Previously on LOST: Lighthouse


Previously on LOST is a weekly column recapping and analyzing each episode from the final season of Lost. (Warning: May contain spoilers!)

Not every LOST episode can be “Through the Looking Glass”. There are certainly a lot of setup episodes throughout the course of the series, and I can accept that. The most I ask from these episodes is that they provide a few mythology elements to chew on, and the non-island portion of the show explores the characters in an interesting way. In this regard, the Lighthouse is a complete success.

The lighthouse itself was the biggest revelation of this episode. Located at the peak of this auspicious building was a mirror/compass hybrid that seems to be a device to at least observe the Losties’ pasts. Screenshots appear to confirm that the reflections in the mirror were the church where Sawyer met Jacob, the church where Sun and Jin were greeted by Jacob in the reception line, and of course, Jack’s house. There were also some notable number pairings from the wheel; Austen is number 51, and the number Hurley was instructed to turn to (108) was associated with a Wallace.

This is just another reason why LOST is amazing: a two minute scene can lead to hours of speculation. Was the device Jacob’s or Smokey’s? Could both island enigmas be looking for potential replacement candidates? Why isn’t Kate’s number one of the six? I could keep going.

In contrast, Jack apparently found nothing interesting about it and preserved its mystery post-haste. I think if 99% of us found ourselves in front of such a conceptually mind-blowing contraption, we would take a few minutes and see what it was all about before obliterating it. (Please, don’t say, “Jacob knew that Jack would react that way and that’s why he made sure he was there.”)

Elsewhere on the island, Claire had an awkward reunion with Jin. The camera was sure to point out the burn scar on Claire’s shoulder, suggesting she underwent the same torture as Sayid. I really hope they merge Claire’s storyline with the rest of the islanders soon, because these scenes fell really flat for me. Emilie de Ravin just doesn’t have the chops to carry a scene on her own. Thankfully, Flocke was briefly added to the mix which should spice things up in the next episodes.

The flash sideways examined Jack in an entirely new light. The idea of Jack as a father was gratifying in its concept alone. Given Jack’s criticisms and issues with his own father it was cool to see how he handles the pressures of parenthood. The internet seems to be abuzz with questions of who the mother is, and some of the implications. David definitely seems too old to be the son of many of the theorized mothers (Sarah, Kate, Gabriela). Eye colour, age, logic, and writing tendencies lead me to believe that Juliet is the mother. Maternity tests aside, it’s good to see the writers using this timeline to take some big leaps with the characters.

It might be a red herring, but Jack’s appendectomy scar could be significant. These types of occurrences along with the character’s mental lapses seem to suggest there is definitely a connection between this season’s two timelines. Some theories are transferring consciousness a la Desmond in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. One idea that interests me is that the flash sideways is actually a result of something that happens at the end of this season (aside from or combined with the results of the bomb), and we are watching the epilogue of the series in parallel with the climax.

After a slow start, the final season is definitely picking up a lot of steam. I haven’t been this excited about the show since the end of season three.

Discussion Questions

  • Who is David’s mother?
  • Did the lighthouse belong to Jacob or Smokey?
  • Jacob mentioned someone coming to the island? Any thoughts on who it is?

SCORE: 3 stars

  • Goon

    “a result of something that happens at the end of this season (aside from or combined with the results of the bomb), and we are watching the epilogue of the series in parallel with the climax.”

    interesting. it does mean though that some characters dont get a happy ending. Rose will die (though it seems in the Locke ep she’s okay with it, which may help your theory), Charlie will still be an addict, and Sawyer will still be an asshole.

  • bus

    Frank – you need to give a glimpse of how nuts you went for this show after season 3. Some readers are missing out on your previous LOST reactions (the reaction after the season 3 finale was pretty pretty pretty great – and you don’t seem quite as jacked up this season – yet).

    You are right to point out that Jack went too medieval on the lighthouse too quickly. Also something tells me that Juliet is NOT the mother, but as I can’t think of who it could possibly be I can only cling to my hunch.

    I keep wondering why the Others keep popping up in the sideways flashes, ie doctor ethan and music affection-ado Dogen…are they manipulating the sideways timeline? or where they themselves set free from the clutches of the Island?

    Can’t wait for next week!

  • GORT

    One of the delights of watching LOST is the really cool locations they show us. In this season alone we have seen 3 pretty cool structures- the temple, the cave in the middle of a cliff and now this lighthouse which looked awesome and something tells me there are more to come. I’d put the the first 5 episode of this season on par with season 5’s first five and better tha Season 1,2,3,4’s first five. I disagree about Emilie De Ravin, I thought she held her own in this episode.

    I don’t think anyone is actually coming to the island, I think Jacob just used that as an excuse to get jack to do some self reflection and to get them away from the temple which apparently seems to have a breach in its security.

  • GORT

    Btw, on twitter, LOST creator Damon Lindelof has had two accounts since last year TheRealDamon & DamonLindelof. It appears that TheRealDamon exists in an alternate reality where he did not create Lost. Nice bit of meta humour from the producers.

  • RaphNL

    This one was enjoyable. I thought the dialogue was sometimes a bit too on the nose and the traveling from one place to another in a few hours is somehow bothering me a bit this season (Temple > Caves > Lighthouse, Burying Locke at Boone Hill). The Island just seems more like a Mall this season, everyone meeting eachother. Maybe it’s just me though.
    Don’t have a problem with Jack smashing the mirror, I thought it was pretty much in character.
    I am scared though that the whole story of Lost will be as simple as Jacob and MIB fighting eachother and using the Losties as pawns. But I still have hope they will give it a twist soon.

  • RaphNL

    Btw first time I didn’t get why Jack was so effected by the line “You have what it takes”. But then I watched White Rabbit again where his dad says the opposite so it made a bit more sense. Still, the way it came across in this episode was a bit weird.

  • Paul Andrews

    Jack’s character is defined by his constant belief that he is right, and his poor decisions – so I agree with RaphNL – smashing the mirror was typical.

    Another good episode this week; a bit of a slow start but this season is coming along nicely !

  • JakeTheFatMan

    I was thinking the same thing, that the alt-timeline is an epilogue for the characters. And it answers our questions on what happens to them after they end their island adventure.

  • RaphNL

    How can it be an epilogue if everything gets reset (at the end of THIS season)? Would be a lame epilogue if you ask me, it would be like they’d have learnt nothing from being on the island.

  • We are used to always seeing Jack as a depressing, and quite annoying character with a dull backstory. But this really twisted it around, the interesting twist of having a son gave us new things to explore. Plus the unseen before interactions between Hurley and Jack were comic and dramatic. Really working well and building perfectly to the Lighthouse scene.