• Slushie Man

    Cinema is nowhere close to its demise. People will still be going to the theaters 50 years from now, easy.

  • Cufford

    I think it has less to to with Avatar and more to do with the coming demise of physical media, like DVD, which includes Blu-ray.

    The digital age and online distribution of media files doomed DVD sales a few years back. Only a matter of time before everything is a digital file transfer and physical media as a platform for distribution will be over forever.

  • pcch7

    Don´t know about that.. I personally prefer having the disc rather than having a file on my computer

  • Cufford

    Hadn’t noticed all the DVD Rental stores on the way out? That’s due to a massive decline in DVD Rentals, and sales have seen similar declines. Even the president of Netflix predicted a year or so back that in five years DVDs would be history. He’s right. You have to have ENOUGH people – a big “market”, not just a few die-hards – buying these things to make it profitable, and fewer and fewer people are. It’s just a fact of the marketplace. Physical media is rapidly being replaced by digital file transfers. Won’t be long and every TV show and Film will be available for purchase as a download, and the majority of society will follow along. It’s inevitable. Technology changes the world.

  • Cufford

    PS: Of course, as the first comment above says, big screen theater is a different beast all together, and will surely be around for a very long time. Probably evolving into a fully immersed, 3-D, virtual reality holodeck-type experience.

    But physical media as a distribution model for home entertainment, is on the wane big time.