Reed Farrington Fans: I Have Something Great to Reveal!

Our hero indeed. Thanks to Chian for the heads up on this.

  • Peter

    Well done. I haven’t laughed like that in a while :) It’s spreading around the office like wildfire.

  • drewsifer

    Now i don’t feel like such an idiot for having a full sized Reed Farrington poster above my bed.

  • fuckingshit

    You know that mosqito type of sound that bugs your ear? The sound that cant be hear by some people? Thats how it is in this video whenever someone talks. If they did that one purpose, then fuck them. Not only is it annoying, it is also really (and by really i mean REALLY) bad for your ear. This also happened when the guy tuned in the radio (which I know they did on purpose).
    But what the fuck was with all the waiting?
    Other then that, it was really funny.

  • Raymond

    WOW, I laughed so much i cried!!! Fantastic! I must be honest though, a friend sent me this like a month ago with his drunk face on it so the shock factor wasn’t there but the concept of Reed Farrington just makes me laugh so its great! I would be in the street with a poster right now if there was a march in the name of Reed! Awesome post thanks made my night!

  • Great video! I tought it was a trailer of some awesome movie where Reed is in a leading role (that can happen – honestly!). Reed is truly a hero – now this video prove it. :)

  • ..and alarming thing is that I understand the language they spoke on a video – Swedish. It is only the second strangest language in the wold – first being Finnish. Coverment forces us to learn Swedish in schools. It’s brutal!

  • fuckingshit

    How is Swedish in any kind of way strange? I am Norwegian myself, and therefore understand Swedish almost as well as i understand my own language. The same is with Swedish people with us, and Danish also. Scandinavian language is not weird at all.

  • Marc

    This was truly frighting!

  • jackson

    I guess I’m the only one who really didn’t get this.

  • Napalm

    i dont get it either. all i see is the side of a dude’s face :S

  • Napalm

    LMAO! okay now i saw the actual video. that countdown thing took some time to hit 0.

  • Hey, I didn’t give my permission for my likeness to be used in endorsing a Swedish broadcasting fee! Ha ha.

    I find that Jay’s use of my face in this viral video somewhat ironic because in the past, I’ve expressed my opinion to the other guys that it seems like Film Junk is popular in the Scandinavian countries for some reason. I wonder if I visited Sweden whether or not I’d get recognized on the street. :-)

  • xego

    Pretty Cool Jay!
    Did one with one of my kids pics and tripped them out…x

  • KYriakos

    ”whether or not I’d get recognized on the streeÏ„” thats why you don’t get out of the house..?

    maybe You should try china then.. thats not a way to live the rest of your life..

  • I always knew Reed Farrington would be the second coming.

  • fuckingshits

    ” This video contains content from Vevo, who has decided to block it in your country.”

    Why! Why! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! What has my country ever done to your country?
    God damnit! I’m tired of all this unnecessary ”not in your country” bullshit, and these only American IP shits. Why? Why so selfish? Fuck this world. They ask us not to break the law, but when they fuck us in the ass like that, they can’t expect anything better from us.

  • Paul Andrews

    Brilliant ! At last the great man gets the recognition he richly deserves.

  • Tommy