Twilight Star Being Considered for Conan Reboot


I can’t say I have a big problem with the Twilight franchise, because for the most part, it doesn’t affect me. If people enjoy reading the books and watching the movies, then good for them! That’s their business. But when the Twilight phenomenon starts spilling over into other franchises, potentially ones that I have some interest in, that’s when I start to get a little annoyed by the whole thing. Case in point: one of the frontrunners to play Conan in the upcoming Marcus Nispel reboot, is none other than Kellan Lutz aka Emmett Cullen.

From what I know of the 24-year-old actor, he doesn’t seem to have the right size or stature to step into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shoes. He’s also pretty damn young, but I believe the script focuses on Conan in his 20s to early 30s. Fortunately, there are a couple of other actors under consideration, one of which is Jason Momoa, who plays Ronon Dex on Stargate: Atlantis, and also has a role in HBO’s upcoming adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones. An unnamed third actor is supposedly in the running as well, someone said to be a more familiar name. A decision will need to be made soon since production is scheduled to start on March 15th in Bulgaria. What do you think about these choices? Who would you like to see play the new Conan?

  • Matthew Hook

    A fat, sloppy Arnold would be best.

  • Niklas

    Will this Conan re-boot be like scorpion king or something or will it be rated R with topless slave girl and chopped off heads?

    I need to know this before I know if I care or not.

  • Big Hungry

    I still would love to see Arnold back too…
    But do the King Conan series.

    And yes this needs to be a hard R!
    No 3-D! but I am sure it will.

  • Nick Robertson

    Those two guys are horrible, why not get another actual bodybuilder? Those two assholes can’t act so a bodybuilder who can’t act would be just as good.
    One is skinny and the other has dreadlocks and has a great tan – Conan is a cimmerian, looks exactly like Arnold!
    Too bad, I always loved the conan movies.

  • pcch7

    Alexander Skarsgård..

  • Brendan

    I don’t think it matters if they cast someone who doesn’t have the right build. They’ll workout, use HGH, maybe some ‘roids, and they’ll get huge. Who really needs full size testicles anyway?
    As with most of the franchise movies now, the idea is to cast young, up-and-coming actors that they can get for cheap and can lock up for 3 or more pictures. If Arnold comes back to movies, I doubt they’d cast him anyway. He’d cost too much money.

  • “Conan is a cimmerian, looks exactly like Arnold!”

    Arnold looks nothing like a Cimmerian.

    I can’t get past the idea of Marcus Nispel directing, let alone lame casting possibilities. Pathfinder was my biggest disappoinment of the past decade.

  • bullet3

    Ya considering how he managed to fuck up a near unfuckable premise (native americans vs vikings),
    I don’t expect Nispel to pull off anything remotely good here.

  • Henrik

    They should treat the Basil Pouledouris score for Conan: The Barbarian the same way Bryan Singer treated the John Williams score for Superman. Can you even imagine Conan without hearing that music?

  • fuckingshits

    As long as they don’t turn Conan into a chick-flicks movie, I don’t mind. I still wouldn’t consider that actor, but whatever.

  • Fatbologna

    Man, I would LOVE to see this turn out good, but my hopes are at the bottom of the barrel on this one. I think that if you want to try to do a Conan film these days you need to look at what the first one did right and then read ALL of the Howard books. Conan is so much more than just a buff idiot who kills shit. They need someone who can be brutal but have a little something more behind the eyes that implies cunning, wit, mirth, AND brutality. I feel like Arnold actually pulled that off. As funny as his accent is and as dumb as most of the premises to his films were, I think that Arnold had a certain charm and odd intelligence that really made that character shine.

    I really wish that the King Conan film he had in the works for so long had panned out as I read that the screenplay was pretty special…

  • Nick Robertson

    It’s official – Jason Momoa IS CONAN. Turns out he was the lesser of the evils. Whatever, just bring it on and utilize Basil Polidouris’ amazing score from Barbarian.

  • Nick Robertson

    Thought I should link – he doesn’t look so bad for the role in the accompanying photos.