Percy Jackson and the Olympians Star in Talks for Spider-Man


Could our greatest fears about the upcoming Spider-Man reboot be turning to reality? When it was announced a few weeks ago that Marc Webb would be directing a new Spider-Man movie taking the character back to high school, speculation ran wild about the possible Twilight-ification of the franchise. Clearly one of the goals in the reboot would be to appeal to a younger audience, and rumours instantly popped up about both Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron being considered for the role of Peter Parker. However, it had also been said that Sony is looking to cast primarily unknown actors in the movie.

Now this week we have confirmation of one other young, but slightly less famous actor who may be up for the role as well. According to Access Hollywood, 18-year-old Logan Lerman is in early discussions with the studio to play the new Spider-Man. Who is Logan Lerman? He is the star of the upcoming film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. While I can’t comment on his performance in Percy Jackson as of yet, I can comment on his previous role of Simon, the obnoxious Slayers guru in Gamer — terrible. Thanks, but no thanks! While I’m sure they’re still considering other people for the part as well, it definitely gives an indication of the types of actors that Sony wants for the new Peter Parker. I can honestly say, the more I hear about it, the more I’m simply not interested. Spider-Man Smallville here we come. What do you think, could Logan Lerman make a good Peter Parker? At least he’s got the alliteration down.

  • Nick Robertson

    I… I just… :(

    Why would anyone ever want this guy for Spider-Man? I know there’s a lot of stuff out there that features Spidey as a younger kid but you’re just not going to find an actor that age who can handle this.

    I read a quote from him that said he just wants to focus more on the human side of the character. What does that mean? It seems that Sony is so cheap that the 80 million budget will not allow them to focus on the SUPERhuman aspect of the character, that’s right – this reboot will reboot to before Peter had the powers and end before he gets his powers, thus sidestepping all need to exercise any creativity at all and still rake in millions from little girls with pink mobile phones who give better head-jobs that their Mum, probably.

    Fuck you Sony.

  • redgoose

    What if either this kid Logan or Efron can pull it off. They got the look. As a comic reader and a big fan of (500) Days of Summer, I don’t think Marc Webb will do a bad job. I feel if Marc Webb can go back to the feel of the first Spiderman movie, then they will have a viable restart. Peter Parker is known for his inner narrative and I like when movies use the narrative.

    Side Note:
    I don’t see why comic book movies just don’t go back to the source material and find a story in the archive and touch it up a little. I mean how many people would honestly recognize a story arch from the 90’s or 80’s. There is a lot of good stuff written and forgotten.

  • Big Hungry

    I would actually like them to find a real nerd for the roll. Be brave sony.

  • Cufford

    While I’ve not seen Gamer, I actually thought that Logan was quite good playing Christian Bale’s eldest son in 3:10 to Yuma.

    But since I’m no fan of the whole Spider-Man thing, I have no thoughts on how he might fill those particular shoes.

  • HFD

    So sad. I feel like we just went from the Raimi “Amazing Spider-man” stories, to the new Sony (I can’t blame this on Webb) “Spidey” stories. For those not familiar with the “Spidey” series by Marvel, check the link:

    “First big issue! Easy to read!” Presented by Marvel Comics and The Electric Company. /sigh

  • Nick Robertson

    The look isn’t all it takes, I’m afraid. You also need someone who seems compelling enough to portray a heroic character like Spidey – though the point of spider-man is that he’s just a kid and all of that stuff. This guy would be the lesser of the two evils — Efron should not be allowed near this.

    I just don’t want spider-man to be in high school. The only reason for this is to reduce the cost of the film and earn more money. Hollywood is a business environment so it makes sense but still.