George Lopez to Voice a Speedy Gonzales Movie


Oh look, another classic cartoon character is about to get the dreaded live action / CG hybrid treatment on the big screen. Heat Vision reports that New Line is about to give everyone’s favourite Mexican mouse Speedy Gonzales his own movie with Latino comedian George Lopez attached to voice the main character. Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen (Garfield, Cheaper by the Dozen) will write the script.

Speedy was one of many popular Looney Tunes characters who originated in the 1950s, and was usually seen as the nemesis of Sylvester the Cat. Of course, the tricky thing about this movie is that nowadays the character is seen as somewhat racist. New Line are aware of the problems, and plan to steer clear of any ethnic stereotypes by updating the story to modern day and by ensuring that the script has George Lopez’ seal of approval. It remains to be seen if any other familiar Looney Tunes faces will appear in the film, but it seems unlikely. These movies continue to make truckloads of money, so I think we can expect even more popular cartoon characters to strike out on their own in the near future. George Lopez also provides a voice in the upcoming Marmaduke movie, which hits theatres this summer.

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