Film Junk Podcast Episode #260: Alice in Wonderland


0:00 – Intro
4:00 – Review: Alice in Wonderland
39:20 – Other Stuff We Watched: Precious, The Blind Side, An Education, I’m Alan Partridge, Rear Window, The Crazies, Gentlemen Broncos, The Invention of Lying, Ponyo, Crude, The Street Stops Here, The Marine, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Futurama: Bender’s Game, The Hangover, Sugar, Punch-Drunk Love, Crazy Heart
1:34:00 – Oscar Picks and Predictions
1:50:35 – Chatroom Q&A
2:01:55 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:03:30 – Outro

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  • alechs

    congrats on the sponsorship! going onto bigger and better!

  • Thanks again Sean for letting me be on the Podcast, it was fun. Ooops that I was up eating Alicia’s home-made cookies (yum!) during the Outro, but I’ll say here, “THANKS!” And that You and the rest of the crew run a solid show that hopefully I didn’t overbear with my cynical or inane mutterings!

  • No worries Kurt, thanks for making the drive. You’re welcome to sit in anytime.

  • Thanks Sean! You’re listeners may disagree though ;)

    (I can get pedantic and overbearing -i.e. BORING!, but had fun going back and forth with Reed)

  • KeithTalent

    Whomever mentioned Denzel winning as the biggest Oscar flub is my new hero. I’ve bitched about that for years and everyone just calls me racist. :(

  • Primal

    I liked your visit to the FJ podcast Kurt. I don’t you could ever be boring on a show where you have Reed and his ADD share the mic to keep you from going on and on.

    Just like the FJ crew, I always enjoy hearing you and the rest of the cinecast crew’s perspective on film. In fact, the best & most hilarious MovieClubPodcast show I’ve heard was the Soylent Green one that had Reed too.

  • Matt

    I read a great book about the same basketball program Jay was talking about in that documentary, The Street Stops Here. It’s called The Miracle of St. Anthony, if anyone’s interested.

  • Henrik

    Kurt is good on the show because he is the only presence that can intimidate Jay!

  • Kurt, I can’t believe you feel the need to be apologetic. I always feel I have to apologize after an appearance, too. Man, us Canadians really do apologize a lot. Maybe it’s because we too easily admit our shortcomings. Kurt, you’re way better than I am at backing up your point-of-view, and even though we didn’t have the same appreciation for Alice, your explanations made me understand why you liked it.

    Primal, I didn’t realize anyone liked my appearance on the MovieClubPodcast. Thx for mentioning that.

    Personally, I think Frank, Kurt and I were auditioning to replace Jay on the Film Junk podcast after his imminent departure to Hollywood. :-)

  • “Kurt is good on the show because he is the only presence that can intimidate Jay!”

    yeeeeessss, I agree and think it will make both the show and Jay’s insight much better. Good things come from good debate. can’t wait to listen.

  • Except that Jay and I agree far more than we disagree on things….

  • dan

    Great show, guys. No need to apologize, Kurt. You were a great guest, as were Reed and Frank.

    Jay, your review of Ponyo was pretty damn funny, although I really enjoyed the movie. True, it’s essentially nonsense. But it’s such beautiful and imaginative nonsense. I was amazed by the hand-drawn animation and the amount of detail in each frame. Your review made me realize how geared for kids it actually was. I guess I’m such a Miyazaki fanboy that I looked passed it and just enjoyed the visuals and imagination that went into the movie.

    And to add to your notion of the mom and her driving skills, my girlfriend was facetiously miffed with the movie because of the way it portrayed Asian female drivers.

  • Hey, y’all did a great job on this episode. The best though was Jay’s review of Ponyo, which is a film I love- but Jay’s description of the script – “something Michael Jackson wrote while on his deathbed while high on Vicodin” was was the cherry on top of the sundae… brilliant!! :) Keep up the tremendous work guys. Are there any plans to release the video from the chat??

  • Thanks Greg.

    You can see the video from the podcast, along with all our other archived videos, on Ustream.

  • Really good show you guys. I really loved all the banter about Oscars and the special guests. Someone was maybe giving away one too many Alice spoilers (Kurt or Frank I think) but it was still a pleasure as always to listen.

    Much love from a fan on the west coast, you’re appreciated all across our country. I’ve been listening for a while now but never said hi, so hello and cheers!

  • Henrik

    “Except that Jay and I agree far more than we disagree on things….”

    That doesn’t affect the intimidation game.

  • Paul

    Great job guys, I think it’s fantastic that you take the time to reach out to the community, we have a similar ‘care in the community’ system in the UK, where the mentally unbalanced are encouraged to participate in activities like this. I’m sure whoever cares for Reed full time enjoys this break, as with a patient this difficult in can be quite draining on their carer.


  • Mark In Ottawa

    Is there any truth to the rumors that Reed is starring in the Mike Reno biopic titled “You better start from the start” ?

    I’m looking forward to it.

  • Hey, I want to be serious for a moment here. I didn’t find out until after the podcast that no one really understood what I was talking about concerning the zoning out during the watching of a movie. I mean I don’t do this during any other activity that I’m bored with. Or is it just a matter of sitting, inactive in a boring situation that causes the zoning out? Should I try drinking coffee before I see a movie at the theater?

  • Henrik

    Brains work in mysterious ways

  • Paul

    I’m going to kick myself fot this, but Reed, I knew exactly what you were talking about. In my late 20’s I went through a stage where the exact same thing would happen to me, it was always during long group meetings at work. I would find myself zoning out, and eyes closing but not exactly falling asleep, was really weird and unexplainable. I had no control over it, and everyody thought I was making it up. I’d pinch myself etc to try and combat it. It eventually passed, so errr… good luck.

  • Werner

    Thanks guys, for another great episode. That’s all. :)