Film Junk Podcast Episode #258: Shutter Island


0:00 – Intro / Hockey Talk
5:36 – Headlines: Academy Awards Changes, Judd Apatow and Paul Feig Re-Unite, Oren Moverman to Direct Kurt Cobain Biopic, Mark Strong is Sinestro, Seann William Scott in Hit Somebody, Shatner in Shit My Dad Says, Alice in Wonderland Boycott
27:25 – Review: Shutter Island
46:25 – Other Stuff We Watched: Planet Hulk, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Food Inc., Law Abiding Citizen, Jiminy Glick in Lalawood, Tokyo Olympiad, Black Dynamite, Best in Show, 3 Seconds Before Explosion, The Ricky Gervais Show, Funny or Die Presents, Mean Streets
1:17:50 – Junk Mail: Review Ratings, CGI Animals, Bradley Cooper in Valentine’s Day, Special Features on DVDs, Bad Trailers for Good Films, Film Junk Forum, Retro Reviews and Out of the Blue, The Future of Hollywood
1:47:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:52:50 – Outro
1:55:18 – Bonus Spoiler Discussion: Shutter Island

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  • Chris

    I’ve been pretty excited about hearing if the movie is any good. The book had me absolutely hooked, I couldn’t put it down and read it all in one sitting.

  • A quick little bit of random trivia. You guys of course review the latest Scorsese film in this episode, also Jay mentions Space Jam when talking about great Basketball films. Well the director of photography for Scorsese’s classic “Taxi Driver” was also DP (double penetrator) on Space Jam!!!! CRAZY RIGHT?!?!?!? :D

  • Jeremy Sisto was Batman in Justice League: The New Frontier, but Kevin Conroy was Batman in the other DC movies. The reason they changed voices (and the shade of Green Lantern from John to Hal) was to distinguish this movie from the show. Having said that, most reviewers have been disappointed with William Baldwin as Batman.

  • pissing in the soup

    is it wrong to furiously masturbate while listening to film junk?

  • Since we do it while recording, I don’t see why it would be.

  • Bandito

    Just make sure to pace yourself

  • rot

    to echo the similarities between Shutter Island and Lost that Jay brings up, tonight’s episode is called ‘The Lighthouse’.

    Also Jay, if you haven’t looked already, the soundtrack has Brian Eno on it:

  • I was wondering a few months ago if the pressures of the site and seeing films on a schedule, i.e., opening weekend and for a new podcast has had a noticeable effect on your initial rating and recommendation of a film? In the past, I’ve felt you guys give poor ratings to things more due to overload or maybe a general pessimism brought on by being in “the community of critics”? I know the site gives you an organized framework for your movie watching but I always wondered how it effects your pure cinema going experience since in-a-way it is now a job?

  • jericho

    you guys need to do some blow

  • jericho

    donut mind if i do

  • Fatbologna

    Woohoo! Got an E-mail read on the ‘Junk!

    Out of the Blue Is available on DVD for super cheap. The quality’s not great but this kind of raw low-budget fare doesn’t need to be.

    Jay, 3 Seconds to Explosion was pretty decent but ultimately a little boring. It leans more toward the Danger:Diabolik side of Japanes fare that Seijun Suzuki popularized. Trust me, check out Fukasaku, Norifumi Suzuki or Teruo Ishii’s 70s stuff. Absolutely sleaze-filled, raw, violent, and solidly amazing shit. I know ya like the sleaze, buddy! Horror’s of Malformed Men will boggle your mind!

    I think it’d be cool to open up the community to reviews, editorials, and news. You’d obviously need to filter it, but I feel the community here is strong enough and lacks the usual movie-site morons polluting the tubes. There’s a gaming blog called Destructoid and another called Giant Bomb that utilize a lot of user generated content and both are really strong because of it. I’d really like to see this site go in that direction(within reason). That way you guys could still do the Podcast without the feeling that you need to keep on top of the site so much all week long(Sean!).

    I’ve written my fare share of reviews online and would be VERY interested in writing some more here. I’d also be interested to see stuff from the other folks here. A broader(controlled) perspective on film is definitely always appreciated. Also, having recommendations on a broader variety of films is always a plus, too.

    In terms of Lehane’s original novel, I have read it and the ending is pretty cut and dry. I can’t really lay it right out but I’d say if you’re interested, download the audiobook version to see for yourself. It’s readily available at all your fave illicit sites!

  • Tim

    Awesome, they read my email on the show … even if Jay misunderstood my point. Even if the animal doesn’t do anything dangerous it’ll probably still spend its life in captivity. I mean PETA wanted to replace the groundhog used in the Groundhogs Day ceremony with a animatronic puppet for god’s sake. Many people (a lot in Hollywood) feel any ‘exploitation’ of animals for our entertainment is cruel.

  • Is it possible that you guys had problems with the mic or something because this episode’s quality was way inferior to the other ones … Just wondering.

  • Inferior how? I don’t think anything was different. Maybe your headphones have a loose connection? ;)

  • Goon

    i found no sound quality issues with this show

  • Hmm, okay then it’s just me. Nevermind. ^^


    To Jay, I wouldn’t put to much weight on the lighthouse image at the end. It is very similar to the rat at the end of The Departed which many, including me, felt was heavy handed. I say this not to totally discount the lighthouse, but to open up the reasons to why the lighthouse was used at the end. Like a rat, a lighthouse image is very symbolic and could be there for its general meanings (find your way, illumination, etc.) instead of simply referencing a physical meaning,i.e., the place were the brain surgery is suppose to happen. I also don’t think having Mark’s character on the boat is such of hard thing to do in the elaborate role play scenario. If Teddy was taken to the shore to start his “elaborate drama” he would need a person to oversee him.

    Way to go GREG, I think you are right that the last line is the more meaningful aspect, “What is worst, to live as a monster or die as a good man”. I also think Mark Ruffalo’s reaction to this is telling; were he calls out to Teddy as he calmly walks down the sidewalk to get his treatment. You could even add ANOTHER ending: that by saying “die a good man” implies Teddy is sane (but caught in a pattern of drug therapy) and is going to calmly go with the doctors and and take them all out, therefore, “die as a good man.” Mark’s curious calling out to Teddy is his fear that something might go down. In the “groundhog day” type scenario maybe this is the first time Mark has seen Teddy take this approach.

    I had some problems with the whole set-up, but some can be slightly explained…. I felt the idea of Teddy being part of an elaborate “drama” really falls apart when you think about it. They have this very dangerous man sleeping in staff quarters and allowed to run around to the point of blowing up cars! I think its a little to much freedom for any type of progressive therapy. you could say he was medicated while in the sleeping room, but I don’t know.

    I wanted more of the film errors, why only the one? Or maybe more are hidden like Easter eggs!

    I noticed something watching this, I never get scared at period pieces. I think setting a film like this in the late 1950s hurts the film as it adds a layer of detachment. It was great to look at, and it allows for a revisit to out-dated therapy practices, but it feels very much like a movie. More reason why Silence of the Lambs is the best.

  • Another interesting thing…when we first meet DiCaprio’s character he comments on the fact that he can’t find his cigarettes. Ruffalo, a man he has never met, instantly offers him some of his.

  • Falsk

    Just wanted to say I was someone who never listened to the Ricky Gervais podcast. Knew who he and Steven Merchant were, though and was wondering how you could make audio clips into a TV show… and was so pleasantly surprised. Cool animation style (not to mention it’s a great double-feature with “Life and Time of Tim”) make for some great Friday night entertainment.

    Wish I could say the same for “Funny or Die”. From the same place that brought us “Mr Show” I guess my hopes were too high going into it. Some of the sketches worked, but when they missed… they missed hard. Especially that last one. Just brutal. Maybe I’ll give it another chance, but I’m feeling pretty dubious.

  • I saw the first “Funny or Die” on HBO last night what a fuck’en joke! Way to kill your idea before it gets anywhere Will Ferral. They advertise it as some new media concept were they get comedy submitted to the website and air the best, then they proceed to only show sketches from comedians that are “connected”. Way to forsake an actual democratic, new social media idea for typical Hollywood P.R. bullshit. Really really shortsighted and pathetic. It stands out as really lame when you look at all the exciting stuff that has been done in open competitions for user generated commercials like the great Doritos spots.

  • I’ve got a title for Jay’s Garbage Pail Kids “reboot”

    “GPK 2: Another Kick at the Can”

  • Law Abiding Citizen is some straight-up reactionary garbage, btw. Fuck Gerard Butler. I’m glad he’s following the Vin Diesel career path to meathead, straight-to-DVD obscurity. The cock.

  • After all the “SOS Fantomes” rants I refuse to believe you guys don’t judge a DVD purchase by things like special features. You inspired me to ramble about the subject at my own site.

  • itchy testikal

    give it up to GREG, without lifting a finger he outsmarted sean and jay on shutter island.

    the “Making Fun of People Named Greg” facebook page should be taken down now

  • alechs

    I agree with Greg. I couldn’t vocalize my thought until i heard your explanation… the line caught my attention and I was like… “whoa…” but didn’t know exactly why.

    I have listened to four reviews of this film; rotcast, filmjunk, row three and /film (i needed to immediately listen to as much commentary on the film right after watching it). I find that the conversations about the film vary so much – all parties emphasize a particular point of the film that the other reviews don’t really talk about or notice. I am surprised many people did not talk about the strange green-screen-like backdrop when Teddy and the security officer were talking the car. It was a great effect.

  • I forgot about that green screen! that and “the cup” are the two obvious film errors (the green screen was defiantly made to look fake) is there any more people have noticed?!

    What do people think the film errors mean? Don’t take anything at face value, or, we’re seeing the altered world from Teddy’s perspective?

  • I also came away from the movie as Greg did – Thinking the therapy had worked, and sadly, the reality of the situation has driven Teddy to choose consciously to fake delusion so as to illicit a lobotomy, ie: ‘escape’/’getting off the island’.

    I do, however take issue with the concept of the Light house being the place they would/are doing surgery. a) Seems too remote and silly a place for such delicate operations. b) Why did the ‘orderlies’ have the instruments in their hands at the end? They wouldn’t be doing the surgery, nor would they need them for the ride to the lighthouse – if that’s their destination.

    I also noticed a glitch in the film – in the opening scene where Teddy & Chuck are on the deck as seen from in front of the boat – DiCaprio’s face moves slightly left-to-right and it was unsmooth, as if the frames between were interpolated rather than actually shot. I only saw this effect once…

  • Napalm


    Did anyone think the ending of ST was similar to Memento’s? I thought it was very similar! Kind of ruined the surprise element of it for me.

  • n.

    what’s the name of the movie referred to at 43:56? i don’t understand the name, but it sounds interesting

  • Thurston

    Revising the film tonight and the podcast review after Jay included it in his top 10 horror films of the last decade. Thanks Film Junk!