And Then There Was One: Lionsgate Casts the New Conan


Last week we reported that Lionsgate and Paradox were nearing a decision for the casting of their upcoming Conan reboot. They had supposedly narrowed down the choices to three options: Kellan Lutz (Twilight), Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis), and a third, more well-known actor. Today we have learned who that mysterious third actor was, but more importantly… we also know who actually got the role!

According to Latino Review, the third man who auditioned for the role of Conan the Barbarian was Jared Padalecki of Supernatural fame. He had also starred in the Friday the 13th remake, which means he had history with director Marcus Nispel. Fortunately, he did not get the gig. As confirmed by Deadline Hollywood and Variety, the new Conan will be Jason Momoa!

Although I have no knowledge of Momoa’s acting ability, he definitely seems to be the best fit from a physical point of view. What do you think, will Momoa be able to erase memories of Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his most iconic roles? Did Lionsgate and Marcus Nispel make the best choice of the three? And are you looking forward to this new Conan movie?

  • BigHungry

    Of the three maybe that is a good choice, but still I would rather see a King Conan Movie with an older Arnold… I am sick of the prequel – “this is where they came from story”. I would rather see what the ramifications of a hinted past action are and how it effects them in their later life. King of building a puzzle…. Most of the time it is more interesting to explore a past with out showing it. This is one of the things that made Empire Strikes Back so strong at the time it was released. They hinted at a past and you had to think about how the past might fit in. That is before they showed you the past in the prequels and that was boring to me. And now if you watch them in the order and not the order they were release, it will destroy the effect that Empire originally had.

  • Kasper

    Momoa is a pretty horrible actor, judging from his work on Stargate: Atlantis. So he should fit the role perfectly.

  • Napalm

    How much acting skills do you really need for fucking Conan! He seems to be a good choice to me.

  • the great one


  • Ian

    I just hope he keeps the dreads and they call the movie Conan: The Island of Wonder. A remake won’t tarnish the originals but I’ll still hold out hope for King Conan someday soon.

  • AdamH

    I’m a fan of Atlantis and although he’s not the greatest actor around, I think he’s a perfect fit for Conan. Sean said last week that he wasnt ‘big’enough for the role, Sean how fucken big do you want him?! :) he is a big guy

  • HFD

    Didn’t they just make this movie a few years ago with The Rock? Oh wait, that was The Scorpion King. More Grade-B schlock coming at us….I might have to miss this one.

  • Nick Robertson

    He is terribly wrong for Conan. Big? He’s tiny! Google Conan pictures and you’ll see the covers of the books and comics, he’s got the Schwarzenegger body.
    Arnold was never De Niro but he has charisma and PRESENCE. This’ll be a big cliché fest!
    King Conan would have been awesome, this grizzled old – tired warlord, past HIS prime but still ahead of everyone else in terms of strength and will.
    Big beard, wrinkled and scarred.
    This will conflict with the origin in Barbarian and for that reason this will be an unofficial bastard of a film.
    Good luck to him though.
    I grew up idolizing Arnold and particularly him in the two awesome Conan films and Predator – this guy will never be that for anyone.
    Why the fuck does everyone in a film now have to be good looking and young? Thank god for Ray Winstone and Brian Cox!

  • 81

    I say Bring on the Black!

  • lukas k

    What an AWFUL choice. Congratulations on bastardizing an icon. Last I checked, Conan wasn’t a scrawny, Hawaiiian fruitcake. Utter blasphemy.

  • Donald

    I agree that he is no where nearly as muscular as the comic book portrays. Needs about 5 years of training and 60 pounds of solid muscle to look even close to the part! He is the right height which is also his major challenge! It takes alot longer for tall men to fill out their long limbs etc… It is unfair to hold anyone to the expectations that Arnold set! Those genetics are RARE!