Film Junk Podcast Episode #261: Green Zone


0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
9:55 – Headlines: Oscar Ratings Up 14%, RIP Corey Haim, Avatar Re-release, Hugo Weaving is Red Skull, Jemaine Clement and Sacha Baron Cohen for MIB 3, Shutter Island Stabbing
36:05 – Review: Green Zone
58:15 – Trailer Trash: Iron Man 2, Tron Legacy, Legend of the Guardians
1:06:25 – Other Stuff We Watched: No Impact Man, Night Court, The Fall Guy, Bigger Than Life, The Philosopher Kings, Hot Tub Time Machine, Up in the Air, Whip It, The Pacific, The Marriage Ref
1:32:45 – Junk Mail: Don’t Go Changin’ On Me, Cop Out vs. Hot Fuzz and Pineapple Express, Zoning Out and 3-D, Supporting Roman Polanski, Blu-ray Quality, and Vice Guide to Travel
1:54:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:56:00 – Outro

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  • Hate to be picky but in the show notes it says you reviewed Alice in wonderland again and not green zone.

  • KeithTalent

    I’m disappointed with Jay, I thought for sure he would say Snyder’s new film “looks like a hoot”.

    By the way The Ghost Writer was not too bad, but not great. Kind of a cheesy, fun movie for the last half anyway.

  • Jay once upon a time promised us a new Cantacerus episode with him and Reed shopping to fill a void at the States.

    …still working on it i guess jay?

  • Yeah. Same here Byron. The most recent episode is the Oscar pre-show/Alice in Wonderland. I had to go on the site to listen to the podcast.

  • I fixed the error in the show notes that Byron mentioned. Is something else still not working?

    A few people mentioned the wrong episode in iTunes but I just checked and it was the right one.

  • @Kyriacos, that border crossing/shopping episode of Cantankerous was scrapped due to poor/missing audio and general lameness. When Jay becomes famous, I’ll probably try to make some money off our Applebee’s conversation by releasing the recording on “pay-per-hear.” :-)

    Like I’ve said before, Cantankerous is defunct. At least until Stephen Merchant has a falling out with Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington, and hires Jay and myself. (Sorry, Sean. :-))

  • WTF! I’ve listen to that Stephen Merchant, Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington BULLSH*T and Cantankerous is WAAAAAAAY better. You guys hit an all time high last year with the Reed’s House Tour why kill one of your best bits????!!!!!

  • Why oh.. why a defunct entity such as your self is so addictive to my ears.. ;) Please record a new episode a.s.a.p. please..

  • I think it’s about time for Reed Farrington to fade quietly into the background. Maybe over time when the Internet becomes defunct, and with fans like rus in chicago and Kyriacos telling their grand kids about me, I’ll become an Internet legend! Nah.

  • projectgenesis

    “why kill one of your best bits????!!!!!”

    Amen Rus.

  • Paul

    I caught Green Zone last night, your review was pretty much spot on. It kind of reminded me of a BBC politcal drama, with 100 million dollars spent on guns and explosions. The middle third was weak. It only opened Friday, last night there were 7 of us in the theatre, so it’s a similar story in the UK, nobody wants to see Iraq war movies.

  • “Reed Farrington to fade quietly into the background. Maybe over time when the Internet becomes defunct..”

    I’m noticing a pattern here; Reed looking for sympathy, using the word defunct over and over, withdrawing from the public…

    Can someone please put some Prozac in the year-old spoiled spaghetti in Reed’s freezer!?

  • couple notes, they did do a reality show for a gig as an action star in a movie, “Next Action Star” on NBC years ago. I know this because my friend was on it…it failed.

    Once again no one called Jay on his rant, labeling anything hand-held – “shaky-cam” is not correct as “shaky-cam” is its own effect that many times is created when not even hand-held. The latest and best example of this can be seen in the Star Trek behind-the-scenes where they have a whole bit showing J.J. Abrams unique ability to rattle a FIXED camera position to get the “shaky-cam” effect he wants.

  • projectgenesis

    haha Rus.

    Why don’t you guys do a poll asking if the FJ audience wants more Cantankerous or not? If the answer is no, so be it. At least do an official announcement that the show is canceled or maybe have a “final episode”. I just don’t like the idea of “fading quietly into the background”–be apart of the FJ universe or let’s have Farrington’s Funeral.

  • Henrik

    Another Jay thing I’m sick of (the first thing being the unchallenged rants that I’ve gotten used to): Everytime he sees something that was made before 1980, he has to go on about how old movies still look good in HD. WE GET IT! I don’t know who these people are who bug him in real life, but they sure are getting to him, and we the audience are suffering!

    To get to a more substantial part of the show; keep your testicles loose and free man.