FINISH HIM! Mortal Kombat to Be Rebooted


Hollywood loves its reboots, and the Mortal Kombat series is the latest to get the greenlight to reinvent itself. Warner Bros. Pictures is in talks with Oren Uziel (whose script Shimmer Lake made the 2009 Black List of great unproduced screenplays) to pen the new installment.

If you were a kid (especially a boy) growing up in the ’90s, I have no doubt that you saw both the 1995 film and its sequel Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. While the first one was halfway decent, the second one was such a disaster both box office-wise and creatively that the third film was never produced, despite rumors over the past decade of its existence.

This new installment could in fact bring some legitimacy to the franchise and start it off on the right foot, or it could be another Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Time will tell; at the very least, let’s hope they have the hindsight to make this one R-rated and actually go forward with the violence that made the game series so popular through out the 1990’s.

  • Rick


    now plz let’s do this right. get people who can fight, and who can act. and plz don’t be like street fighter or dragon ball z. except for serena and jax get some people who are actually asian.
    can’t wait to see the asian beuties they get. how bout the girls from the forbidden kingdom, they were good.

  • KeithTalent

    I’m down. Was a big fan of the games.

    Now, if they could do a decent Street Fighter movie, I would be very happy since SF2 is my favourite game of all time.

  • Nick D

    No matter how shitty this is, I’m on board.

  • Justice

    I’ll only watch this if they keep the mortal kombat theme song…that shit is awesome

  • Jonathan

    The theme is a must, I agree with you completely. As for Street Fighter…I really liked the Jean Claude Van Damme one, especially as I’ve gotten older. I can appreciate the hilarity and if it had been made in the 80’s, it would’ve been looked at more favorably.

    We can all agree that at least it won’t be as bad as Tekken looks.

  • bard

    this better be good. i loved the first two.

    mmmm, nostalgia

  • KYriakos

    Sub Zero Wins

  • bullet3

    Ya, I have a soft spot for Street Fighter as well.
    That movie is just hilarious to watch, and Van Damme’s one-liners in that are just awesome.

  • rjdelight

    They’ve been trying to reboot this series for years.

  • 81



    The first one was good but the second was a lackluster
    so the remake needs to be done right with actors who can do martial arts like Shin Koyamada now he’s a good choice Jon Foo Gina Carano a female mma and maybe Channing Tatum or Cam Gigandet and some young blode girl in her 20’s to play Sonya Blade.
    The movie needs to follow the story to the caono and Oren Uziel should play the game first before he starts writing the script.
    So we will see how this goes.
    Thank You.

  • troy

    awsome do it make movie make game will buy both