Film Junk Podcast Episode #256: Frozen


0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
04:55 – Headlines: – Avatar Passes Titanic and Gets Beat By Dear John, Oscar Nominees, Up Wins at the Annie Awards, Taylor Lautner is Stretch Armstrong, Percy Jackson Could Be Spider-Man, Danny Bride in L.A.P.I., The Thing Prequel May Not Be a Prequel, MacGyver Creator Trying to Shut Down MacGruber, David Goyer Writing Batman 3
37:05 – Review: Frozen
58:40 – Trailer Trash: The Last Airbender, Cop Out
1:06:48 – Other Stuff We Watched: Prom Night in Mississippi, Good Hair, Dirty Work, Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, More Than a Game, District B13: Ultimatum, Lost
1:29:36 – Junk Mail: Film Junk Diagnoses Diabetes / Jay’s Medical Update, Are Movies Getting Shorter?, Relationship with Reed, Jay’s Last Driving Test, Movies Shot on the Red Camera, Buying Used DVDs, Kids Movies from the ’80s, From Burger It Came
2:19:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:23:00 – Outro

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  • cracker

    “one show, one unwashed smeared wooden stick”

  • Mrespony

    Hatchet is definitely played for laughs a lot more than people expected it to be, the marketing and some of the reviews definitely misrepresented it so the first time I saw it I didn’t like it. When I watched it a second time on video I loved it. Divorced from the ads and the moronic, fanboy slather of the AICN crowd I was able to let the film do it’s things without having a bunch of fat cunts tell me this was the “return of old school horror”, because it wasn’t. I haven’t seen Frozen yet but judging by Sean’s review and even with Jay’s misgivings I think I’ll love it. The comparisons to Eli Roth are definitely warranted.

  • Jay: Have you considered the possibility that you have generalized anxiety disorder. This would explain dizziness, stomach upset, and… um, well… hypochondria.

    Just putting it out there, because G.A.D. would explain the fact that, while the symptoms are real, the tests turn up nothing…

  • The test didn’t turn up nothing. It revealed an overgrowth of bacteria in my intestinal tract. The result of this could quite possibly (and most likely) be stress related, but the gut symptoms are more likely a result of the findings of the test rather than hypochondria. Also, any concerns I’ve had with my health have been related to the same recurrent issue and not a general fear of all signs and symptoms I experience throughout my daily routine. Perhaps I come across as a hypochondriac on the podcast, but this is the only health issue i’ve had and it has only been an issue twice.

    Thanks for the tip though. I’m sure stress is a factor, but I don’t think it’s the only factor.

  • kurt

    I liked FROZEN, quite a bit.

  • schizopolis

    where can we see that new artwork of the film junk cast?? i wanna see reed with his trekkie collection and greg copping a feel!!

  • If I listen to this podcast, will I find out what causes an overgrowth of bacteria in the intestinal tract?

    I’m pretty sure after I’m dead and my body has been donated to medical science that they’ll find my intestinal tract lined with something that filters out poisons.

  • Niklas

    Im glad you dont have colon cancer Jay

  • bullet3

    Awww, no review of Universal Soldier Regeneration?
    You guys should really check it out, its actually really good. Well shot (lots of long takes, no shaky cam crap), good action, an awesome john-carpenter esque techno score. Its like a b-movie version of Children of Men.

  • Thanks for picking my question! You guys are awesome.

  • Falsk

    Ooooh, Jay. All I can say is, load up on the yogurt, man. It’s good healthy food and it might help with the yeast… thing.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    And “Children of Men” is REALLY just the A-List version of “American Cyborg”. Everyone knows that…

  • KYriakos

    maybe the yeast… thing is because you washed the test J..

    maybe you should just start working out.. going to the gym, go for a joking in the park…

  • I wish I had listened to this before checking out Frozen. Maybe my expectations would have been lower. I thought it was alright, but it was hard for me to shrug off all the little annoyances that piled up. Do up your fucking coat, for fuck’s sake!

  • True. Plus she could have put something over her face to help with the frostbite.

  • Napalm

    Tanning Chatum & Jay’s bowel story. Oh God! I died twice in this episode!

  • pcch7

    let us know if you have any problems with your vaginal yeast infection, J =)

  • Luk Wutan (sorry, I know I spelled your name wrong) in Korea, I finally got around to listening to this podcast and noticed that your listener mail question for me didn’t get answered. I finally did see The 40-Year-Old Virgin when it was shown on network television. For some reason, I have not been able to find this movie used in bargain bins. I am a fan of Judd Apatow, so I was looking forward to watching this movie even if the subject matter hit too close to home.

    As for the movie, it wasn’t as funny as I was expecting, but maybe it’s because the television version was watered down. Thankfully, the Steve Carrell character wasn’t much of a Trekkie, although I could relate to his apartment. The movie wasn’t harsh on his character either, so that was a relief.

    (Shout out to Claudette for her kind words about me.)

  • I’m keep a list of resources related to yeast cures and remedies – please feel free to link back.

  • Henrik