Previously on LOST: What Kate Does


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“What Kate Does” is the LOST equivalent of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. It’s pretty shitty, and you can judge a fanboy’s unwavering devotion to a franchise from how they react to it.

The episode reinforces what I think has been a problem with LOST the past couple seasons. The character writing has just not been at a high level. When Kate hijacks a cab she wants the driver to run over a man in front of her and ten minutes later she’s going out of her way to help a poor young lady to the hospital. I understand that Kate seems to feel a connection to this child, but unless we ever find out a reason why, it just seems completely unrealistic.

Nothing seems to need a reason or validation within the scope of an episode. Everything will be “explained in the end”. This is a luxury no other TV show gets. On older episodes of LOST, a character’s behavior or reaction to something was examined within the episode. A flashback would reinforce a character’s actions on the island. In this episode, there is a lot of uncharacteristic behavior without any reason for it. I mentioned Kate in the paragraph above but there were other examples. I thought this guy was a miserable prick who didn’t trust anybody. Now he’ll take whatever pill Jack tells him to, and he can’t understand why people aren’t rolling out the red carpet for him when he springs back to life.

I don’t like the fact that I’m ripping on the show so much, but that’s honestly what stuck out in my mind after watching the episode. There are some things I did enjoy though. I think the new characters have been interesting and refreshing, particularly Dogen. That bad-ass Asian is already my favourite part of this season. I thought the scenes between him and Jack were the strongest in last night’s episode.

I saw a glimpse of the old Sawyer too, with a great line after Sayid was revived: “Of course he’s fine. He’s an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitely deserves another go around.” These little things keep me entertained but they’re few and far between. I’m still waiting for LOST to turn the corner this year.

Discussion Topics

  • Any theories as to what the infection Sayid and Claire have? And how did he fail the test?
  • Is Jacob the good guy or the bad guy? I think/hope he will be bad.

SCORE: 1.5 stars

  • RaphNL

    Not the best episode, no, but still enjoyable. At least the Kate episode is out of the way early :). These episodes are more watchable when you have the show on DVD, now it’s just irritating to wait another week for more (important stuff).

    The Clousseau stuff doesn’t make any sense to me though, one moment she is with Christian in the Cabin and now she all of a sudden is a Rousseau like character. The infection doesn’t make sense either, when they tested him he seemed to be okay but then it turns out to be he was indeed infected.

    Anyway, next week looks great again.

  • Nate

    Well, call me a fanboy with unwavering devotion because I kinda liked the episode. And disagree with pretty much everything you said.

    Kate’s not a hard criminal. When she saw the picture of pregnant Claire, she felt bad for what she did and again, it’s seems to be fate for her to be involved with Aaron, no matter the timeline. And she didn’t go directly to the hospital with Claire, they first went to the adopting parents house. Then she went into labor. What seemed more off to me character wise was Claire getting back in the car with Kate and then inviting her to the house. Who would do that?

    The moment with Kate and Sawyer on the docks was awesome. Josh Holloway has gotten quite good the last two years.

    As for Sayid, I don’t even know where you’re getting any of that from. First of all, Shannon died over three years ago in the timeline, not 70 days ago. Of course he’s different. Nadia also died in that time. And when did he act like he expected a red carpet? He just had questions.

    Other bonuses were Mac from It’s Always Sunny and the reveal of Claire as the new Rousseau at the end.

    Overall, this was definitely a set up episode but to compare it to Episode II is an overreaction to say the least.

    As for this whole “Sayid is being ‘claimed’ just like Claire was” business, does that mean Ben was also “claimed”? I’m guessing what happened to Sayid last week was the same thing they did to preteen Ben in 1977 when Sayid shot him. I’m much more curious what the hell Claire’s been doing all this time and who/what the hell Christian Shepherd is. Hopefully next week will shed some light on this.

  • @ RaphNL, I was thinking the same about you about the test, but I think that maybe some of the tests were rigged, like the electricity test. Maybe there wasn’t any actual current flowing through him but the man in black, who I assume they were trying to find out if he was inside Sayid, doesn’t feel pain but acted that it was hurting him. Just an idea.
    The hot poker had to be real though because it did scar his body, but then I don’t think they ever showed the damage done so maybe it didn’t he just said it did.
    The whole Sayid line about “trusting Jack” was rather fishy and not something that Sayid would ever say. The show is sure portraying him to be acting weird, hopefully for more of a reason that just dramatic effect.

  • Chris

    Yeah, my mind was wandering. Very boring episode…

  • Frank

    @RaphNL Good call about the Sayid 70 day thing .. I apologize .. that was a pretty retarded comment, I will fix it, pretty embarassed. But I’m pretty sure Jack asked him to come back to the island with him and he refused. So I guess he didn’t trust Jack too much then. And I think that would have been one of the last times he saw him before this episode. Not a 100% on that, but its some food for thought.

    It is a good point that this could be a different version of Sayid that is intended to act out of character. Whatever might be impersonating him might assume that he trusts Jack. But again, we will have to wait and see.

    My problem is that we can’t even judge these facts until potentially 3 months from now. I think that we can all agree LOST is a totally different experience watching it consecutively on DVD.

    I really like the idea of the fake tests that Sayid reacted to when he shoudn’t have.

  • Please try not to make the titles to spoilerish. Lost isn’t broadcast here for 24 hours after the US.

  • The titles of the posts are just the titles of the episodes.

  • Goon

    a 2.5/4 from me, which is just about what I expect from a Kate episode.

    LOL, Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia got smoked by NotClaire

  • Goon

    one thing though, this ‘infected’ thing… I would assume this basically makes Rousseau less crazy, that her team did indeed get taken over the same way Sayid and Claire supposedly are infected.

    Also i watched Speed Racer the other day. Dogan is totally Rain’s dad in that movie.

  • Matt

    My problem was that the AR story really did not go anywhere more than oh hey Ethan is off the island! Kate and Claire remember Aarron! If this is all we can expect from the future AR stories I think I’m going to be disappointing. If its just a bunch of X character from the island is now a doctor, and nothing else that is pretty lame.

    What happened to the whole idea of the psychic sending claire to LA to give up aarron. I thought by meeting the adopted parents we might get more info on aarron’s specialness, but it turns out the lady adopting aaron was just… a lady. I guess that whole psychic plot was a gigantic red herring.

  • Brendan

    “A flashback would reinforce a character’s actions on the island. In this episode, there is a lot of uncharacteristic behavior without any reason for it.”
    That’s because it isn’t a flashback, it’s different reality. True, it takes place in the past, so to speak, but the Kate of the flight that landed is not the Kate of the flight that crashed.

  • Paul

    The Psychic was sending Claire to LA because that was the only way of ensuring that claire did not allow her baby to be brought up by anyone else. If he truly was a psychic then he foresaw what was going to happen when claire arrived in the USA.

  • Mr Robot

    Call me a fanboy or whatever but this review shows a complete lack of understanding of the show and the characters(atleast Kate & Sayid). First of all Kate never asked the taxi driver to run over Arzt. Arzt had already cleared the road, Kate wanted the driver to run over the luggage which was still on the road. Re-watch the scene. With that being said Kate behaved EXACTLY the way I expected her to. Kate has always been shown as a fugitive with a heart of gold. Consider this specific example from one of the flashbacks which shows Kate living on an Australian farm. When the Australian farmer who owns the farm finds out that she’s a fugitive he calls the cops on her to claim the bounty. He is driving her to the police station under the pretense of taking her to the train station, the marshall is following them. Kate notices the marshall and tries to escape by trying to take control of the car. The car loses controls and falls off the road and down the hill. Here Kate is free to run away but the engine is on fire and the farmer is inside unconscious Kate considers running away but eventually ends up not only pulling the farmer out of the burning car but also dragging the unconscious farmer up the hill which costs her precious time and as a result the Marshall captures her. Kate could easily escaped had she not helped the farmer. The situation in this episode was infact pretty much identical to the situation I mentioned. So Kate was completely in character.

    As for Sayid, no one is saying anything about expecting a red carpet but when someone drags you into a room, ties you up, tortures you for no apparent reason, and then lets you go, it is understandable to have some questions. Sayid has always had a great deal of respect towards Jack. Infact right before he got shot he was the first lostie to jump onboard with Jack’s ‘lets-blow-a-hydrogen-bomb-on-the-island’ plan. I think Sayid was placing trust in Jack as medical professional, there isn’t any reason for him to not trust Jack’s medical opinion considering Jack has already saved his life a couple of times.

    Calling this episode ‘Attack of the Clones’ is a huge over-reaction. It’s not a perfect episode by any means, infact I was kinda annoyed by the first 20 minutes where Dogen and Lennon were dancing around the questions Jack was asking. It felt that LOST was falling back into early Season 3 mode where the others would refuse to answer the simplest question and Jack would spend the next few episode yelling demanding answers. But luckily the episode redeemed itself in the the last half hour after the others came clean about the sickness. This was a mediocre episode but by no means a terrible one.

  • Juan

    I thought the black smoke took over syide just like John, that’s y I thought he came bak to life. So my guess is still that the infection is an offspring of the black smoke since it brings people back to life
    PS yea this episode really sucked, I mean the situations that r happening to them if the plane never crashed is getting ubsurd. Like how Claire was so nice to Kate even though she pointed a gun to her face the moment she saw her multiple times, she even trusted her enough to get back in the car with her, not even bothering to call for help or the police aftr she forced her to get out of the car. Really their getting lazy with the writing, there better b a good pay off at the end

  • mark

    Nobody else thought it was nuts that Ethan was Claire’s doctor…again?? That fool is so goddamn spooky.

  • bus

    @Stephen – this article didn’t get posted until February 11th which is 2 days AFTER the episode aired (and Franks title are just the episode) so I’m not sure what you are complaining about…But if you are looking at LOST recap articles before you watch the episode online or on PVR then it’s really your fault.

    @Frank – now did you watch the episode a few times before writing this or were you playing God of War?

    Yes the episode was mediocre, very mediocre – but your recap seemed brief…I get why you compare it to Episode 2, while most of the LA scenes were boring and obvious you had to show them to fill in the details…

    Now I notice people being pleases with the re-emergence of MAC/ALDO…now although I initially was glad that they tied it back to an old episode but then when he poorly acted like a complete tool the entire time I felt let down. Also remember when his buddy kept trying to mention things to catch kate/jin up what happened while they were gone MACALDO kept cutting him off…what struck me about this is wouldn’t things go a lot smoother if these new (3rd or 4th set of?) others actually gave them some useful information instead of leaving them to sit around like prisoners?

    If you were in charge of keeping them alive maybe give them information that will help them stay alive, will ya?

    Anyway, if they have any more filler episodes to air I guess its better long term if they get them out of teh way now…