Sony Trying to Force Ivan Reitman Out of Director’s Chair for Ghostbusters 3?


A couple of months ago, Ghostbusters fans were relieved to learn that Ivan Reitman would be returning to helm the third installment of the franchise, currently in development at Sony. Initially, there were a lot of doubts as to how this movie might turn out, but with the original cast members on board and the original director, it seemed like it would be in good hands (unless you hated Ghostbusters 2, in which case, there’s probably no hope for you at all).

The folks at Sony, however, don’t necessarily feel the same way. It seems that they would prefer to bring in some new blood for the film, especially since the movie supposedly deals with the next generation of Ghostbusters donning proton packs. Unfortunately for them, Reitman has a contract that was signed in the ’80s that guarantees him a ton of creative control over the series. He can stop a sequel from happening altogether if he disapproves of anything (as can any of the three original stars from the first film). Sony was hoping that they could get Reitman to bow out by greenlighting another comedy for him to direct called Friends With Benefits, but he now seems intent on directing both films. This could spell trouble for Ghostbusters 3.

A new draft of the script from Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky is due in May, at which point more decisions will be made. But if Sony is deadset on making the movie without Reitman, it may never get made at all. On top of that, Bill Murray is also an unknown; he appeared on Letterman last month and didn’t sound very excited about the project (he referred to it as “crazy talk”). What do you think, is Reitman still the ideal man to direct this film (ahem… My Super Ex-Girlfriend), or should he man up and give his blessing to someone else?

  • Colin

    Solution: Jason Reitman as Writer/Director

  • Haha yeah I think a lot of people have suggested that but he already said he wasn’t interested.

  • Mike

    i wouldn’t mind if someone else directed it, Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry would be awesome. As long as they don’t get a Bret the Rat type director and get someone with good comedy directing skills…why not?

  • Mike

    btw, the sweded version of Ghostbusters was the best part of Be Kind Rewind:

  • Captain N

    I really don’t see Ghostbusters 3 happening. I think it’ll come close but I don’t think it’ll materialize.

    With that said, I’d love to see a new Ghostbusters, with or without Ivan Reitman. I don’t think Reitman is so much the weak link here, as it will depend entirely on the script.

  • Jackson

    I think siting My Super Ex Girlfriend as reason why Reitman shouldn’t direct Ghostbusters 3 isn’t exactly valid. Sure MSEG sucked but a director is only as good as the script, just like a talented actor is only as good as the dialogue they’ve been given to read. I think if the script is good and the original cast is on board there is no reason why this movie cant sore with Reitman directing.