Paranormal Activity 2 Lands Saw VI Director


Ever since Paranormal Activity made an astonishing $107 million last year, it was pretty obvious that a sequel was inevitable. Unfortunately, sequels to found footage films rarely seem to work, and with director Oren Peli moving on to do another movie called Area 51, it was unclear whether or not he would be involved with part 2. This week we have learned that Peli definitely won’t be directing the project, although he will be on board as a producer.

So who will be directing Paranormal Activity 2? According to THR’s Heat Vision Blog, the job will go to Saw VI director Kevin Greutert, with the script being written by Michael R. Perry (Millennium, Law & Order: SVU). The movie is being planned for October 22nd of this year, which puts it head to head with the next installment in Greutert’s previous franchise, Saw VII. Will Paranormal Activity 2 put the final nail in the coffin for the waning Saw series? I doubt it. Although Peli promises that both Greutert and Perry both “get it” and that “fans won’t be disappointed”, I have a hard time believing that they will be able to recreate the feel of the original or build on it in any meaningful way. Which would you rather see this Halloween: Paranormal Activity 2 or Saw VII?

  • KYriakos

    Is she gonna star in it as well?

    I think i like her boobs more than the actual movie..

    I wish i could see a sequel of those

  • Rob

    Can I pick neither?

    Saw is seriously played out at this point. Any semblance of a plot died with Jigsaw in parts 3 and 4 in my opinion.

    PA was a decent play on The Blair Witch Project with the setting and such. It really should have just stood as a one off, rather than trying to shoehorn or hastily duct tape another movie onto the plot within a year. With this director I don’t see anything good happening with the sequel at all. Peli can say the guy gets it all he wants, in the end any director who’s credits include one of the Saw movies doesn’t exactly scream subtle horror.

    Actually both of these movies just seem to be cash grabs. PA2 because it was the hot thing recently and Saw because they’re going to milk that cow till dust comes out apparently.

    I hope a new original horror movie stomps them both this Oct and ends any thoughts of continuing either ‘franchise’.

  • Mrespony

    “I think i like her boobs more than the actual movie..”

    Thank you! Seriously, that was the only thing that had me in suspense…wondering if those boobs were going to pop out. SPOILER ALERT! They don’t.

  • KYriakos


    I knoow…

  • Dave

    Frak, this just keeps getting worse.

    Also, a pic like that screams for better alt-text.