Saw VI Director Contractually Blocked from Directing Paranormal Activity 2


After years of being the biggest (and in many cases, the only) horror movie franchise in theatres around Halloween, the Saw franchise was dethroned last year by Oren Peli’s surprise hit Paranormal Activity, which outgrossed Saw VI by a fairly wide margin. This year, with a sequel to both films aiming for Halloween once again, a heated and somewhat nasty rivalry is starting to develop between them. Last week we reported that Paramount had recruited Saw VI director Kevin Greutert to helm Paranormal 2. Now this week, it seems that he is off the project, because the folks behind Saw (Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate) won’t let him leave!

According to Deadline Hollywood, there was an option in Greutert’s contract requiring him to direct the next Saw movie (now apparently being titled simple Saw 3D) if they wanted him to do it. So now Lionsgate has decided to exercise that option, despite the fact that they already had Saw V director David Hackl lined up to direct. Hackl will apparently be bumped to another project instead.

Clearly this was just a move to stop Greutert from defecting to the Paranormal Activity franchise, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense because production on the new Saw movie starts in just two weeks, which doesn’t give him any time to prepare. Plus, he’s apparently not too happy about the whole thing, so what are the odds he’s actually going to make a good movie? Then again, it’s Saw… people will see it regardless of how good it is. Time for everyone to take sides! Which movie are you supporting? Will this rivalry make for good press? Personally, I just can’t wait for the public trash talking to start.

  • KYriakos

    Oh nooo!

  • TheOtherJamesTaylor

    Personlly I would scrap Paranormal Inactivity 2 entirely. The first one was the least scary horror movie I’ve seen since the Blair Witch Project(which at least had things happen before the final 10 minutes). I love every Saw movie so that’s where my loyalties lie.

  • Greg

    You must be a retard to think for a second that anyone would side against Saw; a legitimate movie franchise, pumping out 7 movies consecutively for the past 7 Halloweens. Paranormal activity, a low-budget, awful movie does not hold a candle to Saw.