Weird Web Wednesdays: Grandmas on a Roller Coaster

It’s a new year and I thought I’d start 2010 off with what could be the weirdest Weird Web Wednesdays ever. I’ve managed to gather some classic stuff over the last little while (along with some great suggestions from others) and figured it was time to throw it all up for your enjoyment. To start off, we’ve got one of my favourite videos of the decade, Grandmas Riding a Roller Coaster; a dark reminder that if you aren’t living fast, you’re dying slow. We’ve also got Shane singing five octaves on the piano, followed up by the even more hilarious auto-tune version. Finally, some Wheel of Fortune bloopers and a heart warming video tribute to John Campea of The Movie Blog. It’s all weird, it’s all web and it’s ALL DEFINITELY WEDNESDAY!!

Shane Sings 5 Octaves on the Piano

Shane Sings 5 Octaves on the Piano (Auto-tune Version)

Yet Another “9/11 Was an Inside Job” Song

The Shelf’s Tribute to John Campea and The Movie Blog

Al Kaprielian’s Final Broadcast on WZMY – Dec 31, 2009

Crazy Lady on Airplane

Avatar Makeup Tutorial

Wheel of Fortune Epic Fail

Wheel of Fortune Fail #2

Captain Kirk is Climbing That Mountain Remix

Randy Macho Man Savage on Cocaine?

All Girl Juggalo Mosh Pit

Death Metal Rooster

The Green Hornet Official Trailer 2010

Perfect Strangers: Seattle Intro

  • GREAT to see www back on the radar! That keyboard guy is painful, absolutely PAINful, to watch.

    Belky in that Perfect Strangers thing looks like the dude from Man on Wire.

    Also I didn’t realize Campea died. Serously… wtf?

  • At least I learned a new word today: Juggalo

  • Haha! That second WoF fail is pretty damn bad. I pride myself on knowing all of the gameshow blooper shorts and this is one I’d not seen. Good find!

  • I didn’t realize that they were that concerned with pronunciation on that show. I think Reepa is a fair enough answer.

  • Kurt

    @Andrew, “I pride myself on knowing all of the gameshow blooper shorts”

    That is a weird thing to pride oneself on….are you being ironic?

  • I just can’t get over being called a slob by that guy.

  • My favorites are the dumb people on Price is Right and Barker’s reaction. Or the dude who bids 420 every time. Family Feud has some pretty laughable moments…

    “Name the month in which a woman looks most pregnant.”

  • Henrik

    Why did somebody cut off the “NOT” at the end of the Campea video?

  • dirrrtyfrank

    I could watch Macho Man interviews all day

  • Omg, that Campea video can’t possibly be for real. Spectacular.

  • Paul Andrews

    Welcome back WWWs ! 9/11 song is very catchy !

  • Goon

    Al Kaprielian is amazing!

  • rjdelight

    Is that Campea tribute for real?

  • joe

    Best weird web Wednesday ever

  • Justice

    I’d take Al Kaprielian doing the weather over that fat fuck Al Roker any day.

  • swarez

    Best homoerotic tribute to a blogger goes to Shelf’s tribute to Mr. Campea.
    Jesus fucking Christ. 4 minutes?! Really?!

  • Kurt

    On the hilarious flip side to the Wheel of Fortune fails, here is the wackiest success I’ve ever seen.

  • Wes

    Awesome collection Jay! I was truly stunned by the techno-Batman. Loved the smooth drawer closing move at the beginning. Macho madness baby! Yeeeaaah!

  • matho

    RIP Campea

  • The best part of Campea leaving TMB is all his sycophants saying how much of a failure Rodney is.

    Strange days indeed.

  • Kurt, I once solved the bonus question with ZERO letters. I have witnesses to back it up.,