Get Ready for FUBAR 2


Back in 2002, Michael Dowse, David Lawrence and Paul Spence put out an amusing little mockumentary called FUBAR, a tongue-in-cheek look at two Canadian metalheads just living life. Although I didn’t love the movie (the idea has been done before, and better), I do understand the appeal, and I can get behind it as an independent film and an interesting piece of Canadian culture. Dowse followed it up with It’s All Gone Pete Tong, another mockumentary about a DJ who goes completely deaf, which wasn’t quite as well-received. After doing a TV mini-series called The Foundation, they have decided to re-unite Terry and Deaner… that’s right, FUBAR 2 is currently in production and being planned for a Winter 2010 release!

Although my first reaction is to accuse them of going back to the well, I have to admit… the timing is perfect. With the success of Anvil! The Story of Anvil last year, a comedic look at goofy Canadian headbangers could really find an audience right about now. Not only that, but Dean is also now posting his thoughts on Twitter, and I realized that he reminds me a little of someone else… Kenny Fucking Powers baby! Not that there’s any real comparison between FUBAR and Eastbound and Down, of course. Are you a fan of FUBAR? For more information, stay tuned to the FUBAR 2 Production Blog. After the jump, check out a short video of Terry talking about what makes a good party.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The greatest Canadian film of all time.


    TRON !

  • I agree that FUBAR doesn’t reinvent the mockumentary wheel, but it’s still one of my favorite movies of all time. Certainly my fav Canadian flick.

    If you watch the original with commentary, I think you can appreciate the film a lot more. The guys who play Dean and Terry are nothing like their characters. I’m amazed at how well they nail the heavy-metal hoser type. That accent reminds me of Scott Mosier’s ‘Indignant Canadian’ character on SMODcast, oh, and loads of people in my family.

  • Goon

    “Dowse followed it up with It’s All Gone Pete Tong, another mockumentary about a DJ who goes completely deaf, which wasn’t quite as well-received. ”

    Pete Tong isnt a mockumentary, and it was very well received, nearly 80% on RT whereas Fubar didnt even make it to 60%. Way more people saw IAGPT as well. If you count votes on IMDB Pete Tong dwarfs FUBAR there as well.

  • Jackson

    Sean, I’m surprised you don’t like FUBAR. I thought it could have been a really obvious, Jackass style, piss up but it wasn’t. It had some nice twists and the characters were endearing. Which other movies did you think pulled off this concept better?

    I am however scared that a sequel could be a bad call. Although I think the actors and director can pull it off, you just never know with sequels.

  • I stand corrected on It’s All Gone Pete Tong. Have you seen it Goon?

    I think FUBAR’s alright, I just would rather watch a real documentary about real metalheads instead of two guys acting.

  • Goon

    I really like FUBAR, but Pete Tong is a big step up if you ask me. I own it.

    here’s a (spoiler) highlight image from that film:

  • Devin

    Gotta disagree with you guys.. Fubar is a instant classic, a great cult movie. And much better that it’s all gone Pete tong. Deaner and Terry have just about created a new way of talking. It made me want to skip work and drink beer all day. Now my friends and I have seen it more than any other movie. Don’t miss it!


    American Movie is another cult classic!!!


    Phantom of the Paradise also!!!

  • Henry

    “Pete Tong isnt a mockumentary,”

    Goon, I think you may be one of the people that the disclaimer in FUBAR was aimed at.

    IAGPT is clearly a mockumentary. When you fabricate a DJ, fake magazine covers and hire actors/real celebrities to do “documentary-like” interviews, I think you have all of the ingredients of a mockumentary.

  • Wow…I know opinions are just the voice of the ____bleep inside of your head…

    but how dare you disparage the greatest comedy of all time. I dare you to make a better movie.