Possible Jaws 3D Remake with Tracy Morgan


If this is true, then Universal Pictures, however colossal in size and success, just doesn’t get it. Jaws is arguably one of the greatest thriller films of all time, right up there with Psycho, but there’s a rumor floating around that the company is “strongly considering a remake of the summer blockbuster in hopes of dazzling younger audiences with new special effects.” According to an unconfirmed source from Cinema Blend inside Universal, upcoming Cop Out star Tracy Morgan was being considered to reprise Richard Dreyfuss’ signature role of Matt Hooper. Possibly a more comical approach to the film we know and love? What a shame. In any case, it seems Avatar may have struck a chord with this 3D business.

You may (but probably don’t) remember Universal’s initial pathetic attempt at a 3D version of the film, Jaws 3-D in 1983. You would have thought they’d stop at the incongruous Jaws 2, or even the 3D monstrosity, but no. They took it up a notch, and in 1987, released Jaws: The Revenge. Hilarious, I know. If Universal were to cast Jim Carrey for the role of Martin Brody, and maybe rename the 3D remake Jaws: The Musical, I wouldn’t be surprised. What’s wrong with the film industry? First the Creature from the Black Lagoon remake, then The Thing prequel, now this? The only recent remake I’m rather looking forward to is The Wolfman. By the way, did you know there was a Jaws videogame? How ridiculous.

  • 81

    Look I Broke this story about 3 week’s ago on my “Face Book” page ,NOW every DAM “movie” website is jumping on my story & i’m MAD as HELL.(Friend me @ cate grill on face book)

  • jim

    I don’t understand what everyone’s problem with remakes is. I could understand if we had to hand in all our copies of the original movie and every available print was destroyed… But that’s not really the case, is it? The originals will always be there and you can go back and see them whenever you please…

    Also, musicians cover other people’s work all the time and everyone seems to be okay with that.

    I don’t get it.

    Oh, and DAM is a barrier that holds water and Facebook is one word.

  • Chris

    DAM you Film Junk! Give credit where credit is due (on Cate Grill’s “Face Book” page)!

  • 81

    @ Chris , Thanx sweety.

  • swarez

    The Creature from the Black Lagoon remake has been in the works for almost two decades now. John Carpenter was initially supposed to direct it. It’s been on and off ever since then so this is nothing new.

  • 81

    This will be out summer 2012.

  • Mike

    shut up 81…your facebook page is not a reputable news source. plus you can’t spell.

  • I own the video game… :(

  • haha @ Drew. I’ve played it on emulators before, it blows. You should have sold that game a long time ago.

  • 81

    Thi$ will make the Big Buck’$, that’$ all it come’$ down to. p.s Mike is Gay.

  • stevie_baby

    Tracy Morgan. What a sellout.

  • Alice

    I’ve never even heard of Tracey Morgan, who is she? And by the way Jaws 3-D was excellent in the 80’s – if you didn’t see it in 3-D you can’t bash it, idiot!

  • Shiroki

    50/50% deal presonly I think it’s eithere gonna suck major cock or kick the piss out of some people and keep them out of the water again just like the frist one i’l pray it scare the shit out of every one like the classic. but Tracey Morgan i alway think of him as a funny guy not in a thirller or horror movies but is could work