William Shatner to Star in Shit My Dad Says Sitcom


Here’s an amazing little nugget of casting brilliance to get your weekend started off right. A few months ago, it was announced that the popular Twitter account Shit My Dad Says had been optioned to be turned into a sitcom by CBS. At the time, it didn’t make a lot of sense… how do you make a TV show out of a random stream of hilarious quotes from a guy’s 74-year-old dad? Well, in this case, clearly all that matters is that you find the right man to play that wacky, wise-ass dad… and clearly the right man to play that dad, is none other than William Shatner!

The Hollywood Reporter brings us the scoop that Shatner has been cast in the lead role in the family sitcom version of Shit My Dad Says (henceforth to be referred to on Film Junk as “Shat My Dad Says”). Apparently his Sarah Palin-inspired spoken word performances on Conan O’Brien were a big reason why he landed the gig. This sounds like a surefire hit to me, even though the show is being set up by the guys who did Will & Grace. What do you think? In the meantime, you can follow Shatner’s own ramblings on Twitter, where he curiously ends every single tweet with the phrase, “My Best, Bill.”

  • I follow Shit My Dad Says and get a kick out of it, but I can’t help but shake my head at this project. Even with Shatner involved.

    I would, however, be 100% behind it if the show were actually called “Shit” My Dad Says, which I’m sure that it won’t be.

  • Shatner’s been surfing the popularity wave for a while now. I am duly impressed.

  • Napalm

    There’s a lot of vulgar stuff that “dad says”. I don’t know how they will translate them in the show.

  • Rob

    Well, if you are referring to the use of expletives, it would be relatively easy to substitute ‘clean’ language for foul. Once that is done, it is really no more vulgar than most other sitcoms.

    However, I do believe that some/most of the funny will be lost in the above scenario. Part of what makes the dad funny is not only his opinions, but how he words it, with his liberal and often creative use of cursing.

    Anyway, this show seems like a bad idea… but who knows? I wouldn’t mind seeing what Shatner could do in a sitcom setting to be honest.

  • Fellow ex-Montrealer

    Archie Bunker returns… it’s been a while since the other side of the politically correct universe was popular. I don’t think there could be a better choice than Bill Shatner for the role. Let’s hope that they, the producers, directors, writers, actually have the backbone to go ahead with calling it “Sh** my dad says” and follow through with it. If Archie hadn’t been offensive, the show wouldn’t have been any good.

    How many years has it been? Isn’t it about time we had another honest show on the air.

    Let ‘em have it, Bill. We’re counting on you.

  • Brendan

    Sean, instead of the alternate title of “Shat My Dad Says,” I’d prefer “Shit My Shat Says.”

  • Falsk

    I don’t… understand how this is possible. But God bless ‘em for trying.

  • mitch

    i’ve been meaning to post this for a few days.

    whoever sent that email about the slashfilm cast or the other podcast being full of themselves is 100% on the money. those guys at the slashfilm cast (im a fan of the site itself, great news source) think they are the most knowledgeable guys on the block, and because they get some less than marginally famous people on their show, they think that their opinions are the most important things. that’s why the filmjunk podcast is perfect. just guys talking movies. the slashfilm cast think they have an actual fucking purpose and true knowledge of film. NEWSFLASH: you don’t. no offense sean and greg, but jay’s opinion is tops through all of these fucking shows because he goes out and makes movies. i had to let this out, those guys piss me the fuck off.
    filmjunk for life.

  • Napalm

    You tell em mitch!

  • Honestly, after purchasing a plane ticket through Priceline.com I cannot take Shatner seriously. It is not that I ever really thought that he was very serious, but that entire site is pretty degrading for him. Ah well, I guess we will have to see how the show turns out.

  • mitch, no disrespect to Jay, but just because someone goes out and makes movies doesn’t necessarily make them more knowledgeable about film.

  • (Oop, I made a grammar mistake in my last comment. Here’s what I should have said.)

    mitch, no disrespect to Jay, but just because someone goes out and makes movies doesn’t necessarily make him more knowledgeable about film.

  • mitch

    you make a good point reed. when you listen to both of these shows you would think that the slashfilm big shots would be the ones that are going out and making movies, but they aren’t. all i’m saying is that they should get off their high horses and stop talking like they have field experience and that they’re the roger eberts of podcasts.

  • Fatbologna

    I think it’s less about the fact that he makes movies and more about the fact that when he talks about them he’s genuinely insightful. I’m pretty sure from listening to the show that I’ve generally seen more movies than any of the three guys but I’m shit when it comes to verbalizing points about them. Any time Jay goes in depth about what makes a film good/bad I usually agree with most of his reasoning. I’ve actually reconsidered my opinions based on points he’s made in the past and rewatched things with a different perspective. I don’t always agree on a second watch but I do at least see WHY something is preferable to him.

    It seems like a simple enough thing to do but it really is the defining thing that makes for good film criticism. There’s a lot of bad critics that tell you the plot of a film and just say it’s shit or awesome. The best critics give you an idea of their personal tastes and where any particular film fits into those tastes. Jay tends to be on the money for the types of films I like and also sees them from a similar perspective. Just watching a lot of movies doesn’t make a film critic. If it did I’d be the next Ebert…

    Btw, all the reasons that Jay is a good critic are the very same reasons that Reed is terrible. Reed, you talk shit about movies with nothing to back up your points and then waffle when people ask you to explain yourself. Also, that is why you are comedy gold and a joy to listen to.

    oh yeah, this Shatner thing seems like a lame gimmick that’ll get old pretty quick. Still might be funny for the one season it lasts though.

  • I think that making movies can definitely give an added insight, but I don’t think you have to make movies in order to talk about them critically.

    Just to defend the /Filmcast guys a little bit though, they are basically 3 guys just like us, who started doing a podcast because they like movies and enjoy talking about them. Then they got hand-picked by Peter Sciretta to join /Film and pulled into the world of people who do this for a living. Now they are aiming to be a lot more polished and professional because they kind of have to be, they just don’t have the experience to back them up yet. I think the fact that they bring in other, more experienced writers and critics is a nice touch, although I’m not a huge fan of them having filmmakers on the show (especially if they’re going to turn around and review that director’s film the next week).

  • personally I think filmjunk has a really good mix and yes I like Jay’s opinions more than other podcasters because it is “fully formed” from a struggling filmmaker perspective that I relate to. You can hear in his descriptions he is looking at film on several levels; entertainment, construction, place in genre and place in history.

    I think sometimes he gives certain films a pass because they fit in a “sweet spot” he has a certain attachment to, that’s fine. I’ve said before that sometimes I wish someone would take Jay on in some of his opinions because so much more is discovered in honest debate…I guess I want some more of the movie club podcast flavor.

    Reed never backs up anything, still waiting on a coherent Star Trek review, oh wait he does back up something – the internet!

  • projectgenesis

    “Reed never backs up anything, still waiting on a coherent Star Trek review, oh wait he does back up something – the internet!”

    Rus that was absolutely classic. Well played sir.