Weird Al to Direct a Live Action Feature Film for The Cartoon Network


Just what everybody has been waiting for: Weird Al’s own crappy movie for TCN, one part of the axis of evil, otherwise known as The Disneodeon Network, makers of all things bad. Okay, that might be overreacting just a tad, but come on, really? First off, why would The Cartoon Network even get involved with Weird Al Yankovic, does anybody under the age of 20 even know who he is? It might just be me being totally oblivious to this, but I can’t figure out why this is happening. While some find Weird Al funny, he’s clearly a one trick pony way past his prime, so either they’ve struck a real cheap deal or they somehow figure that there’s more to Al than musical parodies.

Here’s what Mr. Weird has to say about the whole ordeal in his statement over on his official blog:

“I’ve just signed a production deal with Cartoon Network. When I say that I’ve “just” signed, that means that I actually signed several months ago, but this is the first time I’ve been allowed to openly talk about it. Without going into too much detail, the good folks at Cartoon Network decided that they liked me and wanted me to provide some content for them – series, features, animation, live-action… they were open to anything.  So after a couple years (yes, really) of the lawyers going back and forth, we finalized a deal – now all I have to do is start making stuff! The first thing I’m on track to do for them is, in fact, a live-action feature film. You may ask all your obvious questions now.”

The “obvious questions” that Al mentions he also answers, with one of these being whether or not he’s going to star, which is a no, but he will make an appearance in the film. The focus however (cue: surprise) is that it’s going to be about a “much younger protagonist” – a teenager. If we’re lucky this will be the next Hannah Montana!!!!!!

So now that I’ve just wasted the past minute of your time Weird Al fans, instead of getting all worked up about my obvious and not very well hidden dislike of the comedian which is more or less what the whole post is about, win me over on your side! Make a comment and tell me just why Weird Al is actually great and why I should check into a mental hospital, get cured and come out realizing how I’ve wasted my life not recognizing his awesomeness. I dare you!

  • Seth

    UHF – one of the best comedies of all times. Weird Al has been around for longer than Madonna and produces more than simple parodies. His albums are full or original tracks. If you have ever heard him live he plays his own instruments including the accordion . . . the fricken accordion!

    So hate on Al all you want, but he is a talented producer, musician and artist.

  • Bandito

    I think you’re just too White and Nerdy!

  • Jackson

    It’s true that young kids don’t know who Weird Al is, but his comedy is pretty timeless when you consider his audience will be under 10. He’s a goofy, obvious, slapstick humour type of guy which is the kind of humour that appeals to kids under 10.

  • I think this could be good. I remember a few years back when he took over Muchmusic (Canada’s MTV) and hosted it for an entire weekend… there was some good stuff in there. And UHF is pretty classic, albeit dated now. There definitely is more to him than musical parodies.

  • Mike

    Weird Al directed that Human Brain thing at the OC State Fair. It got great reviews. Don’t be a hater, he’s probably smarter and funnier than all the idiots that make CN shows now.

  • Matt

    I doubt anybody will be convincing Kasper of Al’s greatness, but all I can say is that he’s produced quality work for almost 30 years now, and I still listen to some of his music. Your definition of “quality work” may differ from mine, but I would say, that by him, it’s anything that’s funny (which can be very objective.) But if you want check out stuff by Weird Al, other than his music, you could go with some “Al TV” on youtube, where he “interviews” different celebrities, or maybe UHF, which I wasn’t necessarily the biggest fan of, but which seems to have developed a cult following.
    Personally I’m excited by the prospect of a Weird Al movie. Although it could be gutted of anything funny by the fact that it’s mostly for kids. I wouldn’t mind if Weird Al made a movie for Adult Swim. That would probably even a little more sense demographically speaking. Either way, best of luck to him. I hope his movie turns out great.

  • Bob The Slob

    Sean, why do you always say everything is dated. What is your obsession with comparing every movie to the current time period? just curious.

    I am a Weird Al die hard. Seen him 3 times in concert, and have met him, one hell of a nice guy. If you don’t like him…that’s fine. I would assume you think that he is beloved by his die hard fans for his parodies, when I find it is mostly his originals that we truly love. Oh well.

  • I don’t say everything is dated… UHF is. It parodies things that were popular in the ’80s.

  • I’ll give his show a watch, I’m not a huge fan but I’ve downloaded a few of his albums and he has always impressed me with his talent.
    Maybe Kasper would prefer it if Dane Cook got his own show instead.

  • Ian

    Ok, so you don’t like Al. That’s pretty damn clear from your post. But seriously, that you have no idea that Al is not only still relevant but one of the country’s most popular acts is beyond me.

    Sure, ok, i get it. You can’t see past the parodies, like everyone else who categorizes Al as a “one trick pony”. Nice try, but no. Al does more than take a song and change the lyrics. He spins popular culture on it’s head to look back on itself to show just how ridiculous “pop” is. Not only that, but that’s only 50% of his work. The other half is wholly ORIGINAL songs. Wile some of these may ape the style of certain artists, they aren’t direct parodies, and showcase the amazing talent of Al & his band at recreating a specific artists signature sound.

    Beyond those points…he’s still a Grammy winner. Hell, just this year hes nominated (again!) for his digital EP release, “Internet Leaks”. That’s right…EP. Al doesn’t even have to release a full album of songs to get recognition. Oh, and on this release? One parody, FOUR originals.

    Also, as a director, Al is highly sought after. He’s done music videos, not just for his own songs, but for other acts, such as the Black Crows, the Presidents of the United States of America and Ben Folds. He had his own childrens television show on CBS a few years ago, which harkened back to the glory days of Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and was CBS’ top rated Saturday Morning show that year.

    Other musical artists contribute their success to Al. Many feel that haven’t made it until “Weird Al” does a parody of their song. Hell, Chamillionare credited his award for ‘Ridin’ to Al’s parody making his song MORE popular, and reportedly is often told when he performs overseas, “we love your version of the Weird Al ‘White & Nerdy’ song”.

    Al is a legacy…he’s the hardest working performer in show business. 11 albums, numerous Grammy awards, and legions of fans. Al is more relevant and has outlasted most of the acts he’s parodied. For more than 30 years he;s been doing what he does, and is still the #1 comedy artist of all time. OF ALL TIME. Look it up.

    If this doesn’t convince you to look at Al’s career BEYOND the parodies…well, you’ve clearly made up your mind about Al before I started. But if not…try to keep one more thing in mind.

    Comedy is relative. Something one person may find funny, another may not enjoy at all.

    But, to paraphrase Elvis, 27,000,000 fans can’t be wrong.

  • Goon

    Al is awesome, still popular and still relevant. He’s amazingly well respected among the comedy community, even influential. There’s a good reason he pops up on Tim and Eric all the time.

    and he has enough great original material to fill its own ‘hits’ album without needing to add parodies.

    Shame, Kasper. I think you thought you were making a ‘ha ha everyone check out the loser’ post, but you’re the outsider opinion here :)

  • Slix

    While I grew up listening to Weird Al, I totally understand people that don’t like him. Like any comedian, some of his stuff hits home, some just stinks up the room. If you’re not a fan of his music parodies, I suggest you give the song “One more minute” a chance. It has always been something my dad and I could listen to together and just crack up.

  • Justice

    I think we can all agree Kasper pretty much has his head up his ass on this one. Plus criticizing Cartoon Network for *gasp* showing cartoons for children?! That’s why the station was created. Adult Swim was a complete afterthought, albeit a successful one. That’s kind of like criticizing McDonalds for trying to attract fat people.

  • Kasper, I’m with you on this one. Weird Al needs a better publicist, because I never knew he was a comic icon if one is to believe some of the comments on this post.

    I admit that I’m still waiting for puberty to kick in, but I outgrew cartoons when I started kindergarten.

  • Helen OE

    I get it that you don’t like Al. But it’s also pretty clear that you don’t have a whole lot of familiarity with Al either.

    In the first place, Al has a huge following of people under 20. The very nature of the parody part of his work means that his fanbase has a continually renewed intake of new fans in the prime music-following years, every time he puts an album out.

    Second, Al has a lot of fans among seriously respected comedic people: Seth Green, Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon… the people who know funny think he’s funny.

    Lastly, if you could look at the lyrics of many of Al’s songs from the last ten years (but I don’t think you can, you’ve dazzled yourself too much with your own blinding awesomeness) you would see that many of them are deft and economical sketches of some very funny characters. The man can write. I’m looking forward to this project.

  • Just saw Al on the Grammys. He got nominated for Comedy Album of the Year, so I guess he’s still relevant. Ha ha. Strange that he looks the same with the same hairdo from 20 or so years ago. Then again, I’ve had one hairstyle my entire life.