Academy Awards to Streamline Acceptance Speeches


Along with many of the other changes being made to the Academy Awards this year, it seems there is another potentially controversial tweak to the proceedings planned that will likely make home viewers happy, but may not necessarily please the winners themselves. According to Reuters, this year’s Oscar nominees are being told to prepare two acceptance speeches, the reason being that they will have an opportunity both on stage and off stage to deliver their thanks. Producers are suggesting that the winners use their on stage speech to talk about what winning means to them, while backstage there will be a “Thank You Cam” set up where they can give a longer list of more personal thank yous to family, friends, agents and co-workers. These messages will be released online afterward.

It does sound like a pretty clever idea, particularly because thank you speeches have always been a hindrance to the time constraints of the ceremony, and because there is a perception that television viewers generally don’t care. However, I’m not so sure that’s entirely true. The speeches are kind of whole point of the night if you ask me, and that 45-second time in the spotlight is theirs to do what they want. Isn’t it a little rude to tell people that you can’t thank your loved ones on stage, particularly at such an emotional moment? On the other hand, sometimes it does turn into a long, calculated list of industry names that are simply not interesting to watch. Either way, the producers can’t force anyone to do anything, so it remains to be seen how the winners will respond to the proposed change. What do you think, is this a good thing for the Oscars? Will anyone actually watch the Thank You Cam messages afterward?

  • bleck

    i’ll watch it just to see the best actor winner (george clooney) thank tom hardy and sam rockwell for not being nominated

  • Wow, I don’t like the direction this is going at all… Say way winning means to you (aka promo The Academy) while on stage and do the rest later.

    It’s so in the moment. These awards are one of the few things that we actually get to see live, and the amount of people who dream to end up being on that stage that finally get there.. please direct you moment and enthusiasm to Cam#2.

    Ceremonies are about being in the moment.

    And I’ll bet they will let the big wigs (actor/actress/dir) have their say but be quick to usher off lots of other winners (shorts/editing/sound/etc).

  • The speeches are the only worthwhile part of the entire thing. What, is the miniscule amount of time they shave off going to allow them to cram in another fucking musical number?

    This just reinforces my decision not to bother with the Oscars. I love the idea of a bunch of professionals getting drunk and honouring one another, but the concessions being made to gain ratings are sucking the life out of it.

  • Chris

    I like this idea. Sometimes these speeches can take so long with a list of people no one knows. I can understand thanking loved ones, but not secretaries and agents.

  • The Man

    Ok here’s the think academy. I think people like the speeches but hate the fucking montages and musical bull shit. I mean that’s what we’re there for. Let these people have their moment in the sun.

  • Brendan

    It’s not that people don’t like the speeches, it’s that they only like the speeches of FAMOUS people. Which is why they keep trying to limit the length of acceptance speeches, while still allowing the big names to have more time.
    They might as well just assign all the winners 1 second for every 10,000 twitter followers they have, assuring the most popular celebs get the most time.

  • I agree with The Man. The speeches are fine, it’s the Academy filler that takes up too much time. Let them talk, and shut up the non-witty banter and musical numbers.

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