Kevin Smith’s Cop Out Red Band Trailer


Alright, so the first trailer for Kevin Smith’s Cop Out was kind of a flop. Despite the promising pairing of Bruce Willis with Tracy Morgan, it failed to deliver many laughs, and left a lot of people wondering how this movie’s screenplay by Robb and Mark Cullen could have possibly been such a hot commodity in Hollywood. There was really only one hope left for the film, and that was the possibility that all of the funny stuff was actually rated R, and thus not suitable for a green band trailer.

Well, now it’s reckoning time, because a red band trailer for Cop Out has just arrived over on MySpace. And you know what? I think this thing might still be salvageable. It certainly doesn’t seem all that clever, and most of the jokes are pretty juvenile, but it’s a heck of a lot funnier than the first trailer we saw. If you ask me, this movie is all on Tracy Morgan’s shoulders. If he can deliver the weirdness and unpredictability that he is known for, this could actually be worth watching. Check out the red band trailer after the jump and see if you agree. Cop Out hits theatres on February 26th.

  • AlexG

    this trailer actually changed my expectations for this movie 180 degrees. who knew? all that weed may just have helped Smith go back to his best

  • Kurt

    That is indeed, a heckuvalot better than the original trailer. you can actually see some Kevin Smith in there now. (God Bless the Red Band!). Still, this looks more Rush Hour than Hot Fuzz, and folks, that ain’t a compliment!

  • its on my radar now

  • Chris

    180 degrees!

  • Nick Robertson

    This looks really good, I never like comedy too much but I love Kevin and I’ll see anything he puts out.


  • I think this looks like shit. I think it will do respectable business, given the popularity of Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis, but I think the days of Kevin Smith being what he was back in the Clerks days are long gone.

    And Smodcast has been horrible since he’s become an absolute stoner.

  • Rusty

    Hopefully this trailer can get ‘the internet’ back on Kevin Smith’s side. Dude needs a big WIN bad.

    IDK, man. Gretzky, Forgeticus! Malcolm’s Gay Stories etc. Smodcast is still good. I just think people are just a little too uptight about pot use. Shit I thought the ‘family stoned history’ episodes were pretty good too. What other artist/director/writer opens himself up so often and free online? People should be more appreciative of what he gives us.

  • Duke Togo

    Ehh. Looks like a Kelvin Smith movie

  • Have to agree with most of the rest. I just did a 180. The first trailer looked like an un-funny un-actiony action/comedy and I was really feeling bad for Kevin Smith. That has all changed. I could care less about the action because I know I will be laughing.

    Now, if his new studio can just handle the release properly. The first trailer wasn’t a good sign. Huge missed opportunity when they had a spot opening for the gigantic Sherlock Hlmes box-office. Don’t want to suffer through another Zack and Miri-like depression on SModcast. This might be that leap to the mainstream that Zack and Miri should have been.

    Best of luck to Smith!

  • This is a helluva lot better than the original trailer and it’s absolute nonsense to say that Smodcast has gotten worse since he’s become a stoner, I’m a fan of all of Smith’s movies but can say with absolute certainty that his podcasts are his greatest accomplishment (something he says himself.

  • Don’t get me wrong– I listen to every Smodcast. I just think they were much funnier prior to the failure of Zack &Miri, and his subsequent regression into weed and bullshit hockey talk.