Christopher Nolan to Oversee Superman Reboot for Warner Bros


Well, well, well. After yesterday’s update on the next Batman film, which is currently being written by Jonah Nolan and David S. Goyer, it seems that Nikki Finke may have uncovered yet another reason why Chris Nolan could be too busy to write the script himself (aside from finishing up Inception, that is). It seems that Warner Brothers have asked him to oversee production on a comic book movie that will bring back DC’s other marquee superhero. That’s right, a brand new Superman film!

According to her source, the project is being dubbed Superman 3.0, and is in the very early stages of development. It is expected to be a franchise reboot, with no connection to Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. It seems unlikely that Nolan would direct the film; instead, he is being asked to simply mentor the process as the studio tries to figure out how they want to move forward.

As exciting as this news might sound, I’m not sure I like the idea of Christopher Nolan having his hands in multiple superhero movies. He clearly was a great choice for Batman because he knows crime flicks and thrillers, but what would he bring to a Superman movie that they couldn’t get somewhere else? It doesn’t really seem like his style. I like my Superman fantastical and somewhat campy, not dark and realistic. Then again, maybe Warner Brothers just want to have his name associated with it, to give fans some confidence in the project. What do you think? Is Christopher Nolan’s involvement in a new Superman movie a good thing? How would you like to see this franchise rebooted?

  • Maopheus

    Do we need another Superman movie? The problem with Superman is that he’s far less dimensional then Batman. You just can’t do as much. The problem is that in order to make Superman more interesting you have to de-power him kinda like in the Lois and Clark series. Problem with that is that’s totally opposite of what he is. Who’s going to buy a Superman who isn’t super?

  • One of the comments on on this issue mentioned the idea of a “dark Superman” being something a small group of fanboys might love but which is pretty unrealistic, not to mention difficult to realize on film without looking bad.


  • Teo

    plus i think we dont want to have too much of a good thing. now everyone’s going to start churning out dark superhero movies…blah…ill get sick of it.

  • Maopheus

    To me a “dark” Superman would be the only way to really do it right. Of course it wouldn’t be commercially viable or in line with other interpretations of Superman. However, when you think about, if you had all that power, wouldn’t it corrupt you? So I think that any story that examines how power corrupts Superman would be far more interesting. The question is if you go optimistic and have him reform and see the error of his ways or have it go pessimistic.

  • Shyzar

    It really isn’t THAT difficult to make a good superman movie. It’s just like the comics… story line and struggles with inner issues is not superman. The comics always became interesting when you pitted superman against something just as powerful if not more powerful than him. I.E. Doomsday. A movie done well would probably be over the top and cost a lot of money, but a good movie none the less. All comic movies are good because they stick to the comic and what makes that comic good. I.E. Batman.. the dark realistic batman.

  • The Man

    Ok interest level when up 100%

  • I would like to see a Superman movie in which Superman makes Earth into a Utopia by getting in the way of all the “bad” people in the world and gradually turning everyone “good.” And then he realizes that he has changed humanity for the worse by making everyone bland. So with great reluctance, he leaves Earth in order for humanity to revert to its original ways.

  • I like Reed’s idea!

  • Two words: Red Son.

    Seriously though, the problem with doing Superman is that he’s just too powerful. I’ve come back around to thinking that Tim Burton’s original idea of making the movie with Supe having the powers he did back in 1936, i.e., faster than a sppeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but a movie can be done. Hell, the Joker’s plan in The Dark Knight would have been just as effective against Kal-El as it was Batman. I it was to go back to 1936 level of powers, then I would also say to make it a period piece. The more innocent times of the Thirties fit Superman’s motto and attitude better, anyway.

  • Wow, so many typos, my comment barely makes sense. Sorry.

  • Maopheus

    Reed, I was thinking of something like that. But the difference is that when Supes is saving the world, humanity worships him as a god and he gets off on that. But after he eliminates all threats, humanity tires of him and they stop worshiping him. So to get that back, he finds a portal to another dimension and starts bringing in monsters to threaten Earth. They are not really dangerous so he beats them easily. However he brings one in and it really is a danger so he has to actually save the Earth, and in the end he re-learns what his mission was to begin with.

  • Maopheus

    @Deven Science, great idea. For me, I’ve always wished that more super heroe comic adaptations were set in the original time period that they first appeared. Especially something like Fantastic Four. F4 doesn’t work in modern times because it’s too kitschy and hokey but for the ’60s it’s perfect. It’s also kind of like the original grey Hulk. He wasn’t anywhere near as strong as later on. He was smaller too.

  • The Man

    He needs to beat the shit out of giant robots. No more of this lets explore the nature of what it is to be human bull shit.

  • mark

    I think it’d be cool to see superman against all odds, maybe protect earth against a meteor (maybe some sort of 2012 device plot), maybe a villain like doomsday. Aside from defeating all odds, hes then confronted by major companies (lex luthor) to work for them, maybe introduce brainiac (android-like, but in a nice suit)who introduces them with supermans weakness.. and when superman refuses, BAM! They hit him with the kryptonite. They try to demonize supermans public image, and turn him into the bad guy. Despite having superhuman powers, his reputation is something he can’t fight so easily. So he gives up on being superman and focuses on being clark kent and hooks up with lois lane. In the meantime, the same companies they screwed superman somehow screw over the people, and brainiac carries out his secret agenda against earth. Superman comes in, kicks ass, wins back his rep, and the movie ends with a dialogue with luthor and superman, with luthor staring into a peice of kryptonite smirking.

  • Mike

    is James McTeigue still directing?

  • Brendan

    The key here is that he’s “overseeing” the new Superman reboot. So, that leaves a big question of how much he will be involved in the movie. But I’d guess that he’ll likely just steer it in the direction he thinks is best by OK-ing things like the script, art direction and casting.

  • Brendan

    Ideas for the film:
    – Don’t have Lex Luthor as the villain. You can introduce him in the film, but keep him in the background, gaining corporate and political power. We don’t need another “Lex Luthor’s wacky scheme” movie. Save him for a future film.

    – Explore the dichotomy of Superman – Alien, almost godlike in power, yet human in compassion, feelings, etc. But don’t give him a kid.

    -Give Superman someone to hit! Braniac seems like a decent foe (he was supposed to be the villain in a previous reboot that never was – the one with Nicolas Cage as Supes – ugh.)

    -Lois should be tougher, more experienced than Clark Kent. Some of this is in the casting – I didn’t buy Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns.

  • Justice

    I don’t want a “dark superman”…it doesn’t fit him. Superman is about “Truth Justice and the American Way,” yes its cheesy but that IS Superman. You can definitely delve into his alienation and loneliness as well as the fine line he walks between being a god amongst men and someone who helps humanity help themselves, but he doesn’t have to brood and be gritty. There is a reason he’s the most beloved and recognizable super hero of all time, he is what humanity inspires to be…let that shine through in the movie. It worked for the first two Superman movies.

  • Maopheus, your plot description sounds familiar. (I admit mine’s not totally original either and somewhat cheesy.) I think Superman is the type of character that should be kept innocent, at least when he’s not being influenced by magic or some variation of kryptonite. So your idea of having him spiteful doesn’t sit well with me even though he redeems himself at the end.

    I think something that hasn’t been explored in any Superman movie, yet, is the element of self-sacrifice. Superman’s story parallels Jesus Christ’s, so I think adding this element would make for a mythic movie. I think Superman Returns goofed up by starting the story after he had already left.

  • Maopheus

    I think there is an element of sacrifice in his life. He’s lost his home with no connection to his people. The one thing that always irked me were the attempts to introduce him to other Kryptonians who survived like Supergirl, the Superanimals, that domed city, and the various criminals under Zod. I think it would be more interesting if he literally were the only surviving Kryptonian. Imagine how that would feel. Also, he can’t have anything resembling a normal life. I supposed that Superman Returns attempted to touch on that by showing his conflicted relationship with Lois but it never quite went anywhere.

  • PEter

    This is good news for the Superman property. They really do need to move on and expand Clark beyond the messiah complex/human level complications, people want the next chapter. Nolan doesn’t necessarily mean dark, that’s a superficial take away. Nolan=Savvy smart filmmaker, who no doubt adds legitimacy to an ailing brand. And Warner Bros. have to make a film soon otherwise risk losing the property.
    As for how this effects Batman I’m not worried about Goyer (I’m not a fan), but Nolan’s involved him from the beginning and has stated on numerous occasions that he won’t make another film unless he believes in it. Jonathan is still a Co-writer, and I’m sure if needed Chris himself will re-write. Besides other than being slightly more fantastical, and less realistic, Batman Begins is very solid on a scripting level.

  • Kyriacos

    I would like to see a movie about a lonely alien..
    A can’t-do-no-wrong superman is just hard to care about..
    its almost more logical to empathize for the super villain rather than mr. Perfect in the latest S movies.

  • Matt

    Just bring back Nick Cage, throw on some black leather and finish this bitch.