • Kurt

    Senor G, I caught this at TIFF, and while the film is really really funny and it passes the time, it doesn’t have the punch as Happiness did.

    Rubens = Lovitz (Rubens’ character is more of a conscience/ghost)

    Hinds = Baker (Pedophile)
    Sheedy = Boyle (Helen)
    Janney = Stevenson (Trish)
    Henderson = Adams (Joy)
    Marquette = Reed (and is grown up a few years) (Billy)
    Taylor = Lasser (Mom)
    There is no part for the Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jared Harris, Camryn Manheim or Ben Gazzara characters from Happiness.

    Yes, this is probably more info than anyone wanted.

  • Marc

    Happiness was simply brilliant and I can’t wait to see this film as well. That said I seriously thing that Todd Solondz hates the human race, lol!

  • I loved Happiness, and I will see anything Paul Reubens is in. He seriously does not get enough work.