Film Junk Podcast Episode #257: The Wolfman


0:00 – Intro
3:10 – Headlines: Kevin Smith is Too Wide for the Sky, Christopher Nolan to Oversee Superman Reboot, Vin Diesel Signs on for Riddick 3, Tom Cruise Signs on for M:I4, Hughes Brothers to Direct Akira, Jaws 3-D Remake with Tracy Morgan, Taxi Driver Reboot
19:00 – Review: The Wolfman
40:00 – Trailer Trash: Centurion, Get Him to the Greek
46:25 – Other Stuff We Watched: Smallville: Absolute Justice, Kitchen Nightmares, Couples Retreat, Good Hair, We Live in Public, Memories of Murder, The Running Man, A Serious Man, Ice Station Zebra, Tron, Triangle, Whatever Works, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
1:18:50 – Junk Mail: Jay’s Candy Ass, I Want Men, Straight Actors Playing Gay Roles, The Daily Show Rip Off, Genre Films and Art Films, Zombieland Loophole, Bad Documentaries, Poutine in the U.K.
1:58:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:01:00 – Outro

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  • 81

    What’s with all the Wolfman hate? Look’s like “Film Junk” has jumped the the Bann-Wagen,just becuse “Fanboy’s” Bitch about the film doe’s not make it a bad movie,3.5/4 from me.

  • Greg

    I don’t know who these ‘Fanboys’ are, but in our review we give plenty of reasons on why it is a bad movie. It has nothing to do with what other people think of it. Accusing us of jumping on the band wagon (Wolfman haters have a bandwagon?) is a rather weak defense of the movie. This is the perfect place to tell us why you liked the movie.

  • I don’t know if I 100% agree with Jay’s assesment of A Serious Man. I think he’s right in some sense, that yes it is a simple story, and yes it’s one that can be overanalyzed, but there has to be more there. Just that last shot where Mike Fagle turns around and looks at Danny and the camera focuses in on his earphone… that means SOMETHING. You can’t tell me it doesn’t. It’s almost like the Coen’s are teasing you. The same thing with the way that short at the beginning ends and just the way the wife delivers that line, “good riddance to evil”, and jst the way it cuts to the opening titles. It’s like there winking at you, and saying “what does it mean?” So yeah…. the story is simple, but there is something more there, you can’t tell me theres not.

  • I think 81 is obviously a new listener, after listening to this show for as long as I have I can’t fathom you guys being influenced by other reviews.

  • I don’t think there was any bandwagon jumping involved but I agree that other reviews have been a little harsh for The Wolfman. 30% on Rotten Tomatoes? It’s not that bad.

  • That’s weird I thought I was hearing some reviews that were giving it maybe to much credit.

  • swarez

    While the media critics are giving it a harsh time the online fan community seems to be liking it a bit more, saying that it’s flawed but enjoyable.

    And The het’s voice email was the funniest shit I’ve heard in a long time. God damn Jay and his beer cum filled candy ass.

  • Great as always.

  • Primal

    The Wolfman was okay. I liked the look of the film and that insane asylum scene was cool, but there were just too many flaws to recommend it to anyone. Totally agree with Greg about the pacing having scenes being thrown at you with no flow at all. I hated all the waking up from a dream shots and I disliked that scene where Hopkins was looking directly at a full moon with his telescope. Every other scene was insulting your intelligence. I did like all the action though, but it’s not enough.

    I’m not sure what Elfman has done at all lately either that has stood out. I do think his Batman score is classic though.

  • Fatbologna

    I really hope you guys do a review for Bong Joon-Ho’s Mother. That film’s pretty great and has a lot of similarities to Memories of Murder. Kinda like Casino is to Goodfellas. Another great Korean film from last year that I actually enjoyed more is Breathless aka Ddongpari.

    It’s a film about a gang enforcer with some SERIOUS rage issues that befriends a teenage girl with a similar affliction. It’s a film that deals with some deadly serious things in some pretty offbeat humorous ways eg. The main character’s first meeting involves the girl spitting in the dude’s face and him full on knocking her out!

    Good Stuff!

  • Fatbologna

    Also, I’ve really got to recommend to Jay that he check out some of the 70s Yakuza and Pinky Violence films. They’re a lot like the Italian Crime/Giallo films from that period in that the photography and imagery is top-notch and pretty wild. They were also produced by mainstream production companies like Toho and Nikkatsu so they actually look better than most of the films from America of that period. Violent, edgy, Super dirty, and just plain batshit crazy good Asian cinema. No boring shit!

    Good films to start with:

    Yakuza Graveyard
    Street Mobster
    Female Convict Scorpion
    Sex and Fury
    Bohaci Bushido: Code of the Forgotten 8

  • Thanks Fatbologna, I will definitely look in to these.

  • Female Convict: Scorpion is one of my favourite films series of all time, right up there with the Dollars and Evil Dead trilogies. Also, Tokyo Drifter is another fucking awesome yakuza movie.

  • I’ve actually got the Female Confict: Scorpion box set that Tokyo Shock released, I just haven’t watched it yet. I’ll have to bump that up.

  • Fatbologna

    Unfortunately that box set is missing the best film in the series called Jailhouse 41 which is out of print at the moment! There’s used copies on for about 40.00 to 130.00 at the moment. I paid 70.00 for mine a couple years ago and don’t regret a damned thing. LOVE IT!

    Also, check out the Yakuza Papers boxed set of films by Kinji Fukasaku. Amzing 5 movie series akin to The Godfather but bloodier and waaaaay faster paced. Tarantino dedicated the Japanese version of Kill BILL to Fukasaku and William Friedkin lists him as an inspiration while making The French Connection. There’s actually a great interview with Friedkin on the box set.

    Fukasaku is also known for Battle Royale which he directed at 80 years old! His 70s stuff is still better though…

    oh, and if you have a taste for the REALLY weird shit:
    Terou Ishii…’nuff said.

  • Fatbologna


    Seijun Suzuki is the SHIT! Gate of Flesh is an absolutely knockout flick! Youth of the Beast makes me want to fuck too! :)

  • Wolfman wasn’t as bad as I had feared – but wasn’t as good as I’d hoped either. It was watchable, that was about it, and Anthony Hopkins was either refreshingly low-key, or phoning-it-in depending on how cynical you are.

  • Mason

    Sean, it sounds like you didn’t do any research on what actors have come out of the closet. I know there are more than that. Just do a google search for “outed actors”. Google it!

  • Well I admit I was mainly looking for big name Hollywood actors. One that I forgot to mention was Neil Patrick Harris, and on the female side there is Jodie Foster.

    This site seems to have a comprehensive list, but it’s not just actors, it’s basically anyone famous. And I still didn’t see many big name actors on there.

  • Charlotte

    Do George Takei and David Hyde Pierce count as being ‘big name… surely Takei does?

    Also as far as the ladies there’s Lily Tomlin, Sara Gilbert and Cynthia Nixon.

  • The Het outed Jay C. so there goes his acting chances, F u Hollywoooooood! I see Jay and Takei sitting in a urologist waiting room talking about what could have cum of their careers. classic voicemail!

  • Charlotte: I totally forgot about Takei. Yeah those are definitely recognizable names. Not quite A-list material, but still pretty well-known.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    The Het is awesome.

    The “I want men” mix was hilarious.

    Greg – Liverpool sucks. THEY WILL ALWAYS SUCK. It’s been 20 YEARS since they won the league.

    Good work as always by Sean.

    WHERE THE FUCK IS REED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg

    Mark: Liverpool won the Champions League in 04/05. Beat A/C Milan in the final. You can borrow my DVD.

    Sucks is a heck of an argument. Good job.

  • Champions league is a different competition to the premier league. That’s what Mark is talking about and what most pool fans want to win.

    Also they only won the champs league with a hell of alot of luck.

    Pool at the moment….pretty rubbish.

  • A good argument would be to watch Liverpool’s last match against Arsenal. They were toothless and didn’t take advantage in the first half. Once again losing to a late goal because of their lack of aggression for the umpteenth time this season.


  • Mark in Ottawa, Reed has retired from show business. He now spends his time at his ranch taking care of abused plush toys that resemble real animals.

  • Rus in Chicago……now it is yes. very much so.

  • Greg

    Wow. I agree with Rus.

    Byron: A win is a win. Any team would take that win and be proud of it.

  • Bugsyoz

    @Mark n Byron

    We won it 5 times, we won it 5 times…lalalala. Robbie reminded the Mancs when he scored the winner for City.

    No other team could have done what we did at Istanbul. No other team could have done what we did in the Cup final the following season. Stevie from fully 30. Get in.

    Okay so we’re not having the best season. Still managed to smash the Mancs and chalk up a great win last weekend v the Toffs when they did nothing other than try to smash us. Try again Toffs.

    All things considered, to still be in Europe and in the running for top 4 ain’t half bad.


  • I really enjoyed the discussion about genre films vs art films and then Jay talking about good docs and bad docs.

    I think an art film is a movie that takes all of its technical bits and works really hard and making something new or interesting about them. It wants to do maybe some more experimental stuff and be visually interesting – and in my mind, generally without the use of too much CGI or effects shots – and also probably a bit of a minimal approach when it comes to intensity. The emailer I think was being harsh on people who use the term art film. There are plenty of big budget art films (Where the Wild Things Are springs to mind) out there too. So just saying that all indie films are art pictures as pretentious is unfair I think.

    As for docs, after the way Jay was talking about it, I think I’m even more in the right now calling a doc a genre. I got flamed for saying that, in general, I’m not a huge doc fan (and trust me, I’ve seen a lot) as if it was its own genre. There are several distinct features about a documentary that distinguishes them from other (fictional) films.

  • Henrik

    “There are several distinct features about a documentary that distinguishes them from other (fictional) films.”

    Of course, it’s a different artform. You don’t call the still-image a genre of filmmaking, juse because it’s shot on film.

  • I can see why documentary films are considered a genre by some, but the problem with saying that is that a non-fiction film can also be a horror, comedy, drama, etc. Just like animated films can fall under any of those categories as well.

  • Just to be clear, I didn’t mean to suggest that B-movies were just “cheesy fun”. Many of them have gone on to greater acclaim than the main features they were saddled with. One could even make the argument that Jaws and Star Wars were both B-movies.

  • Mavi

    I dont think you were harsh enough with this review, this was the worst movie i saw this yr so far, and i have watch over 50 movies…

    after 30 mins i never stopped looking at my watch…

  • It’s a different art form, yes. But it’s still the moving pictures. And each doc tells a story or gives an idea about something real (if it doesn’t then it isn’t a documentary – then it’s either a mockumentary or a work of fiction).

    But I think it’s fair to blanket documentaries into their own category as they all give us some sort of information about real life – it can be surreal (Koyaanisqatsi) or animated (Waltz with Bashir) or even almost still images (Manufactured Landscapes) – but they’re all designed to relay information to us about real life things.

    Maybe genre isn’t the right word but it isn’t a completely fair to say that it’s a totally different art form either. It’s somewhere in between and naming it a genre isn’t completely unfair.

  • It’s non-fiction filmmaking, just as there is non-fiction/fiction sections in a book store.

  • Non-fiction books would be much more interesting if the facts were conveyed within a narrative structure.

  • Are you suggesting there are no non-fiction books that follow a narrative structure? I guess that might be the case when all you read is self-help and neurology books.

  • scott/hongkong

    Almost all new popular non-fiction books are written in a fiction narrative style!

    Thx guys for including my ‘single man’ question in a full segment with musical intro haha. I didn’t know questions got read word for word…I should have figured that out from ‘The Head’. I will keep an eye out for controversy provoking subject material.

  • trinity

    Reminded me of chewbacka on steroids with a bad case of rabies