Seann William Scott to Star in Kevin Smith’s Hockey Movie Hit Somebody


With Cop Out less than a week away from hitting theatres, Kevin Smith is starting to get asked a lot of questions about his next project, and it is looking more and more likely that his next project will be Hit Somebody, the hockey movie that he has been talking up for the past year. Taking its title from a Warren Zevon / Mitch Albom song, the film would chronicle the life of Buddy, a “hockey enforcer who strives to score just one goal in a hockey game”. Smith even has an actor lined up for the lead role: Cop Out co-star Seann William Scott. Smith recently told that something clicked on the set of Cop Out that made him realize Scott would be perfect for the role:

“He’s got some pain that’s going to work out well. More importantly he has so much love in his heart. Seann Scott is such an ebullient, happy person who’s just happy to be there. And on (“Cop Out”) you could see it. On our set the guy is just so delighted to be working, to be making people laugh. But he’s always dismissed as Stifler. … This is his chance to shine.”

Scott grew up in Minnesota, but was never much of a hockey player although he can skate — which is apparently all that seems to be required for the role. The interesting thing is that Smith has said previously that he thinks the movie could be “an award-type movie”, which seems like a bit of a stretch, but the point being that it’s going to be just as much a drama as it is a comedy. So is Seann William Scott really the right guy to pin that kind of role on? I’m not quite sure. Smith has a habit of simply casting people he has worked with previously rather than going out and finding the perfect guy for the job, but I can see his point about Scott’s personality. What do you think? Are you excited about a Kevin Smith hockey movie, and can Seann William Scott pull off a more dramatic role?

  • U-S-eh, U-S-eh, U-S-eh, U-S-eh, epic game last night!!

  • Greg, whats your take on the NHL rumors that this is the last Olympics with their players?

  • Mike

    I thought i was done with Seann William Scott after American Pie, but every interview I’ve heard with him is fascinating, he’s funny, interesting, and is a film freak! He won me over, and now i’m a fan, so i’m excited if this comes to pass!

  • I agree with Mike, I used to think Scott was just a douche, but I’ve come to appreciate what he has to offer. I found him the best part of Evolution.

  • I know it will be a comedy, but he apparently want’s strong dramatic elements in it. I think if he wants that he should go with a no name rather than a comedic star…

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  • Werner

    Switzerland will win this!!!!!!

    I hope….