Film Junk Podcast Episode #249: Sherlock Holmes


0:00 – Intro
7:15 – Top 20 Films of the Decade: Fantastic Mr. Fox, There Will Be Blood, Inglourious Basterds, Lost in Translation, No Country for Old Men
19:40 – Review: Sherlock Holmes
37:20 – Trailer Trash: Cop Out, The Karate Kid, Inception
52:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Marine 2, (500) Days of Summer, Adventureland, Paper Heart, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Under Siege, Sweet Dreams, The Office Season 5, Invictus, Precious, No Impact Man
1:24:35 – Junk Mail: Grandpa Syndrome, Best Worst Movie, Weird Web Wednesdays, Top Directors and Actors of the Decade, Rocky’s Raging Bull Tribute, Skipper & Gilligan, Joe Pesci and Sean Connery
1:46:30 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:47:50 – Outro

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  • Nick Robertson

    Holy hell – thank FUCK!

  • @Nick Robertson: I can’t believe you stayed up all night waiting for Sean to post your podcast fix. Your devotion is admirable.

  • Rusty

    I’ve been waiting for days, I was just listening to old episode of Cantankerous in the meantime. No one is putting out podcasts right now, and daddy needs his fix.

  • rjdelight

    What was that sound bite at the end of the podcast?

  • AdamH

    Thank you soo much!! I’ve been hanging out for this!!

  • Nick Robertson

    Lol thanks Reed – here in Wonthaggi it’s only 10.30 pm but I’m on 2 weeks off work and I have been checking the site every couple of minutes, literally. I’ve been really missing this new episode as I’ve already listened to 244 several times through.
    You’re up late yourself!

  • Henrik

    Well, The Prestige explained one thing with the age-old “twin”-twist which is the worst, and another thing with actual magic. Like it is actual magic happening. What kind of an explanation is that?

  • Falsk

    I feel like I’m the only one that didn’t have a problem with the accents… and I’m the one that ALWAYS has trouble with weird dialects. Weird…

  • Henrik

    I also have to call out Jay on something else: His praise of Lord of the Rings as being an achievement. I know it’s opinion and all, but you have to take one thing into consideration – any job no matter how big, gets easier the worse you do it. Seing as the LOTR-movies are all pretty bad, lacking proper characterization, engaging acting and an interesting plotline, I don’t think they can be called much of an achievement. I would argue that The Wrestler is a far grander achievement in filmmaking, than Lord of the Rings.

  • I’ll put Gollums (Andy Serkis) struggles in Twin Towers up against Micky Rourke’s performance in The Wrestler anyday.

  • The Prestige is one of the few cases where I actually liked the dreaded twin plot twist.

  • BigHungry

    Sean – I have to agree with your review on Sherlock Holmes and the rating of it and I also agree some of the solutions to the tricks are bland. I hope if they make another one that they really out do the solutions and now I feel they have the room to do so.

  • I look forward to a second Sherlock Holmes flick, especially with Moriarty perhaps taking a bigger role.

    rjdelight: The clip at the end is from one of our old university radio shows. I found it while preparing for episode #250.

  • come on Henrik, take on Jay C.’s review of Sherlock Holmes, I got to determine if I should pay half price next tuesday to see it. you loved it, respond to Jay saying its shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • Goon

    I’ll look forward to Jay’s rant against the film – I liked it, thought it was fun with some growth for Ritchie, good chemistry and humor, excellent score. Action wasn’t so fluid, and didn’t have the climax it promises. I’d go a 2.5 or 3 along with Sean.

    I wonder if Jay had noticed more Ritchie-isms that prevented him from liking the film. I know he was going in not a fan to begin with, possibly based on some of those said director traits.

  • ole

    I like how Jay and Greg are busting Sean’s balls.

    Did you sit in a corner and cry after the podcast Sean?

  • Henrik

    I didn’t love it, but I was pleasantly surprise. You rarely get something good out of challenging Jay in the comments section. Even if he does respond, it’s usually a two-line response ending with “You won’t change my opinion”. I stopped being militant about these things awhile back (almost).

  • I sit in a corner and cry after every podcast.

  • Goon

    Let me fuck you up with some Muppet Truth:

    Muppet Christmas Carol is indeed one of the finest holiday films you can find. its even better now that the latest DVD cut the awful Young Scrooge duet which stopped the movie dead in its tracks in the initial extended version release.

    However Greg, I am sorry to report that Beaker does NOT flip the bird in that scene. I watched it in slo-mo to check for sure and its his pointer finger, but it is done so fast that you’re free to pretend otherwise. I recommend watching in slow motion simply because Beaker in slow motion is extremely funny.

    Muppet Family Christmas is the 80s TV special that also has the Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock Muppets. A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie is from the past decade and kind of sucks. They did another one a couple years go called Muppet Letters to Santa which I have not seen.

  • Goon

    I was trying to find an older episode to do a quick remix for a segment theme, but don’t know which one it was. Guess it will never come to pass.

    FWIW Sean sort of expressively says “I love titties” out of context somewhere that I was going to fuck around with

  • Definitely one of my better quotes.

    Anyone know of any good free software to automatically do speech-to-text transcriptions for like 400 hours worth of podcasts?

  • its called REED

  • xego

    @Reed Farrington

    How did you like being compared to Gilligan?

  • Nick Robertson

    I’d compare Reed and Greg more to Sam and Gollum. Sam hates Gollum and always calls him on the littlest shit. And Reed does look well rendered, but in a world with Avatar – falls short yet again.

  • You have to understand, Reed has probably never listened to one of our podcasts. Certainly not one that he wasn’t on. ;)

  • Besides listening to only the podcasts that I’m on, I also listen to the podcasts in which people talk about me.:-)

    @xego: While growing up in the late ’60s, I remember thinking once that Gilligan’s Island was the greatest television show ever made. And I was always disappointed whenever I watched Bob Denver in anything else.

    @Nick Robertson: I liked your comparison of Sam and Gollum with Greg and myself.

    Actually, I’m probably a mixture of Gilligan, Gollum, and Einstein (that is, with respect to his appearance and philosophical outlook, not his massive intellect).

  • Glendon

    Muppet Christmas Carol is the only legitimate Christmas movie I watch every year(so Die Hard doesn’t count).

    Goon, you’re saying they cut out “The Love We Found” song with the girlfriend on the dvd? Thank the lord.

  • @sean What was the song that played at the Outro.

  • Tape Deck Mountain – On My Honor (Letting Up Despite Great Faults Remix)

  • Goon

    yes Glendon, they cut the Love We Found duet from the DVD (well the widescreen version of it, I think the fullscreen extended version has it still). It makes the version of it sung by the cast at the end of the movie more effective actually, even though it had initially been intended as a quick reprise.

  • hhh

    Lol Jay, i myself love soviet era things. i actually bought myself an old soviet helmet from WW2 and a military soviet helmet some weeks ago when i was in Hungary.
    I’m jealous of your Mig Healme, ahhh!

  • Greg

    Way to be a Scrooge, Goon. Trying to ruin one of my favourite X-Mas childhood memories. Beaker gives the finger. Next you’ll tell me Santa doesn’t give his milk and cookies to Jesus.

  • Nick Robertson

    @ Reed, I was quite pleased with the comparison myself. Just came to me as I was typing!

    I LOVED Sherlock. 8/10 – easily. Jay dropped the ball on this one. Totally with you Sean. I’m also looking forward to Moriarty on the next one, I hope that the two of them just battle via their intellect and wit and there is no silly set-piece to crown the lot.

    As always I can’t wait for the next episode.

    Also – please have some sort of Kubrick show ala the Spielberg and fabled Nolan episode(s).


  • Napalm

    finally got around to watch SH. i thought it was pretty good. the chemistry between Downey and Jude Law worked very well. however, one thing that really took me out of the movie was bad CG England. with a $90 million budget behind them, i expected better CG works. the action sequences were a little sloppy as well.

  • Sherlock Holmes, this was a pleasant surprise. I agree with Sean that some of the better parts cover a lot of the weaker ones. I was really hesitant to see this as I thought it to be a Nic Cage, National Treasure shit, but Robert and Jude make a good pair and Richie did a good job giving it a very British flavor (which could of been easily lost in a world blockbuster). Once again nobody at Filmjunk ever gives any credit to art direction as Ms. Greenwood did an amazing job here. I think the score should have gotten some props too, nicely blended with the on set playing by Downy.

  • mushroomyakuza

    I listened to this episode recently and really loved the music at the outro. Thanks to the comments here, found out what it is – Tape Deck Mountain, On My Honor. Thanks Sean. However, I can’t for the life of me find anywhere to download this remix version of the track – not iTunes, Amazon or torrents. Can anyone help me out?

    Keep up the great work junkies.