The A-Team Movie Trailer Starring Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper


I guess I’ll give in to the pressure here and just post the leaked trailer for The A-Team, since it kinda ended up spreading like wildfire, and at this point, a lot of you have probably already seen it anyway. I was holding out for the official trailer, which is expected to hit the web sometime this weekend, but I’ll just replace it when the proper version becomes available. In the meantime, this version gets the job done. (Props to The Film Stage for originally discovering it.)

As for my thoughts on the movie… well, you know, it actually looks pretty decent. They have all the catch phrases down, and the cast members look the part. Does anything else really matter? There are explosions, and it doesn’t seem to be taking itself all that seriously. It’s just fun to hear the original intro narration from the show being repeated by menacing movie trailer voice over guy! Joe Carnahan’s The A-Team hits theatres on June 11th. Check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

Update: I have added an embed for the official version, which is now available on Yahoo!.

  • Jesus Christ! the excessive fade in and out made me feel like I’m falling asleep – not a good idea for a trailer!!


  • Nuno

    The A-Team with aerial dogfights? I want to see excessive shote of cars flipping over!

  • Paul Andrews

    I agree rus; I had to stop the trailer a third in as I couldn’t stand watching it any longer. Can’t wait for the film, but the production on this trailer is abysmal !

  • that motherfucker

    looks fun and that bit at the end looks pretty dang sweet

  • rjdelight

    Looks like decent summer popcorn fare. I’m more excited to see another Joe Carnahan flick more than anything else. That guy needs to work more.

  • Maopheus

    I’d like to see how the ‘real’ trailer looks. The cuts will be the same but at least you will see something.

  • This trailer was awesome!!! It was kind of weird to see all those guys together though, I mean non-actor (or at least former non-actor) Sharlto Copley in the same place as Liam Neeson? CRAZY!!!

  • Nick Robertson

    hmmm, well… whatever gets ya off, boys.

  • kurt

    Well, my enthusiasm of the Liam Neeson casting from the still is officially gone.
    And I agree with Rus, that fade in fade in fade in structure is aesthetic diarrhea.

    Still it looks like mindless saturday afternoon fun.

  • Marc

    Looks pretty cool!

  • I agree that the fade in fade out thing is bad, but I love the trailer, not because of that, but because of the cool action, Sharlto Copley looking cool, and the awesome use of the original theme. I mean… is there anything really wrong with “mindless saturday afternoon fun” ?

  • kurt

    Nope, nothing wrong with it. From time to time.

  • Kurt, how exactly has your enthusiasm for Liam Neeson gone down? I mean he has, what… like 3 lines in the trailer?

  • 81

    Who cares about this? the Guy from District 9 is one the worst actors EVER!

  • fatbologna

    Butchered accents aside this looks better than originally expected.

  • Seriously one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen, but the movie could go either way. It looks a little slick for my tastes, but it seems like there is some humor and original flavor there. Seems like it may have narrowly avoided the problems of GI Joe and Transformer, but they are trying their hardest to market to that audience with this trailer.

  • gopalkt

    no grudge against accents, and we all know murdock’s crazy anyway, so he might have been channeling some southern personality from a previous life (or some such murdockism)
    fingers crossed though that they don’t do the whole g.i joe thing, cause that scene with the mohawk looked like they might ….. blecch

  • MGL

    Hmmm…. Not a good trailer for revivaling such a succesfull serie like The AidsTeam.

  • Kasper

    What a horrible, horrible trailer. All that fade-in/out, graaargh.

    Still looking forward to the movie though, it’ll be awesome.

  • I wasn’t going to watch the trailer because of all the negativity in the comments, but I just did, and I thought it was watchable. I guess I’m used to VHS resolution. I think it looked like over-the-top fun.

  • Tommy

    Having grown up with the t.v. series, it looks like they are trying too hard to be like the original characters. Hope this works, because it is a good idea.

  • rjdelight
  • That whole tank dropping out of a plane could so be a part of a live-action METAL SLUG movie. Hahah…They need to use CGI to make more movies with ridiculous cheese like that.

  • Henrik

    Sharlto Copley reminds me INSANELY of Michael Bay!

  • Robin

    Messy trailer. Not the greatest but even still it did get me a little excited. Don’t know why they just used the theme song in it’s entirity.

  • swarez

    The Tank scene reminded me of Charlies Angels: Full Throttle.

    The fade effect is being used recently on every fucking trailer since Dark Knight Returns

  • Henrik

    Seriously, am I the only one who thinks Copley looks and sounds EXACTLY like Michael Bay? I can’t get it out of my head!

  • rjdelight

    I dunno about sounds, but there’s definitely some resemblance.

  • He has a more likable real life personality for sure, he also has a South African accent in real life. :D

  • Chris


  • Maopheus

    If you watch the District 9 features there is one bit where Copley is doing a riff with an American accent. Or at least it sounds American. The accent he does in the movie is very heavy Afrikaans. His real speaking accent is South African but still has an accent. It’s not like Charlize Theron who has absolutely no accent whatsoever. I have no doubt that Copley will be able to do a perfectly fine accent. He also appears to be a great improviser and a real high energy guy so that ought to fit the Murdock character. I’m not sure about Neeson doing Hannibal. Neeson is not a good accent guy. Even in Taken there was still that lilt in there.

  • Me
  • Me

    ps very very HQ

  • I think the movie would have been better off with sam shepard or sam elloit playing hannibal smaith than liam neeson. liam neeson is a good actor, no question, especially in ‘michael collins’ and ‘schindler’s list’, but i don’t think can play hannibal as george peppard did.

  • Maopheus

    Neeson is the only casting choice that I question. All the other ones are pretty good. You need the pretty boy to play Face, the manic, high energy guy to play Murdock and the legit bad-ass tough guy for B.A. Hannibal as a character is a little harder to nail down. He’s older, grizzled but still able to handle himself in a fight. As befitting his nickname, he’s very astute and clever so he should give off that attitude. Really it could have gone to any number of guys who would have fit the bill. I still think they should have taken the cast of Three Kings and turned them into the A-Team. You got Clooney as Hannibal, Mark Wahlberg as Face, Spike Jonze as Murdock and Ice Cube as B.A. Perfect!

  • Napalm

    trailer was pretty tacky. but i see the feel they are going for. based on that i see myself enjoying this movie.

  • Napalm

    to add a little more, i’m not too sure about the big special effects towards the end. doesn’t seem to go at all with the 80s feel they are supposedly going for in the movie.

  • bill

    maybe ok for the younger people, but for those of us who watched every episode of the series repeatedly, you simply cannot replace the original cast…… no matter who stars in it

  • Moo

    I can understand everyone’s negativity towards the film, but don’t write it off because of a badly made trailer. I mean, it IS the A-Team, whether or not you liked the show, it was funny with lots of explosions (like, ridiculous amounts), flipping cars, and building stuff in a cave with a box of scraps.

    I am a “young person”, as you would say, but I have seen a good amount of the A-Team series (not all the seasons, but more or less the first three) and I’m personally looking forward to the movie. Sure, Hollywood is milking everything good in the world for money, but heck, they might actually keep it good.

    Positivity, my friends, positivity…

  • jayd

    actually thought it was gonna be a metal slug movie…..imagine that. as for the movie the acting might just blow.