Film Junk Podcast Episode #259: Cop Out


0:00 – Intro / Olympics Talk
18:15 – Headlines: RIP Boner, Brian De Palma for Paranormal Activity 2, Speedy Gonzales Movie, Zoolander 2, Mickey Rourke to Play Conan’s Dad, Die Hard 5, John Krasinski as Captain America?, Ebert Gets His Voice Back
45:23 – Review: Cop Out
1:07:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: An Education, Michael Jackson’s This Is It, The Men Who Stare at Goats, Wrong Side of Town, Anchorman, The Crazies, Bronson
1:30:37 – Junk Mail: New FJ Remix, Favourite Franchise, Documentary Villains, Larry Cohen / Tobe Hooper Recommendations, Canadian Multiplexes, Walk Hard, How We Watch What We Watch, Favourite DPs
1:59:40 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:01:24 – Outro

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  • Bas

    Good show guys! RIP Boner indeed. Visually he made an interesting Joker, though that poorly written “bastard child”-line ruined it for me. By the way, I thought Greg did a better Tracy Morgan two episodes ago than Tracy Morgan himself with the same line (“We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”)

  • Mrespony

    Couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Team USA Jay? Twat! Nice show as usual, I hadn’t planned on seeing Cop Out, thanks for taking that bullet.

  • Could you post the mp3 of that Reed/Jay remix? That was awesome.

  • KeithTalent

    Every single time I see extra scenes after or during the credits of a film, I think of Jay and laugh. Just happened at the end of The Crazies on Saturday.

  • patrik

    rjdelight – I uploaded it to mediafire so you should be able to get it here.

  • I think we can determine Jay’s yeast level by his number of cutdowns; this week Asians, blacks, Mexicans, US Hockey and cancer survivors…time for a check up and pap smear…classic, good show

  • I won’t put much weight in the “best” unproduced script lists. I read Carnivore by The Wachowski Brothers (rated very high) and it is typical, one note horror.

    I never saw Kevin Smith as “artistic” just a homegrown indy hero with good joke writing.

    Rodriguez has already become what Smith turning in to.

  • Alexandre Alves

    I smuggled a chicken an living one, for pranking purpoose indeed. Acuatally the plan was to release a bat or a pidgeon during the projection but it wasn´t available, then me and my friend gone for chicken . Was Street Fighter Movie with Van Damme. And we agreed to spread the flyng chaos at the Hadouken scene. Was perfect because there was a big group off bullies making noise and menacing the rest of the crowd sitting not so far from us. We just drop the poor animal over then and i saw the madness start with a single chicken. My idea so sweet. Alexandre Alves, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

  • damndirtyape

    I think Todd Louiso circa 1990 “High Fidelity” should play Sean in the movie version of Filmjunk.