• Matt

    Roark should have BEEN Conan himself.

  • Niklas

    I was thinking the same thing

  • Nick Robertson

    Totally agree. I watched Conan The Barbarian again last night, John Milius was a hell of a filmmaker – that movie is amazing. I also love Destroyer, but I seem to be the only one. This movie will be horrible, most likely. It’ll be more Scorpion King than Conan but Mickey Rourke is a big point for the team.
    I bet Doug will be into this, as long as they forge a fucking blade or two.

  • Fatbologna

    Yeah, it’s hard to beat the Millius film. That guy’s as manly as it gets. Rourke is definitely a plus. This has great potential as some of the younger Conan tales are damn good. Nispel is the sore spot for me. Guy’s terrible…