Film Junk Podcast Episode #255: A Prophet


0:00 – Intro / Reed’s Twitter
4:10 – Headlines: Miramax Goes Out of Business, Weird Al to Direct Live Action Film, Saw VI Director Back on Saw VII, FUBAR 2, George Lucas CG Musical, Bourne Prequel, Sam Raimi to Direct The Shadow?, Van Damme Returns to the Ring
24:20 – Review: A Prophet
42:00 – Trailer Trash: Wall Street 2, The Losers
49:05 – Other Stuff We Watched: 30 Rock, Paris, Texas, Adventureland, All-Star Family Feud, Aquaman, Edge of Darkness, The Maltese Falcon, Leonard Part 6, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Archer, Better Off Ted
1:14:50 – Junk Mail: The Matrix, Atheism, Discussing Marketing in Reviews, Saoirse Pronunciation, Buffalo Shopping, Actors That You Will Watch in Anything, Weinstein’s Letter to Errol Morris, Movies You Can’t Find, Lunch with 3 Characters, Is 3D a Gimmick?
1:43:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:45:58 – Outro

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  • Burgus

    Things I dont want/ or do want, In this new podcast.

    1. I dont want Greg to go on about, how he thinks there should be one award show. I like the Bafta, SAG, Golden globe and the Oscar. So shut up.

    2. I want Greg to say something about the movie. Except – Its Good.

    3. I hope Jay has watched a lot of things. Always fun to hear him go on, and hopefully being kind of angry about something.

    4. Lets hope there will be a guest appearance by Goon.
    Him and Jay brings out the best of each other


  • AdamH

    Gregs awesome, why the hate on Greg? The past couple of weeks he has only mentioned the award shows once, maybe twice.
    Two other points you missed. Hopefully Jay sings and that Reed walks into Seans house halfway through the ep!

  • Greg

    Things I want in this new comment thread:

    1. Proper grammer.

    2. Burgus to say something I actually care about.

    3. More comments on the fact that there are too many award shows.

    Seriously? BAFTA?

  • Brandon

    What I want is for people who bash other’s literary skills to spell grammar correctly.

  • KYriakos

    Hands off Greg bitches

  • Charlotte

    What’s wrong with the BAFTAs?

    Yes they tend to only give the awards to British people and yes they are boring but aren’t we allowed our own?

    At least we only have the one!

  • AdamH

    You go Greg :-)

  • Greg

    Brandon: Touche. However, I’m cool with poor spelling.

    Charlotte: There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with the BAFTA’s. I just found it funny that it was included in Burgus’s favourite award shows.

    Yeah, I don’t know shit about film and I sure as hell can’t articulate very well why I like or don’t like a movie, but wouldn’t the show be boring with three well read intelligent guys? I don’t believe I ever claimed to be Roger Ebert. I’m the guy that listens to Pantera, watches UFC and tags along with Jay and Sean to go see movies. If you don’t like the little that I bring to the podcast, don’t fucking listen to it.

  • pcch7

    Greg is essential to the podcast.. In fact, all of you guys are just as important. I find that when one of you are missing on a podcast, I die a little bit inside. The best stuff about the podcast is all the shit they´re talkin about in addition to some interesting discussion on movies etc.. If you just wanna hear about movies, I´m sure there´s lots of podcasts out there that does only that.

  • pcch7

    There can be only one. And he, is I.

  • peterpaulandsergio

    review everybodys fine.. its funny as hell, would make an awesome filmjunk

  • theHeathLedgercoffinseekers of Perth,Australian

    do you guys watch black books/spaced/red dwarf

  • KeithTalent

    I never understand the people that bitch about people on the show. If you don’t like it then don’t listen to it you whiny assholes. After 250 episodes I would think you know what you are getting into. Idiots.

    Anyway, good show as usual. I really want to see Gomorrah to see how it compares it A Prophet which I loved more than you guys. If Gomorrah is half the experience I had with A Prophet I will be a happy man.

  • Brandon, at the risk of being impugned for my own misuse of grammar, I think you put the apostrophe in the wrong position for the possessive. I believe you should have used “others'” in your comment. Ha ha.

    Greg is indeed awesome. I’m still waiting for Film Junk to replace Sean as the host (or at least move the podcast to a better time slot).

  • Regarding KeithTalent’s comment, I think whiny assholes are needed to keep people like me off of the podcast. Ha ha.

  • digiorno

    better time slot

  • KeithTalent

    Bah, every guest brings something different to the show and I enjoy all of them for different reasons. Guests are good.

    I tried to find Pacifists Of Fury on Twitter and was only able to find a band with that name. Did I get it right?

  • Napalm
  • KeithTalent

    Thanks Napalm, much appreciated.

  • Burgus

    I wasnt hating, I like filmjunk a lot.
    Just making a point, that Greg has a little bit of trouble expressing himself, when it comes to reviews.
    I enjoy his other stuff, like concert and work storys.

    “I never understand the people that bitch about people on the show. If you don’t like it then don’t listen to it you whiny assholes”

    It wasnt like I wrote that he should go and kill himelf. Take it easy man. haha. God
    Just a minor criticism

    Proper grammer, Im not from an english speaking country. So its pretty hard sometimes.

  • Greg

    ‘I’m not from an english speaking country, so it’s pretty hard sometimes.’

    God damn…now I’m the asshole again.

    I apologize, Burgus.

    Next time you criticize me, try not to tell me to shut up and speak more in the same comment. It confuses me.

  • if you want a podcast with three guys that all know way to much, or equally as much, go to The Rad Show and deal with them falling over themselves because they get so worked up.

    My only wish is for a few more times people would debate Jay a little more on topics, there is a tendency to not want to take him on. Maybe Kurt from Row Three could guest appearce more?

  • Falsk

    Since there’s a Greg theme going on here.

    Dear Greg. After hearing you mention “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” ad nauseam I added the film to my netflix queue thinking, “This can’t POSSIBLY be that good”. Saw it last night and… well… alright, ALRIGHT. YOU WERE RIGHT. I was happily surprised I have to say… and then even more surprised today that it didn’t even get a nod for “Best Animated”. Ah well. Anyway, thanks for the tip(s)!

  • Henrik


  • I didn’t know there was a band called The Pacifists of Fury. I thought I was being clever when I came up with my moniker years ago.

  • Jurassicalien

    Another good episode. Just to throw in two cents on “The Losers” this is in-fact based on a comic, but it is an existing book from Vertigo by Andy Diggle, it’s not a random movie update of the old “The Losers”. Unlike the Srg. Rock movie they are developing where there is no precedent of updating the character. “The Losers” which is the basis for the film lasted 32 issues.

  • AlexG

    I’m with you Sean, A Prophet was great and better than Gomorrah imo. I would agree that the Ghost bit seemed at odds with the rest of the film, but I think the out-of-prison parts were essential to show the evolution of Malik’s character, and pretty well done to boot. You can’t tell me you didn’t love the airport-plane sequences (three words: airport security check)

  • Greg

    Jurrassicalien: Andy Diggle’s comic is loosely based on the original ‘Losers’ comic.

  • jeffcornac

    greg sounds like the cripple from family guy

  • Miike

    Worst episode so far.

    When Jay is in a funk he is entertaining. When Greg AND Jay are in a funk it is a waste of time. At the point Jay complained about The Prophet having and hour and 14 minutes to go, I realized I had to endure another hour and 20 minutes of Film Junk.

    I realize Greg doesn’t listen to podcasts and just does the show for fun, but to a devoted listener his single-word sulky contributions are an insult. I sympathize with Jay for having doing the episode practically solo. He did an admirable job keeping things moving and staying lively, with negative support from his partners.

    The email segment was totally pointless. The voice mail was self-indulgent and intrusive. Only the Het can pull off a worthwhile audio message, everyone else sounds like a tool.

    Congrats on making the 250 mark, but I fear Film Junk has passed its peak.

  • Hey Miike, I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised we don’t get more comments like yours. Sometimes things don’t click, and some weeks there isn’t a lot of stuff worth discussing. When you’re doing a show every week, that’s bound to happen. I can only speak for myself, but I assure you that I put in a lot of effort for every episode and do my best to deliver something that is worth downloading. Whenever that doesn’t happen… well, there’s always next week.

  • Miike

    Sorry if I came across as harsh Sean. Your work always shows, especially in production. It just seemed like a week of “un-perfect storm.”

  • Miike

    And I meant “I sympathize with SEAN for doing the episode practically solo.” ;)

  • No worries, thanks for the honesty.

  • Greg


  • Greg

    Maybe he meant Hulky. Grrr! Argh!

  • sacasam-master

    Wow I guess I’m nuts but I thought this show was hilarious. Jay talking about shitting a fresh salad & his delivery of the word “titty” as a dirty word like atheist really cracked me up. I also think he’s a hard headed sack of shit though but he does make some interesting points. I just wish he would quit saying “Here’s the thing” with his counterpoints & quit coming coming off as so damn defensive when someone disagrees with him(I know that’s probably not really true, but it does sound like that sometimes)

    Greg doesn’t need to be a wind bag on his film reviews. He brings sort of an everyman mentality when it comes to discussing his likes/dislikes of a film. This is good.

    Sean is just awesome even though he will burn in hell since he doesn’t believe in God. All in all, I think you guys do an excellent job even if some episodes are less interesting. It’s good to have pretend friends in Canada that I can hang out with for a couple hours a week. Sometimes when you hang out with your friends, it’s boring but who cares…. Hmmm maybe I should delete that. I sound lonely.

  • Jurassicalien

    Greg: Oh I know, I just mean that the film is based on an existing work, unlike the Srg. Rock “update”.

  • projectgenesis

    “it’s good to have pretend friends in Canada that I can hang out with for a couple hours a week.”–well said sarcasm-master. Just as there are “hang out” films such as Jackie Brown, Dazed and Confused, Day for Night, Nashville, Five Easy Pieces, etc. Film Junk is a “hang out” podcast and that’s one of the main reasons I love it. It is what it is :) We get it week in and week out, sometimes great and sometimes not so good but its always real/unfiltered and its always reliable. How much other stuff can you say that about?

  • Bas

    Hey Greg, I don’t agree with the tone of Burgus’ comments, but I do think you sometimes take too much of a backseat during reviews. Sure, Sean & Jay are probably more versed on the matter, but I want to know what YOU think as well. “I don’t know shit about film” – come on man, give yourself a little more credit!