A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Trailer #2


A new trailer for the upcoming remake/reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street has hit the web over on MySpace, and it delivers a lot more footage than the initial teaser trailer did. We get a few good glimpses of Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger, and he looks to be owning the role, even though his voice now seems a little bland. The faint southern drawl we heard in the first trailer has mysteriously disappeared… I wonder why??

We also get a better look at the rest of the cast, including Rooney Mara as Nancy Thompson and Kyle Gallner who seems to be playing a similar role to Johnny Depp in the original. With music video director Samuel Bayer at the helm, it looks every bit as glossy as all the other Platinum Dunes remakes we’ve seen over the past few years. However, I will say that some of the visuals for the nightmare sequences look pretty cool. I’m not expecting much from this, but at any rate it looks like it won’t be a total embarrassment. A Nightmare on Elm Street hits theatres on April 30th; check out the new trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Marc


  • Chris

    Might not be too bad. My only complaint is it’s basically Rorschack with makeup.

  • swarez

    Yeah I don’t like the fact that he’s using the same voice as he did in Watchmen. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to Englund’s voice as the character.
    Hopefully it will be on par with the Texas Chainsaw remake which is the only Platinum Dunes film that I have enjoyed on some level.

  • Napalm

    Doesn’t look too bad.

  • 81

    I’m sorry but is that a Twilight kid in this? WHAT THE HELL?

  • Bryan

    Hmm. I don’t know what to think about this, which is a great marketing tactic. I am a fanboy of the Nightmare movies, and I actually liked Freddy vs. Jason (which this seems on par with). The lack of Englund is going to severely hurt, but it is a remake so I will just have to get used to it. I like that it seems like (based on the first trailer) they will delve into Fred Krueger’s backstory, but will it be too much? The idea of caring about someone like Freddy (who is a child murderer) is going to be interesting. In the first trailer we see Fred getting burned alive and screaming in a boiler room/house thing while the Elm St. parents watch and scream back (if I remember correctly). That’s a cool image. To me, Freddy’s the coolest horror icon of the major three (Jason, Michael Myers and Freddy) as he was “created” by the townspeople themselves and in the original movie, they try to cover it up. I guess I am onboard for this remake.

  • SirPrize

    Love the beginning with The Everly Brothers’ “All I Have To Do Is Dream”!

  • Flash22

    The fact that they are bringing back Krueger is a big suprise. Never thought they’d try to revive the franchise. A Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite horror movies but can the lack of no Englund make this movie just as good? Can Haley give us a performance Englund used to…Or will he fail horribly..Overall both trailers are dope.. I can’t wait to see this remake…Lets see what happens on April 30th…Flash OUT!

  • Sacramento Mike

    Being a horror genre fan and NOES fanboy in general, I can sum up my problem with this remake by talking about a single scene in particular.

    Anyone who has seen the original remembers the cheap but effective effect of Freddy pressing through Nancy’s wall while she is sleeping in bed. The scene was scary and effective, but most of all it was done on the cheap but it was the CREATIVITY that made it work.

    Now you see the same scene play out in the remake trailer, but HEY-YO we get a bunch of over-priced CGI instead because I guess the budget allowed for it!?!

    These types of things have me scratching my head. Now look I am not anti-CGI. It has it’s place and it is definately improving as the years go by, but can I please make a suggestion and say please only use it when it is necessary. It just looks ridiculous in this scene and things like that scare me away from all these remakes. This style is so annoying.

  • Fred

    On April 30th the NIGHTMARE begins..afraid this movie wont be good because its a remake..or is it your all just afraid that this film will make you remember how scared you really were and are of FREDDY.. come now my children and see this film..and dont worry this film wont hurt you one bit. But it will make you scared and it will make you remember the name FREDDY….
    Be seeing you all in your dreams real soon…

  • Brad

    This film is going to be good. Once the movie comes out, most if not all the doubters will be silenced, I think most of the doubt about this movie is because Robert Englund isnt Freddy anymore, that is easy to understand, Englund did a great job, he made the Freddy character an icon in the horror world. But believe me this new film will do just fine. If you like your movies scary well the new Nightmare on Elm Street is for you.

  • Kayleigh

    I am a huge fan of horror movies and I absolutely love the NOES series. BUT, i think this new movie takes away from Cravens vision and turned this work of art into a tits and ass slasher. in an interview craven states..”I don’t even know who’s doing it and I’m not interested. It’s actually really painful to think about it. It’s the film of mine that I probably love the most, and which made the most money. The script went around Hollywood for three years and nobody touched it and I went through all my life savings and everything else to pay for it, so I had to make the deal I did. Frankly, at that time I thought it would be one movie and that’s it. I never thought it would go on and on and on.”

    to sum it up this movie is going to be crap

  • Kevin

    Having seen a test screening of the new Elm Street
    movie. I can say this film is SCARY and DISTURBING
    The NIGHTMARE has returned. This time Freddy isnt
    rapping in Will Smith or Fat Boys videos, he isnt
    cracking one liners over and over(just a few), but
    he is one scary ass killer in this remake, some of
    the scenes just give you chills, Freddy isnt playing
    games in this one. He is evil, He is pissed, He is
    your worst nightmare. Just remember DONT FALL ASLEEP.
    P.S. There is also a mention of Camp Crystal Lake in
    this remake( not by Freddy). This film will give a
    whole new generation plenty of sleepless nights. And
    a few of the old school Freddy fans may find
    themselves sleeping with one eye open as well.
    This film puts the fear back into the name Freddy.

  • Gary

    Well, here we go with another remake of a great classic. I loved all the Krueger movies. I am going to watch this movie but seemingly out of obligation to the series. Wes Craven did a phenominal job back in the day. If it turns out to just be blood and guts, it’ll be somewhat disappointing. I don’t have to see a bunch of gore for a movie to be scary. It is the suspense that makes a movie scary. We all know someone is going to jump out of a closet or something to that effect. A lot of the original film play is in this one. The coming out of the wall and the bath tub scene are two that I saw. So, I guess all the fans will see soon.