MTV Planning a Dawn of the Dead TV Series?


As zombies continue to take over popular culture, and with the box office success of Zombieland last year, it should come as no surprise that MTV would want to get in on the undead action. Television is actually one of the few mediums that remains relatively untouched by a zombie plague thus far. Of course, that will be changing fairly soon with Frank Darabont bringing The Walking Dead to AMC, but if you were to compete with such a thing, how would you do it? By slapping George Romero’s name on it, perhaps?

Word on the street is that MTV is developing a spin-off series based around Romero’s seminal 1978 film Dawn of the Dead. The news was originally reported by Bloody Disgusting, although the story has since mysteriously disappeared from their site. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but it sounds like it’s still in the early stages of development. Supposedly they will compromise on the fast vs. slow zombie debate by making freshly turned zombies more mobile, but having them deteriorate over time. No word on whether or not Zack Snyder (director of the 2004 remake) is involved in the show. What do you think Romero fans? Is this something you’d like to see on the small screen, or do you not trust MTV to treat the license with the respect it deserves?

  • damndirtyape

    Love the premise.. but not sure about MTV.

    Following a group of survivors around and really getting to care about the characters over an entire season or more could be very cool. Lots of opportunities for various interesting story arcs and plot developments. A post-apoc world + zombies + roving gangs = endless fun.

    Just don’t fill out the cast with generic beautiful emo-teens and I’d tune in for sure. Ideally an HBO series with plenty of gore and sex/violence would be perfect.

  • Teo

    As far as TV being untouched by the undead, there was a very good zombie mini-series aired in britain a few years back. It was on Channel 4 and it was called “Dead Set”. Thoroughly recommend it to any zombie fans. It can be watched as a mini-series but it plays just as well as a movie (2 1/2 hour movie). It has to be one of my favourite modern day zombie flicks. See it if you haven’t.

  • drewsifer

    Yeah i got that imported and loved it. But if i’m not mistaken AMC doesn’t air curse words. I sure hope they don’t rip the testicles of a good zombie franchise. This is odd though that they’re taking a movie thats a few years old. Why not start a fresh zombie story.I’m really concerned about The Walking Dead being castrated as well, i’m just happy Darabont has his hands in it.

  • jim

    i love zombie movies but if MTV starts giving love to the zombie world.. they will sell out and 2 many fucking ppl will jump on the zombie bandwagon which has already happened…………………

  • Drewsifer

    Wow a zombie elitist, there’s a first.

  • Dave

    I say let’s give it a chance.

  • Riley

    that would be sick if they make a zombie tv show. i love zombie movies but i hate the ones where the zombies walk slow and look retard. They should make it like the video games Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. that would be pretty dope