• Yeah…this is pretty much the coolest rumour I’ve heard in my life. I’m a huge Raimi fan and a pretty big Shadow geek (the radio show, not the Baldwin debacle), so this would make me really happy.

  • Jonathan

    The Shadow was an excellent radio show, and Raimi could do really good things with it. I still have a soft spot for the Baldwin film, thanks to my youth and my giant collection of Shadow action figures.

  • Bas

    Isn’t Darkman already basically The Shadow injected with Raimi’s style of horror & frenetic camerastule?

  • Bas


    Did a little searching and read that Darkman was the result of a failed attempt to get the rights for The Shadow. And I don’t know what the general consensus is, but I LOVED Darkman. And that character appeals much more to me than The Shadow. But I guess if Raimi still wants to do The Shadow, apparantly Darkman was not all he wanted to do with that concept.