Brian De Palma and Two Others Being Considered for Paranormal Activity 2


Wow… talk about trading up! Just one month after Saw VI director Kevin Greutert was contractually forced to direct Saw VII, preventing him from taking up the reins on Paranormal Activity 2, Paramount has rebounded with an impressive list of big name directors interested in replacing him on the project. Perhaps the most surprising name on the list is Brian De Palma (The Untouchables, Scarface). Although he might seem like someone who is way above directing a sequel to a low budget horror flick, his last few films, including Redacted, The Black Dahlia, and Femme Fatale, have generated mixed reviews at best. Let’s not forget that the man did also direct Stephen King’s Carrie, and Redacted was a found footage film of sorts.

According to the L.A. Times, two other directors are also being considered right now, and although they might not have the same name recognition as De Palma, they are equally as intriguing: Brad Anderson (Transsiberian, The Machinist, Session 9) and Greg McLean (Wolf Creek, Rogue). I think Anderson might be my favourite of the bunch, but really I’d be happy with any of those choices. It seems like having Greutert stolen away from them could be the best thing to happen to this project! Now I’m seeing Paranormal Activity 2 in a whole new light… what about you?

  • All I can say is Really!?!??!! De Palma? It might be something to bring him back to form however….

  • yearight

    they are considering depalma … im sure he’s never even seen or heard of paranormal activity.
    if he directs it i’ll eat my shoe

  • Nick Robertson

    I wouldn’t be so sure, he hasn’t had a hit in aggggeeesss and his pal Spielberg might have introduced him to the project and talked him into it.
    I’d cook that shoe on 100Ëš for 3 hours and it’ll go down good’n’easy.

  • Fatbologna

    I’d be REALLY interested in this if Brad Anderson took it. So far I’ve liked everything he’s done and Session 9 showed that he could pull off cerebral horror really well. However if he isn’t attached then I’m pretty cold on the idea. I feel that the first was a great film for a first timer on a low budget but like Blair Witch, not really franchise material.

  • projectgenesis

    How dope would it be DePalma did this and the whole movie was split-screen? His split-screen scene in Sisters is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. Carrie’s split screen is ok, but not as good. He could really push it as far as he wants it to go with something like this and thankfully I think he doesn’t take himself too seriously to say no to it. I hope he just thinks of it as an ‘five obstructions’-esque exercise.

  • Burgus

    Just saw Shutter Island and listed to your spoilers discussion. Greg is spot on.. Ruffalos expression says it all. When I realized that Leo is just pretending to be Teddy again..

    Rewatch that scene and you will have your answers.
    The light house is just there to fuck with you..

    Dipalma is the most overrated director out there. PI2 seems about right..

  • fatbologna


    bad place for spoiler content, dude…

  • Mark In Ottawa



  • The Man

    De Palma’s got Boat Payments to make. He’ll do it.

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