Film Junk Podcast Episode #253: The Lovely Bones


0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
6:20 – Headlines: The Golden Globe Awards, Piranha 3-D Delayed, Mark Strong in Talks for Sinestro, Rob Zombie to Direct a CSI: Miami Episode, Mel Gibson’s Viking Movie Will Be in Norse Language, Ivan Reitman Confirmed for Ghostbusters 3, MTV Planning Dawn of the Dead TV Series, Twilight Stars Being Considered for Spider-Man and Conan
20:30 – Review: The Lovely Bones
57:25 – Other Stuff We Watched: Paranormal Activity, Silent Running, Moon, Stunt Rock, The Stuntmen, A Town Called Panic, Avatar, The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town
1:37:10 – Junk Mail: “Go To” Films, Documentary Release Forms, Aronofsky Borrows from Scorsese, The Simpsons Special, Digital Copies and Collectible DVD Cases, DVD Producers and Wrestling Documentaries, Greg’s Super Evil Super Villain Anthem
1:59:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:00:30 – Outro

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  • projectgenesis

    Well done James on the Greg’s Super Evil Super Villain Anthem. Hilarious!

  • jesus’ vagina

    sean won because he could snap at any moment

  • gregshapeddildo


    guy doing conan also did the Bone Thugs n Harmony Collection….. Volume 2

  • cannibal

    where the effects in moon models or cg or both?

  • swarez

    Both. They were auctioning off some of them on Ebay a while back. You could get the lunar trucks and even the robot.

  • So can somebody tell me, was the song playing when Whalberg is running through the cornfield chasing Stanley Tucci Brian Eno’s Baby’s on Fire? Because I can’t get it out of my head and I HAVE to have it.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Did Jay say he saw a film called “Stunt Cock” ?

    Is that a Reed Farrington biopic ?

    Can I purchase this film somewhere ?

  • I always thought the camera device Aronofsky was credited for was the vibrating cam from Requiem for a Dream – the camera unit on a vibrating plate. He might have more, but I know he is credited with that.

  • Falsk

    Best Jay moment of my life. Brilliant.

  • I liked Moon because of its basic topics. And for me the illness of the “older” Sam was not only because of the three years in space but more a clone problem. After 3 years they are no longer able to live and therefore the follower shows up. And I want to believe there is more under the surface than just the story of a cruel company and their clones (maybe only because of the names of the machines and some other small details). ;)

  • cannibal

    moon like 2001 is merely visual masturbation, like a pubic hair paper-cut on your eyeballs.

  • m from buffalo

    Would it be possible to make avail the MP3 for “Greg’s Super Evil Super Villain Anthem”? Very John Carpenter. I love it!

  • Maopheus

    I’m surprised you guys never heard of Corona’s coming attractions. I was checking that site out before AICN first appeared. I think it’s a Canadian site out of BC.

  • Jon

    Jay needs to come kick some seats at my local theater.

  • What I got out of Moon was that the Sam clone was genetically engineered to get sick after a period of three years. At that point he would signal an emergency and the company, aided and abetted by Gerty, would execute him in an immolation chamber. It’s all pretty much right there in the movie.

  • Saw “Lovely Bones”. One of the worst movies I’ve seen in some time. It still gives me the shivers.

  • Not Pedo

    Lovely Bones is the worst movie of all times, that only a pedophile could enjoy, what a horrible, disgusting, bad taste, sad and depressing movie it was. The poor girls dies in a horrible way, the police seems to be retarded, and the pedophile lives a long life of rape and child killing.

    The FBI should check on any person who buys the DVD….Jesus the FBI should check on the Directors and Writes of this movie.