Avatar Barebones DVD and Blu-ray Coming in April


Looks like James Cameron’s Avatar will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray a bit sooner than expected — in just over a month, as a matter of fact. Instead of coordinating the release of the movie to help sell the first wave of 3-D televisions, they have decided to rush it out in time for Earth Day on April 22nd. How environmentally conscious of them! But wait a minute, won’t this hurt their plans for a theatrical re-release in the summer?

It turns out that it won’t, because this initial release will be one that is stripped down and completely devoid of extras. If people want to see the extended cut of the movie with additional scenes, they’ll have wait to see it on the big screen (or wait for the multi-disc special edition DVD/Blu-ray that is being planned for the holidays). To make up for the lack of supplementary material, they will be packaging the movie with various goodies like a t-shirt, book, and art cards (you know, all the useless crap that Reed Farrington loves). As for when we might see a 3-D version of the movie that is compatible with home theatre systems, Fox says that won’t be happening this year. For the time being, it remains an experience that you will have to leave home for. Will you pick up Avatar on DVD or Blu-ray next month, or will you hold out for a more complete version?

  • Looks like a cool box and all that but crazy to think that I’ll buy it before the extras. I’m most excited to find out about all the bonus footage on how they created the amazing technology.

    The multi-disc set better be fucking awesome to beat this. They did teh same thing with Watchmen, and oh hell was it worth the wait.

  • I’ll be waiting for the quality Blu-ray release.

  • KeithTalent

    Not interested.

  • Rusty

    I’ll probably cave for the barebones Blu-ray. I don’t think I will be buying a TV that will do 3D for a while so that complete / 3d version can wait.

    I actually considered going to see it again today before it left theaters but it wasn’t going to be in 3d so I didn’t go.

  • I don’t know what i hate the most.. Chicks with dicks or DVDs without EXTRA stuff..

    I sure hate James Cameron though..

    ffff……You just made another 2,6 billions you Greedynerdyhippie douche!! WTFFF??
    Stop Milking our bloody tits and just give us the fucking DVD! … NOOOOO… you NEED to made us Pay 12 more fucking quids… give us a fucking brake for Christ sake,will you/??

    fffffFuck.. i can’t believe i actually saw this shitty fuckkking movie 4 fucking times…
    #$@^$@ FUCKME!!!

  • Teo

    Wow…they just want to keep making money off this thing. A lot, and i mean a lot of people who dont have a clue or dont read movie websites are going to rush in and buy this thing thinking “OMG its avatar on blu ray buy buy buy” and then realise its the crappy edition…so then when summer comes along they’re going to buy it again to get all the “extra” features and “additional footage”..and give more money to cameron.whilst he sits in his cave of death on a pile of money laughing like a maniac watching the world crumble around him.

  • Niklas

    why do you guys assume James Cameron plans the strategy for the DVD release?

  • Werner

    I’ll just wait for a better (and cheaper) realease. No rush….

  • ..
    .. when DVDs introduced back in the 90s, to promote them they focused on the EXTRA stuff..

    ”Why should i buy a DVD instead of a VHS?” ..oh its because of the extra stuff-bla bla bla..
    Now that they established a marked they fuck us.
    They practically do business like common drug dealers…
    and we are just film junkies..
    …”u got some spare change mate? …i need to buy the new Avatar Blue Ray DVD with extras.. i got screwed by theother dealer that sold me an adulterated version..”
    ..is its pure exploitation man.. .. people buy them without even noticing,, I my self fell into that trap several times.. ..God screwed by the lack of extras…

  • AJ

    I can wait for the loaded edition around Christmas.

  • Matt in Maine

    No thanks. I’ll be waiting for the full release come the holiday season.