Ivan Reitman Confirmed as Director of Ghostbusters 3


Today is a good day to be a Ghostbusters fan. After a year of speculation as to who might land the job of directing the upcoming third Ghostbusters film, we finally have solid confirmation that Ivan Reitman, director of the first two films, will indeed return to helm part 3.

In an interview with MTV, Reitman put an end to previous rumours about potential directors that included Harold Ramis, Judd Apatow, and even his son Jason. Reitman revealed that a second draft of the script is in the works, and that they hope to start shooting sometime this year. All in all, I’d say this is great news, even though Ivan Reitman’s most recent film, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, was pretty uninspired.

However, the one thing that might have more than a few people worried (especially in light of Sigourney Weaver’s comments about Bill Murray possibly returning as a ghost), is the fact that the script is being written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, the same guys who wrote Year One. A year ago, when this was first announced, they seemed like good choice because of their work on The Office. Now that Year One has come and gone and was almost universally panned, does it change your outlook on Ghostbusters 3?

  • Sean C.

    I remember reading about Eisenberg & Stupnitsky writing the script a long time ago and was excited because I loved The Office, but yes after the release of Year One, this has me a little nervous. Why don’t Akyroyd & Ramis write it or at least take a major part in writing it?

  • Tyson

    Yes. These writers are deal breakers. Year One was like spending an hour and a half with 3 people that I hated.

    It’s like going to a party and having the funny looking white kid start beat boxing while he sits on the sofa. Imagine that kid following you around, “ung sppkk brrggh boom bngg boom unka unka unka, psst, wika wika wika, bnnnnng.”

    Year One was worse than that.

  • Brendan

    Just because Year One wasn’t well received doesn’t mean the writers can’t do good work. If that movie was their only credit, I’d be less inclined to give them a chance again. But everyone in Hollywood has had ups and downs.
    From what I gather, Year One was trying to rely too much on Jack Black & Michael Cera. You could probably fault Harold Ramis just as much for that film’s failings.

  • Robin

    I want this. But… I wanted Star Wars prequels. I wanted Matrix sequels. I wanted Indy 4. POTC check. Shit I was even excited about T4.

    I want this.

    I don’t need this.

  • who cares?

  • Slushie Man

    Not everyone can do great work 100% of the time. Year One is the exception, not the norm, for these guys.

  • Mason

    Just so long as Ernie Hudson is involved I’ll be happy.