La Horde Trailer: French Zombie Film Produced by Xavier Gens


Not only are zombie flicks flooding Hollywood as of late, but they’re also flooding theatres in other parts of the world as well. Clearly there is something universal about them, and now we’ve got a teaser trailer for a French zombie film called La Horde coming out sometime this year. Produced by Xavier Gens (Hitman, Frontière(s)), and directed by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher, the story takes place in the outskirts of Paris, where four corrupt cops have come to exact revenge on some gangsters. Unfortunately for them, they find the streets in chaos and are forced to battle through wave after wave of bloodthirsty zombies.

The teaser trailer is fairly short, but it definitely impresses with the sheer number of zombies on screen, and makes it clear that these are very mobile creatures, not slow-walking undead. Other than that, it’s hard to tell what to expect, but you can check out a poster and some photos over at Arrow in the Head. La Horde premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year, and hits theatres in France in February. IFC will release it stateside sometime later in the year. Check out the teaser trailer after the jump and see what you think!

  • Samanta

    It’s okay. Not very original.

  • Kurt

    Everyone whom I’ve talked to that has seen this on the festival circuit in Europe agrees that La Horde is crap.

  • Ouch, that’s too bad. But I’m sure all the zombie fans will still love it anyway!

  • fuckingshits

    2. And i can understand that. I mean, this comes from the guy who made Hitman. Why should anyone have any expecations for it?

  • fuckingshits

    And you are right about zombie fans still loving it Sean. They seem to love everything, even though many of the zombie films are shit. I remember many of the fans liking the shitty Norwegian zombie movie Dead Snow.

  • I haven’t seen Hitman but Frontière(s) is supposed to be pretty awesome. Either way, he’s only the producer though.

  • Where are you guys coming from concerning zombie fans? It’s true, most zombie fans I know are willing to give most any zombie movie a try, but they’re certainly discriminating when it comes to actually enjoying them.

    And in an attempt to discredit what I just wrote, Dead Snow rules.

  • I guess we just happen to know different groups of zombie fans! I’m not saying it’s bad necessarily… but in my experience they try to find the good in even the worst stuff out there.

  • Slightly off-topic, but “find the good in even the worst stuff out there” is pretty much my entire approach to film. I think it’s an entirely different beast to wholeheartedly loving something. That’s why I find so many of the top films of the decade lists that have popped up to be such a bore. Instead of choosing films that may not be very good across the board but contain rare moments of transcendence, the movies represented are largely soulless yet competent.

  • I watched watch Frontière(s) on Netflicks and it isn’t bad. I usually watch just a few scenes to see if i want to get the DVD, but I ended up watching the whole thing. good stuff there

  • Derek

    I’m There!!!!

  • swarez

    I have to back up what Kurt said. Everyone I’ve met who’ve seen it say it’s a piece of shit.
    Todd Brown at Twitch issued an apology to his readers for writing about it after he saw it.

  • swarez

    And to be fair it was not Gens’ fault that Hitman turned out the way it did, the studio has that honor.

  • alex

    @Samanta it is: it’s the first french zombie movie.

  • Anon

    I loved it. Does not take itself too serirously. Great fun!
    Its like Aliens but replaced with zombies.

  • beefstick

    Fucken lames aliens suck balls!

  • You fkn cry baby bitchs – this film is going to piss on any romero piece of sh1t. frontier(s) was awesome – hitman sucks c0ck because american fags influenced the director – they asked him to do the movie. I am a zombie fiend – and I fkn hate heaps of shit zombie movies – most the shit ones are american

    @alex – it is NOT the first french zombie film – its the first decent zombie film – the rest are sh1t n old n have nazis in them

  • Black Jew

    Wow you guys obviously have no taste because Hitman wasnt that bad of a movie now granted it could have been better but lets look at most international films most of them could be made better if they had more funds to hire better crew. Honestly zombie fans love most zombie films becuase zombie films rock now survival of the dead yeah that was a letdown but most zombie films are awesome so yeah and umm mr zombie you can suck balls too becuase you wouldnt know shit about good zombie films and the only reason hitman was as good as it was was becasue they got money from american companies to pay for the making of the film you douchebag so suck cock and blow and yeah la horde i think its gonna rock and nazi’s and zombies just go together both are retarded and mindless creatures lol

  • Gene

    Wow, I like how everyone’s criteria for this movie is “oh somebody else watched it and said it was bad, it must be bad.” How many people have actually SEEN IT here? This movie is great popcorn zombie action.

    We live in a sad, sad time.