Film Junk Poll: What is Your Favourite Miramax Film?


Along with all the other celebrity obituaries this week (Zelda Rubinstein, Howard Zinn and J.D. Salinger), there was another sad loss in the movie industry that definitely should not go unmentioned: Miramax Films officially closed its doors as of yesterday. This arthouse studio was led by Harvey and Bob Weinstein for most of its 30 year existence, and was a driving force behind independent film, particularly throughout the ’90s. It will henceforth be consolidated as a part of its parent company, Walt Disney Studios. So what better way to remember the Miramax legacy than to discuss our favourite Miramax releases? Cast your vote in this week’s poll, and feel free to chime in with plenty of other titles in the comments below.

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  • Teo

    wow…that was such a tough call to make. its so close between city of god, trainspotting, reservoir dogs and pulp fiction for me. but pulp fiction had to take it though…epic film

  • Rusty

    Picked Clerks. I think it shows the ‘indie spirit’ that Miramax had back in those days. Bob and Harvey (with The Weinstein Company) need to go back to those days within this second renaissance in indie filmmaking. Focus on what made Miramax great, not all the shit that destroyed it.

  • Falsk

    Man, that’s pretty sad, huh?

    Amelie is so near and dear to my heart so I went with that one. GWH and Pulp Fiction are great too.

  • kinky wizard

    basquait & Mighty Aphrodite” by woody allen

  • KeithTalent

    Wow, some great films listed there.

    I had to pick Reservoir Dogs since I’ve watched it at least 50 times, which is probably around 30 times more than the next most-watched films on the list (Pulp Fiction and Clerks at around 20 times).

    Something about Reservoir Dogs I absolutely love, even though it may not be the best film on the list. Probably because it was the first Tarantino film I ever saw.

  • xego

    I love Reservoir Dogs but in no way does it surpass Pulp Fiction. I would like to see a poll of favorite Tarantino films just to see how many would put Basterds above Pulp?

  • bullet3

    Not many I imagine. While basterds is awesome, I couldn’t put it above Pulp Fiction, and probably not above Reservoir Dogs either, so it would probably be 3rd. Although ranking them is irrelevant anyway because they’re all brilliant, brilliant movies.

  • Laivaren

    A hard choice indeed. I went with Clerks on the fact that Clerks is the main reason I’m so interested in film (Working on my masters degree in film). Remember watching it on TV in the 90s and being amazed by seeing something different from blockbusters and such.

    Amelie, Resovoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and City Of God are all worthy my vote.

  • Tommy


    Clerks, Reservoir Dogs, Good Will Hunting…..all great, but for different reasons.

    Thus, I will not vote.

  • Mason

    I voted Swingers since it was for “favorite”. But if the question was for “best”, I would have voted for City of God.

  • KYriakos

    All those movies are great …I voted for reservoir dogs though.. I just love that movie…

  • Napalm

    i seriously can’t vote! too many great films in that list! but it’s a shame that Miramax has shut down :(

  • fuckingshit

    Which site do i go to that shows me the movies Miramax made? I nevner knew people had the production company names in their minds like actors and directors before. Does it really matter on the quality of the film? (not a retorical question, more of a ”I’m new and i want to know from those who have experience”)

  • KYriakos

    anyone knows Why miramax closed down?

    And why Tarantino Choose not to cooperate with them on Ing.Bast.?

    Miramax also produced Jackie brown KIllbillV1-2 , No country for Old men, Trainspotting …and Gone baby Gone (witch i thought was Awsome..)
    Miramax Even produced Reeds Farrigton FAV movie (HERO)!

    How on earth can a company like this, with so many hits go out of business?

  • KYriakos

    I might also Add ”There will be blood” on the list..?

    now that i actually think about it …. you did a very poor job on the poll Sean..

  • Justice

    I too also voted for Swingers as pretty much a sentimental favorite. Though Clerks and Pulp Fiction are right there. Pretty much a 5 way tie haha

  • Justice

    Oh and KYriakos, There Will Be Blood was distributed by Paramount Vantage so leave Sean alone.

  • KYriakos

    Not that i actually think is a big deal.. i was only joking but if the criteria is witch movies were SOLID Miramax films then many films from that list don’t belong there either.. Starting from Reservoir Dogs.

    There will be blood was distributed by Paramount only in US. (thats ONE country)

    For the rest of the word Miramax did the job, so yeah.. you are wrong mate.

  • jim the movie freak

    also… “Sex Lies and Videotape”