Previously on LOST: Sundown


Previously on LOST is a weekly column recapping and analyzing each episode from the final season of Lost. (Warning: May contain spoilers!)

If there was one sentiment I was left with after watching “Sundown”, it was this: a little violence goes a long way, and its corollary, a lot of violence goes a really long way. This episode was Sayid-centric which, for me, can be a good or bad thing depending on what form the character takes. I can do without Loverboy Sayid, and Mr. Fixit Sayid, but when Shit-kicking Sayid comes to town, it’s always a good time.

Sayid’s flash sideways focused on Nadia, and didn’t give much new perspective on the character. It did serve as the perfect build up to great scene where Sayid has a showdown with the mob. Now that I’ve fully accepted that we will be seeing every island inhabitant somewhere in a flash sideways, I thought Martin Keamy as the boss was an excellent choice. His history on the show brought an instant ruthlessness to the character that would be tough to match with anyone else, and it made it all the more relevant when Sayid planted a bullet in his chest.

Sayid’s hot tub rampage in the temple was even better. I think for most viewers, myself included, the new characters Dogen and Lennon were bright spots this season. To see Sayid slaughter them without remorse definitely sold his character’s swing to Fake Locke’s camp. I’ve never been so happy to see characters I liked killed off instantaneously.

This massacre was orchestrated by Smokey in a previous meeting with Sayid. The dialogue Flocke uses to convince various character’s to do his bidding is extremely effective. When they follow his lead, I never question it. This is both a testament to the writing of those scenes and how amazing Terry O’Quinn’s portrayal of the character is. As a result of manipulating Sayid to kill Dogen, Smokey was able to enter the temple and do a massive cleansing, seemingly putting the temple location to rest for the time being.

I could still take or leave the Claire and Kate stuff (including the “Catch a Falling Star” song). I just hope that the payoff is worthwhile. While I’m on the topic of payoff, I tend to complain about the empty plot building and setup of some of the show. This episode made me appreciate some of these “filler” scenes a lot more. When Ben & Co. arrived at the temple it seemed to come out of nowhere, and a little bridging in the episode would have helped. I vow never to whine about this stuff again, because it hurts the flow when it’s missing.

The final shot of “Sundown” was that of a menacing Smokey and his growing entourage. It appears that the show is heading towards an epic final battle, and the way the major characters are aligning, the consequences could be huge.

Discussion Questions

  • What do you think of crazy Claire? Does anyone it’s a significant contribution to the show?
  • How was Dogen keeping the smoke monster out of the temple?
  • What side will Kate ultimately end up on?

SCORE: 3 stars

  • KeithTalent

    Completely agree on the Claire and Kate storyline, I’m so completely not interested. I was hoping Kate would have just said that Aaron was with Claire’s Mom, I mean it seemed pretty obvious Claire was acting nutty.

    Sayid story was great and seeing Jin trapped in the freezer (presumably something to do with the watch?) was a nice jolt near the end there.

    Best episode of the season so far.

  • Bryan

    I did not like this episode too much. The “trailer” the week before made it out to be the BEST EPISODE OF LOST EVER (by not showing you much of anything except saying “questions will be answered”). It ended up being an ok episode with not many questions answered at all. I did like Keamy as the mob boss. Good touch. Sayid’s story has sadly always bored me. I did not notice Jack in the hospital when Nadia and Sayid went there in the flash sideways, but I heard he was there. Smokey/Flocke/Terry O’Quinn continues to make his bid for an Emmy. He is awesome. Presumably next week will be about Gin since he was found in the freezer after Sayid killed Keamy and his mob. 10 episodes left!

  • Hugo

    Weird I thought this show had been off the air for the past 4 yrs.

  • Phun

    Extra Discussion Question: Did Sayid kill Dogen and Lennon in the pool of life for a reason?