Bourne Prequel Could Come Before Bourne 4… Without Matt Damon


What would the start of the month be without another new Bourne rumour to dissect and obsess over? Last we heard, Paul Greengrass had officially left Bourne 4 and Matt Damon was not willing to do another Bourne flick without Greengrass at the helm. Damon seemed perfectly content to wait a few more years until a new script was written and Greengrass was ready.

Until then, it looks like he’ll just have to put up with constantly being harassed about the future of the franchise. At a recent premiere for Invictus in the U.K., Empire Magazine predictably hounded him for more info about Jason Bourne, but his response was a little bit surprising. He revealed an interesting tidbit that will give fans hope, while also deflecting some of the attention from himself.

“There’ll probably be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director before we do another one, just because I think we’re probably another five years away from doing it – we’ve got to get a script…”

I guess it kind of makes sense. Universal could fill the gap with a one-off prequel starring a younger actor while also leaving the door open for a Damon/Greengrass sequel down the road. Of course, if the prequel doesn’t live up to the other films, they could also risk tarnishing the franchise and losing the momentum that has been built up to this point. What do you think, is this a good idea? Would you prefer a prequel over no new Bourne movie at all?

  • xego

    I enjoyed the Bourne books back in the day, I am not sure if there are more now I haven’t checked. I Like the films very much as well although I question at this point how much more can they do with the story? They have already come back after Jason in one way or another in two sequels can they do it again and not have it seem trite? I have always been impressed with the quality of talent that has been drawn into the films so maybe they can pull it off again.

    One interesting thing about a pre-quell would be if they would pick up on the abandoned theme of Carlos the Jackal? My recollection of the first book was that Jason believed he might be the assassin. This wasn’t used in the movie probably because Bruce Willis stunk up the waters so badly with the crappy remake of a superb book\film “Day of the Jackal” which I would strongly recommend to anyone who loves these films as well as great police procedurals.

  • Big Hungry

    For the most part I am not a fan of prequels.
    — Batman Begins, but that is really a reboot.
    — Star Trek, but again that is really a reboot in a prequel “Marvel what if? world”.

    I would rather see a continuation of Bourne

  • pcch7

    how would a prequel even work? Wouldn´t it be before he loses his memory and is basically just an assassin? don´t bother, let the franchise be..

  • Teo

    I for one thing that way too much credibility is being given to this remark by damon…i mean he just said ,”yeah its going to be a while before we do another sequel – hell they might do a prequel for all i know”…thats not saying much of anything…

  • andrew

    It would be a great way to reveal a lot of Bourne’s past, especially his recruitment into Treadstone. Don’t forget he was supposed to be an experienced army officer before he was recruted. It would be a great way of telling the audience what happened in Bourne’s past without having to have him realize or remember it in a later movie.

  • Al Volker

    In Bourne 3, we get a glimpse of a possible romance between Bourne and Nicky when he was “in training” In thew diner scene, they’re discussing how Bourne doesn’t remember anything about his training and recruitment into Treadstone. Nicky says something like…”Your training was difficult for me”…there’s a real heavy moment of glances back and forth and you see him come to a realization of some sort…although he still says he doesn’t remember. You’re led to believe he now suspects there something besides training between them. And at tghe end of the movie when Nicky hears he dived off a ten story building into the East river…but his body was not recovered, she smiles. It wouldn’t be hard to create a story in which there are still people out there who want to kill Bourne. Russians, more rogue CIA guys whatever…….so we can tie it up and Bourne and Nicky can settle down. Hell I’ll write it.

  • aRcky

    Nicky actually says: “It was dificult for me… with you”… Giving reference of past events between them. Besides that, I just have the need to say, I loved the first, the second, and the third, the entire trilogy. I really wish there was something for a 4th movie, but i think there is nothing left. I hope they don’t mess up this great story-line and status the trilogy already have. I would rather like it to stay as glory-full as it is, because a mistake can be able to destroy all “Bourne” has fulfilled. the desire for more can be, somehow, satisfied with watching the trilogy one more time, even knowing that when the last one ends there will always be a desire for going further, but knowing is great the way it is.

  • R.West

    It truly was a great trilogy and i would purely out of excitement envy any new additions. But from a more practical point of view they can actually expand the story in both directions.
    In a prequel there is a wealth of information from the actual novel that can be expanded and adapted for the screen. Notably in the form of his actual family that was killed and the actual Bourne whom he overtook his identity.
    As for a sequel, there are obvious patterns amongst the trilogy that haven’t been circumvented. Throughout the films Jason’s conflcts between the agency have steadily included higher agents in the hierachy. The last was Deputy Director Krammer, However there still remains the indifferent Buerau Chief in New York who supported bourne’s assasination in Ultimatum.
    So who knows….

  • jamal phx

    7…i would like to see another bourne 4 cuz we saw that jason was a soldier but we dident saw what made him give it up and become an assassin.i feel like the story isnt finished and stil could be productive..but most important is greengrass took the last 2 bournes to a good strong hight and there aint no uther actor to play bourne better then matt damon ,so they both should come back