Film Junk Poll: What is the Best Judd Apatow Production?


Judd Apatow has been involved in many of the most successful comedies of the past decade, and even before he started directing his own films, he was a key player behind the scenes as a producer. From setting up Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s projects, to helping out his fellow Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared alumni, to producing his own feature films, he has shepherded plenty of very funny films on their way to the big screen. Now that he’s built up such an impressive resume, however, one question remains: which Apatow production is the best one? See if you can pick just one comedy from Judd Apatow’s oeuvre in this week’s poll, and then tell us why you chose it in the comments below.

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  • fuckingshit

    Definatly Pineapple Express!

  • Ben

    Anchorman sucks. You all know it’s true. Stop fooling yourselves.

  • For me, it essentially came down to The 40 Year Old Virgin, Step Brothers, and Anchorman. I ended up voting for Step Brothers, but every few minutes I change my mind. All three of them are hilarious, it breaks my heart to choose only one.

  • J.G.

    Pineapple Express: Danny McBride, Weed, Lumbergh, James Franco’s preformance, and very smooth on the umpteenth rewatch. I really enjoy all the other comedies on the list though.

  • Bob The Slob


    yes I had to scream that.

  • Napalm

    I voted for Anchorman, but I love Pineapple Express, Superbad & 40 Year Old Virgin the same amount!

  • Nate

    Freaks and Geeks remains my favorite Apatow branded product. As far as films go, 40 Year Old Virgin would probably get the nod.

  • paulm

    I think Freaks and Geeks is the best thing he’s done too. None of his movies have interested me as much as F&G, but “40 Year Old Virgin” was fun.

  • Goon

    is the 40 year old virgin available as a theatrical cut? i really want to revisit that in its proper form. the extended unrated cut is bloated and turns a great comedy into something just above an American Pie sequel, its embarrassing.

  • The trailer for Pineapple Express may be the single funniest thing that Apatow had anything to do with. The film, however, was the trailer with long, unfunny boringy bits padding it out.

    Can’t believe 40 y/o Virgin isn’t romping this (no pun etc), but then I can’t understand what people see in Anchorman.

  • Mike

    Napalm, it seems you and i have similar comedic taste.